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Building Social Brands Online


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These are the slides from one of my presentations on "Building Social Brands Online". It includes case insights from: Skittles, Rage Against the X-Factor, Patients Like Me, Compare the Meer Kat and National Theatre Wales. Key message: Social Brands are about people, conversations, dialogue, listening, and being 'part' of a community. Not promoting or communicating to it!

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Building Social Brands Online

  1. 1. 10/24/10 1 (cc) Kelly Page 1(cc) Kelly Page Building Social Brands Online Dr. Kelly Page Lecturer in Digital Media Marketing Cardiff Business School T: @drkellypage T: @caseinsights FB: LinkedIn: Dr. Kelly Page (cc) Kelly Page 22 Marketing: evolving from a mindset of “Them & Us!” to “Me + We!” (Dr. Kelly Page, 2009) (cc) Kelly Page
  2. 2. 10/24/10 2 (cc) Kelly Page 3 Changing Brandsphere! “Being part of the power of people & community” 4 Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Marketing Focus Website or Content User/Participant Approach Push Push & Pull Market Role Audience Participants Market Behviour Passive Passive & Active Interactivity Machine Interactivity Person and Machine Interactivity Product Offering Production Co-production Communication Model Monologue (1-to-many) Dialogue (1-to-1, Many-to-Many) Control External Pacing External & Internal Pacing ‘Digital’ Evolution1 (cc) Kelly Page
  3. 3. 10/24/10 3 5 ‘Digital’ Evolution (cc) Kelly Page 6 6 Marketing mindsets are changing! "The traditional marketing model we all grew up with is obsolete." James R. Stengel, CMO, P&G "Mass marketing no longer works. It's the end of brand positioning as we know it.”  Larry Light, CMO, McDonalds “To me, the challenge is not awareness, the challenge is engagement." John Hayes, CMO, American Express "JWT client Ford now spends only 30%-40% of its ad budget on traditional advertising, compared with as much as 80% five years ago."  Bob Jeffrey, CEO, JWT (cc) Kelly Page
  4. 4. 10/24/10 4 7 Rise of the Online Brand2   Millward Brown Optimor 2009 BrandZ™ Top 10 Ranking   No. 1 = Virtual Brand   No physical presence   Outperforming brands such as Coca Cola   What does this tell us about brands, brand equity and brand management? (cc) Kelly Page 8 Social Web [Media] Marketing1   Social Web Marketing (SWM) is a form of digital marketing that involves the use of the social web [social media] for marketing, communication and engagement activities [i.e., sales, public relations, research, distribution, communications and/or customer service etc.].   Aim: To build a brands and/or individuals social capital – Social Brand Equity.   Social Brand Management: To facilitate sustainable sharing and sociality through social bonds with social web [media]. (cc) Kelly Page
  5. 5. 10/24/10 5 9 ‘Digital’ R-Evolution (cc) Kelly Page 10 Changing Consumer/User10, 11   Behaviour and mindset of consumers/markets has shifted   More informed, connected, capable and empowered than ever before   Digital literacy: both new in technical knowledge and ethos3   Emphasis on relations of collaboration, participation, dispersion and distributed expertise3   Digital natives (grown up with/in cyberspace) versus immigrants/ newcomers (older consumers).   Value-seeking consumers: in terms of ‘value for time, value for attention and value for access to their personal information 4   Prosumer = desire to not only control interaction with providers/ firms; but also to engage in production through co-creation5&6 (cc) Kelly Page
  6. 6. 10/24/10 6 1111 Marketing: evolving from a mindset of “Them & Us!” to “Me + We!” (Dr. Kelly Page, 2009) (cc) Kelly Page (cc) Kelly Page 12 Learning from CASE Insights “Evolving from an Ethos of Control to Community”
  7. 7. 10/24/10 7 13 Building Social Brands   Building Brands online is about participation and co-creation of meaning7   A brand is a brand irrespective of context. What changes is the enactment of the brand6   The brand managers who used to be the custodian of the brand has now become a host whose main role is NOT to control but to facilitate7   Social Brand Management: To facilitate sustainable sharing and sociality through social bonds with social web [media] 1. “Social Web offers Business an Opportunity to Reconnect with People!” (cc) Kelly Page 14   An ‘intraweb of colours’ with site navigation of social web channels used to communicate it’s core brand values.   Lauded one of the first of major brand that fully embraces the concept that an organisation doesn't control their brand image, but must be active participants in the conversation around their brand.   Social Web Channels:   Home = Facebook Fan Page   Products = Wikipedia   Media = YouTube and Flickr   Chatter = Twitter   Friends = Facebook fan page CASE Insight: Skittles Warp the Rainbow (2009)8 (cc) Kelly Page
