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Dental Insurance 8-13


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Los Angeles Cosmetic dentist Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS describes different aspects of dental insurance. For more information regarding dental insurance, visit the website of Los Angeles dentist - Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd LA, CA 90004 at (323) 467-2777

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Dental Insurance 8-13

  1. 1. Dental Insurance • When we talk about the rising negligence of dental surgery in the US, high costs of dental treatment is often a big concern. Due to high costs, there is a tendency to avoid dental treatments amongst a major amount of the population. • Medical insurance policies do not cover every dental treatment. As a result many people do not opt for teeth straightening
  2. 2. Dental Insurance • If you are suffering from financial problems, communicate about it clearly with your dentist. Your dentist could come up with a viable solution. • If you are insured with dental insurance and do not want to go beyond the limits, then you and your doctor could come up with a feasible plan that suits your budget. This way, you can get to know the cost-efficient methods of
  3. 3. Dental Insurance • If your insurance policy does not cover some or most dental treatments, then get a dental financing policy from Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS. • We provide easy dental financing options based upon small monthly installments without any interest. This way, not only do you get the benefits of non-interest payments, but also get your treatment done well without worrying about paying a big
  4. 4. Dental Insurance • It is true that some specific dental treatments, due to their higher costs for insurance companies, are not covered by your dental insurance. • However, these treatments are viable enough to provide you with a great smile. Not only that, you boost your confidence level