Web 2.0, Social Media and the Creative Consumer.


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These slides were delivered to an MBA class about rise of the creative consumer. The slides are beaded on research work by leading scholars: Pierre Berthon (Bentely), Ian Mcarthy (SFU), Leyland Pitt (SFU), Colin Campbel (Monash), Steve Kates (SFU), Hope Schau (Arizona), Albert Muntz (DePaul) and Clay Shirky in his book - Cognitive Surplus.

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  • Consumers who hack proprietary products aren't necessarily the enemies.
  • http://youtu.be/n-DpuEB2vy4

    Developments in social technologies under the broad banner of Web 2.0 have led to a sea change in the way consumers relate to both the communication and offerings of organizations, and also to the ways in which they interact and communicate with each other in groups. In addition to changing where and how our social interaction occurs, social media have also turned consumers into active communicators and creators of content, accelerating the creative consumer phenomenon (Berthon et al., 2007; Muñiz & Schau, 2007).

  • http://youtu.be/kTfy96gb2KI
  • Clary Shirkey in his book “Cognitive Surplus” talks about how social technologies are changing the way society works and in this consumers, enabling loose collaboration and the taking advantage of a society’s cognitive surplus.
  • http://youtu.be/1CN-vTTL588
  • Web 2.0, Social Media and the Creative Consumer.

    1. 1. 1(cc) Kelly Page Web 2.0, Social Media & Creative Consumers Dr. Kelly Page Cardiff Business School E: pagekl@cardiff.ac.uk T: @drkellypage FB: drkellypage What happens when consumers get creative with social technologies?
    2. 2. … Apple iPod & Podcasting … "It was Apple's customers -- not the company itself - - that adapted the iPod for podcasting, which has evolved into a new form of media broadcasting.” 1-2 @drkellypage
    3. 3. The Rise of the Creative Consumer!1-2 http://youtu.be/n-DpuEB2vy4 @drkellypage
    4. 4. Creative Consumers1-2 • Creative consumers - customers who adapt, modify, or transform a proprietary offering. • Represent an intriguing paradox for business – A black hole for future revenue, with breach of copyright and intellectual property. – A gold mine of ideas and business opportunities. Pierre R. Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt, Ian McCarthy, Steven M. Kates (2007). When customers get clever: Managerial approaches to dealing with creative consumers. Business Horizon. 50. 39-47. @drkellypage
    5. 5. “CC” Behaviour1-2 • Work with all types of products – NOT just novel or enhanced products. • Often work on personal issues that remain personal, or expand in use to a subset of users. • Need not benefit directly from their innovations, may obviously benefit indirectly thorough thanks, peer recognition etc. • Rarely ask permission to experiment - they select the product, the firm, the innovation. @drkellypage
    6. 6. Firm Considerations1-2 Awareness Attitude • Positive • Negative Action • Active • Passive @drkellypage
    7. 7. Firm Stance1-2 Pierre R. Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt, Ian McCarthy, Steven M. Kates (2007). When customers get clever: Managerial approaches to dealing with creative consumers. Business Horizon. 50. 39-47. @drkellypage
    8. 8. It is NOT just about product innovation! @DavidBrain "The first thing that companies learn when they start using the internet is that they are not in control. They find it really difficult to abandon their control mindset." David Brain, CEO Edelman Asia-Pacific @tim_weber ‘‘These days, one witty tweet, one clever blog post, one devastating video –forwarded to hundreds of friends at the click of a mouse– can snowball and kill a product or damage a company’s share price.’’ Tim Weber, BBC Business Editor @drkellypage
    9. 9. Consumer Generated Advertising (CGA) 3-5 http://youtu.be/kTfy96gb2KI @drkellypage
    10. 10. Consumer Collaboration for Change7-8 Clary Shirkey - “Cognitive Surplus” @drkellypage
    11. 11. Sharing a Consumer Experience7-8 “Co-constructing Value” @drkellypage
    12. 12. Creative consumers use social technologies to6 … Creative Consumers Product innovation Social sharing Consumer generated advertising Collaboration for social change Co-creating a consumer experience @drkellypage
    13. 13. Leading “Creative Consumer” thinkers … @drkellypage
    14. 14. Recommended Reading … 1. Berthon, P. Pitt, L,. Ian McCarthy, Steven M. Kates (2007). When customers get clever: Managerial approaches to dealing with creative consumers. Business Horizon. 50. 39-47. 2. Berthon, P., Campbell, C., Pitt, L., and McCarthy, I. (forthcoming). Creative Consumers: Awareness, Attitude, & Action, Journal of Consumer Marketing. 3. Deighton, J. and Kornfeld, L. (2007). Digital Interactivity: Unanticipated Consequences for Markets, Marketing, and Consumers, Harvard Business School Working Paper 08-017. 4. Muñiz, A. M., Jr., and Schau, H. J. (2007). Vigilante marketing and consumer-created communications. Journal of Advertising, 36, 35–50. 5. Muñiz, Albert M. Jr. and Hope Jensen Schau (2011), “How to Inspire Value-laden Collaborative Consumer Generated Content,” Business Horizons, 54(3), 209-217. 6. Page, K. L. and Pitt, L. (Forthcoming). Web 2.0, Social Media and Creative Consumers, Special Issue Editorial, for Journal of Consumer Behaviour. 7. Schau, Hope Jensen, Albert M. Muñiz Jr. and Eric J. Arnould (2009), “How Brand Community Practices Create Value,” Journal of Marketing, 73 (5): 30-51. 8. Shirkey, C. (2010). Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age, The Penguin Press. HC. @drkellypage
    15. 15. The content of this work is of shared interest between the author, Kelly Page and other parties who have contributed and/or provided support or material for the generation of the content detailed within. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales. http://creativecommons.org/ Kelly Page (cc) @drkellypage