  8. 8. 10/24/10 8 15 CASE Insight: Skittles Warp the Rainbow (2009)8 (cc) Kelly Page 16 CASE Insight: Rage Against the X-Factor (2009)9 •  How could an online community use social networks to oppose an international music franchise and make British music history? •  In 2009, Jon and Tracey Morter from Essex showed Simon Cowell they have much more than the X-Factor. •  Having dominated the Christmas No. 1 Charts for 4-years, they started a campaign through a Facebook Group, promoting for Christmas No. 1 a non-X-factor single. •  The single ‘Killing in the Name’ by artists Rage Against the Machine (RATM), 15 years after it’s release. •  ‘Killing in the Name’, the single by RATM released over 15 years ago, spent nothing on it’s marketing. (cc) Kelly Page
  9. 9. 10/24/10 9 17 •  The Aim: •  To overthrow conventional marketing techniques by publicly bringing down a major player’s mass media campaign through online social networks and electronic word of mouth (eWOM). •  The Method: •  Use Facebook, YouTube and endless Twitter chatter - friends, fans and follows encouraged each other to download the single by Saturday 19th December (23:59pm). CASE Insight: Rage Against the X-Factor (2009)9 (cc) Kelly Page 18   The Result:   Over 1 million Facebook fans, over 50,000 YouTube search results and endless Twitter chatter   In December 2009, in one week, sold over 502672 copies, making it the 2009 Christmas No.1.   Raising over £101,517.48 for the charity, Shelter.   It also set two new landmarks becoming:   the UK’s first download-only Christmas number one   the biggest one-week download sales total in British chart history.   HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo said “This is a truly remarkable outcome and possibly the greatest chart upset ever”. CASE Insight: Rage Against the X-Factor (2009)xyz (cc) Kelly Page
  10. 10. 10/24/10 10 19 CASE Insight: Compare the MeerKat (Ongoing) 245, 324 Fans! (March 2009) 758, 268 Fans! (August 2010) 40, 397 Followers! (August 2010)(cc) Kelly Page 20 CASE Insight: Patients Like Me (Ongoing)   Collaboration motivated by a shared passion to spread knowledge.   Patient communities, unlike health care providers, can operate outside the structures of regulation and legislation   Power of online patient communities:   Promote deep relationships;   Rapid organisation of people and content   The sharing and filtering of information;   The creation and dissemination of knowledge to the wider community.   Not only are these a good source of marketing research information, but also good forums for product and service ideas. (cc) Kelly Page
  11. 11. 10/24/10 11 21 CASE Insight: Wiggly Wigglers (Ongoing) A rural natural gardening mail-order company on the Welsh/English border won the 2008 Global Dell Small Business Excellence Award . a $US50,000 technology award Objective: Use social media to connect with current customers and reach new ones, Results: Serves 90,000 customers worldwide and delivers its products across Europe; Cut its advertising budget by 80 percent when the company turned to social media over traditional advertising;  2692 Facebook fans  435 discussion topics  With t twitter accounts, generated over 2,400 + 900 followers on twitter  Hosted 50 weekly podcasts since 2005 from the "Wiggly sofa" reaching thousands of listeners per week, San Francisco Chronicle readers rated it their "favorite gardening podcast;”  Built its catalogue based on Wiki ideas and facebook discussions Marketing Honours! (cc) Kelly Page 22 CASE Insight: National Theatre Wales (Ongoing)10 (cc) Kelly Page
  12. 12. 10/24/10 12 23 CASE Insight: National Theatre Wales (Ongoing)10 (cc) Kelly Page 24 CASE Insight: National Theatre Wales (Ongoing)10 (cc) Kelly Page
  13. 13. 10/24/10 13 25 CASE Insight: NTW: Theatre without Boundaries (Ongoing)10 (cc) Kelly Page   NTW COMMUNITY   Soft launch of Online Community in May 2009   Today, over 2,000 community members and rising   Generated over 1,209 member blog posts (averaging 100 posts a month),   69 community groups (e.g., creatives, writers, theatre companies) each averaging at least 60 members)   79 active discussion forums on issues from how to market theatre, to the role of language and debate in theatre.   Invaluable as sources of deep rich community insights for the theatre community. 26 CASE Insight: National Theatre Wales (Ongoing)10 (cc) Kelly Page   DIGITAL COMMUNITY   1,895 likes on Facebok Fan page   649 followers on NTW_Tweets (no including staff tweets)   237 Photos on Flickr   1,763 Channel views on YouTube (35 subscribers) SOLD OUT FIRST NTW07 SHOWS!
