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Los Angeles Root Canal Dentist 2-25-13


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Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS, explains issues regarding root canals.
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Los Angeles Root Canal Dentist 2-25-13

  1. 1. Los Angeles Root Canal Dentist • The “Smile Doctor” is the name fondly given to renowned Los Angeles root canal dentist, Dr. Kezian, by his thousands of happy and smiling patients. He had brought back the smile through his cosmetic dentistry or ‘Endodontic treatments’. • Dr. Kezian and his team of dentists are relentless in their pursuit of perfection in all forms of oral care. They regularly train themselves in the latest technologies and findings to hone their skills and make your life free from all dental
  2. 2. Los Angeles Root Canal Dentist What is a root canal? • The space within the root of a tooth is known as the root canal. This naturally occurring space within the tooth remains within the coronal part and consists of the pulp chamber, the main canals. • More branches and sub-branches can form a network of root canals with other teeth or to the root’s
  3. 3. Los Angeles Root Canal Dentist • What Happens And Why It Becomes Necessary? • Causes: the reasons for a root canal followed by nerve and pulp damage can vary. They can be a result of facial trauma, an accident or poor oral hygiene as well. The decayed tooth opens up the cavity to the pulp and nerves lying underneath. They then become susceptible to damage and infections. • Symptoms: severe tooth ache, which gets relieved by cold water and increases with hot water intake. The pain seems to reduce in upright position and increases when lying. Swelling is accompanied with a continuous pain. Teeth become sensitive and the pain maybe referred to head and ears as
  4. 4. Los Angeles Root Canal Dentist • Dr. Kezian describes the process to be extremely painless, when performed by experts. He opines that the procedure is in order to preserve the infected tooth and keep your natural denture intact. • The process involves removal of the infected pulp, after identifying its location. The root canal is explored to locate and remove any more infected tissue and pulp. • After removing the infected tissues, the root canal is disinfected by intra-canal medicines. • Finally it is filled up and sealed with some inert material using different techniques. • The treatment can be done for both vital (living) and Non-Vital (non-living)