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Dental technology 9-24


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Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS, explains advancements in dental technology, and describes different innovations used by a Los Angeles dentist. See more examples on the website of Los Angeles dentist - Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS. 443 N. Larchmont Blvd LA, CA 90004 at (323) 467-2777

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Dental technology 9-24

  1. 1. Dental Technology • A trip to the dentist can be stressful for patients. A dentist’s goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients while identifying and treating dental lesions. Advanced dental technology can help a dentist achieve this goal. • These tools aid in identifying early lesions, enhance communication and improve the accuracy of treatments. Here are a few examples a dentist can employ to meet these demands and improve overall patient
  2. 2. Dental Technology • DIAGNOdent is a diagnostic tool that can detect changes in teeth that represent the early changes of tooth decay. A small handheld device with an attached wand that emits laser light is passed over teeth. A reading of the fluorescent light is quantifiably measured. Advantages include the rapidity of the test and it is easily used during routine exams. A higher reading correlates with more severe decay. Patients are familiar with the use of X-rays to identify tooth decay but that only shows advanced lesions. • DIAGNOdent is a technique that can accurately identify lesions before they are visualized with the naked eye. It is also helpful for hard to see areas within the grooves and holes of teeth in the back of the mouth, an area that is usually a challenge to see. The early detection of cavities allows the dentist to opt for more conservative, less intrusive, and, most importantly, less painful treatments such as sealants for these early lesions. This will certainly improve patient
  3. 3. Dental Technology • Digital photography has many advantages also. Los Angeles Dentist, Dr. Arthur A. Kezian, uses an intraoral camera. This is a simple handheld digital camera which obtains digital pictures, can rapidly be printed and shown to patients during the visit. These images can be used as a visual tool to assist the dentist when discussing the problem and treatment plan with the patient. • In addition, images can be taken after treatment so the patient can see the effects before and after management. In addition to these images improving communication, they are helpful for the maintenance of detailed dental records. This also makes patient records more
  4. 4. Dental Technology • A dentist can improve the precision of treatments by visualizing more details while providing treatment. This is accomplished by wearing surgical telescopes or loupes. This tool is worn just like glasses and provides high resolution and magnification. This enables more attention to detail and adjustments in treatment can be made as needed. • These are just a few examples of how the use of advanced dental technology can improve a dental practice and provide optimal patient