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A description of the BlendKit2012 open online course offered as part of For information about the most recent version, BlendKit2014, please see:

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  1. 1. BlendKit2012a subject-matter neutral, open online course focused on blended learning
  2. 2. Goals• Design and develop your blended learning course• Consideration of key issues related to blended learning and practical guidance in helping you produce actual materials for your blended course (i.e., from design documents through creating content pages to peer review feedback at your own institutions).
  3. 3. What Is an Open Online Course?• “freely allowing people outside the university to view course materials and informally participate in the course” - Dr. David Wiley (open online course pioneer)• “While OERs are merely content, OOCs are live courses, which include direct participation of teachers and rich and valuable interaction among participants.” Fini, A. (2009). The technological dimension of a massive open online course: The case of the CCK08 course tools. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning , 10(5). Retrieved May 27, 2011 from
  4. 4. Why an Open Online Course?• Open materials may be used at any time for self-study or group use beyond the cohort• Materials and interactions are not restricted to a course management system• Easier for participants to self-select course components with which to engage• More diverse group, larger number of participants with whom to interact
  5. 5. How Will It Work?• Open readings, document templates, how-tos +• Five weeks of facilitation: – Weekly encouraging messages – Weekly 30 min. webinars featuring guest blended learning instructors & discussion with others – Weekly reading/activity reflection prompts for blogging (more interaction with others). – Social networking opportunities for more interaction• You choose with which of these you will engage!
  6. 6. Schedule of TopicsWeek Topic Dates1 Understanding Blended Learning 9/24 – 10/12 Blended Interactions 10/1 – 10/83 Blended Assessments of Learning 10/8 – 10/154 Blended Content & Assignments 10/15 – 10/225 Pulling It All Together 10/22 – 10/29
  7. 7. What Will I Have When It’s Over?• It Depends...• If you fully engage with all aspects you will have: – better understanding of blended learning models/practices – collection of blogged reflections on readings – your blogged notes and comments of others on your materials – connection to community of others interested in blended learning – design documents for your blended course – completed course materials for blended course – ideas from seasoned blended learning instructors – checklist of anything left to finish in your course – plan for getting peer review feedback at your institution
  8. 8. What’s Next?• Interested? – Register at• Check out the BlendKit Course materials at• Questions? – Email• Registrants will receive detailed participation instructions via email prior to September 24.