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Dentist in Hollywood 7-2


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Los Angeles Cosmetic dentist Dr. Arthur Kezian DDS describes before and after pictures of Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Angeles, and procedures involving Dentist in Hollywood. See more examples on the website of Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd LA, CA 90004 at (323) 467-2777

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Dentist in Hollywood 7-2

  1. 1. Dentist in Hollywood • Even if youre headed to the very best dentist in Hollywood, you might be afraid of the needles and potential pain that are associated with your visit. And, sadly, some things that are supposed to eliminate your pain -- like anesthesia -- can even hurt! • Luckily, a good dentist in Hollywood will have several techniques to make getting a dental anesthesia injection less
  2. 2. Dentist in Hollywood • A good Hollywood dentist will actually have numbing gel in a jar! Its not strong enough to completely numb you for a root canal or to get a cavity filled, but it will numb the area where your anesthesia needs to be injected. • All your dentist has to do is rub the gel over your gums and leave it on for a minute or so. Just like that, you won’t feel the needle going in!
  3. 3. Dentist in Hollywood • If your Hollywood dentist gently pulls on the area where your anesthesia needle is going to be inserted, it can actually make the injection less painful. • How is that possible? • Experts say putting some pressure on the area can actually block your nerves from telling each other that the needle hurts. If your nerves cant "talk" to each other, you wont feel any pain!
  4. 4. Dentist in Hollywood • Some dentists try to inject anesthesia very quickly, simply because they want to get the pain over as fast as possible. However, they actually wind up doing more harm than good in the process! • A good Hollywood dentist knows that injections that are done too quickly and with too much force can actually tear your gum tissue. If that happens, youre not just in pain for a few seconds; youre sore long after the needle is gone!