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This ppt is about Transformation of sentences.

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  1. 1. Voices Active Voice & Passive Voice
  2. 2. Be verb Quick Revision
  3. 3. Present Tense I + be  I am He + be  He is She + be  She is Thou + be  Thou art You + be  You are We + be  We are They + be  They are
  4. 4. Past Tense I + be  I was He + be  He was She + be  She was Thou + be  Thou wert You + be  You were We + be  We were They + be  They were
  5. 5. Be + Ving = Continuous Tense. Verb in continuous form How is Continuous Tense formed? Example: We are learning voices now.
  6. 6. Be + V 3 = Passive Voice How is Passive Voice formed?
  7. 7. What is V 3 ?
  8. 8. Arise Arose Arisen Bind Blow Cling Come Grind Bound Blew Clung Came Ground Bound Blown Clung Come Ground Present Past Past Participle V 1 V 2 V 3
  9. 9. Be + V 3 = Passive Voice I am writing a letter (be + Ving) A letter is written by me. (be + V3)
  10. 10. <ul><li>Compare these two sentences: </li></ul><ul><li>The hunter killed the tiger. </li></ul><ul><li>The tiger was killed by the hunter. </li></ul>Both the sentences mean the same thing. Then what is the difference between them? V 2 V 3
  11. 11. The hunter killed the tiger. The tiger was killed by the hunter.
  12. 12. ACTIVE We consider David intelligent. Subject direct object objective compliment PASSIVE David is considered intelligent by us. Subject doer of action in “by” prepositional phrase
  13. 13. ACTIVE: Moses gave David a pen. Subject indirect object direct object PASSIVE: A pen was given to David by Moses. Subject doer of action in “by” prepositional phrase.
  14. 14. Exercises
  15. 15. Simple Present Tense Cats catch mice. Mice are caught by cats. Do children love animals? Are animals loved by children?
  16. 16. Present Continuous Tense They are playing football. Football is being played by them. Is the teacher marking the notebooks? Are notebooks being marked by the teacher?
  17. 17. Present Perfect Tense Ashok has written this letter. This letter has been written by Ashok. Has Kiran plucked these flowers? Have these flowers been plucked by Kiran?
  18. 18. Simple Past Tense Balan stole my book. My book was stolen by Balan. Did you answer all the questions? Were all the questions answered by you?
  19. 19. Past Continuous Tense The postman was delivering the letters. The letters were being delivered by the postman. Was the gardener watering the flowers? Were the flowers being watered by the gardener?
  20. 20. Past Perfect Tense The boys had eaten all the cakes before the party began. All the cakes had been eaten by the boys before the party began.