  14. 14. 10/24/10 14 27 Evolve YOUR Marketing Mindset!   Share Control: Let go! You Don’t Own Your Brand! You NEVER Have! You just USED TO control the media! [UGC/CCG]   Listen, Facilitate, Participate & Share: Be part of your community and its conversations DON’T just market, sell or communicate to it!   Connectedness: Build trust, social bonds and community through dialogue and authenticity NOT campaigns [sustainability]   Offer Value: Be creative, innovative, informative and/or have fun – emotive!   Metrics: Focus on Community Engagement, NOT just Channel Participation   Boundaries: In January 2010 Coca Cola launched it’s Social Web Policy in a 3-page document and YouTube video empowering global staff to become part of the PR & Customer Relations teams. Empower through ethos DON’T control through rules.   Literacy: Develop Digital [Social] Media Knowledge – BOTH Soft & Hard Skills. (cc) Kelly Page (cc) Kelly Page 2828 ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change’ (Charles Darwin)
  15. 15. 10/24/10 15 (cc) Kelly Page 2929 CONNECT T: @drkellypage T: @caseinsights FB: LinkedIn: Dr. Kelly Page (cc) Kelly Page 30 References 1.  Page, K. L. (2010) Chapter 17: Digital Marketing, in Baines, Fill and Page (2010), Marketing, (2nd Edition) OUP. Oxford 2.  Millward Brown Optimor (2009) Millward Brown Optimor 2009 BrandZ Top 100 Ranking 3.  Lankshear, C., Knobel, M., (2006) New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Classroom Learning, Berkshire, UK: McGraw-Hill 4.  Lawer, C. & Knox, S., (2004), Reverse Marketing, consumer value networks and the new brand intermediaries. In: Chang, Y. S. (ed) Value Network and ICT Symbiosis: Issues and Applications of Operational Excellence, New York, NY: Kluwer. 5.  Toffler, A., (1980) The Third Wave, Bantam books: USA 6.  Prahalad, C. K., and Ramaswamy, V., (2004) Co-creation Experiences: The Next Practice in Value Creation, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 18 (3), Summer, 5-11 7.  de Chernatony, L., and Christodoulides, G., (2004) Taking the Brand Promise Online: Challenges & Opportunities, Interactive Marketing, 593), 238-51 ….. And Christodoulides, G., (2009) Branding in the Post-Internet Era, Marketing Theory, 9 (1), 141-144. 8.  Page, K. L. (2010) Skittles: Warp the Rainbow [Online Case Study[, in in Baines, Fill and Page (2010), Marketing, (2nd Edition) OUP. Oxford. 9.  Page, K. L. (2010) Rage Against the X-Factor [Case SInsight[, in in Baines, Fill and Page (2010), Marketing, (2nd Edition) OUP. Oxford. 10.  Page, K. L. (Study Ongoing) Building Social Brand Equity through Online Community Engagement: Engaging a Community Ethos over Control [NTW Cast Insight]. 11.  Kaplan, A. M., and Haenlein, M. (2010) Users of the World Unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media, Business Horizons, 53 (1), 59-68. 12.  Kane, G. C., Fichman, R. G., Gallaugher, J. and Glaser, J. (2009) Community Relations 2.0., Harvard Business Review, 87 (11, Nov), 45-50. (cc) Kelly Page
  16. 16. 10/24/10 16 (cc) Kelly Page 31 The content of this presentation is the property of shared interest between the author, Kelly Page and other parties who have contributed and/or provided support for the generation of the content detailed within. These contributing parties include, but are not limited to: Cardiff University (CU); University of New South Wales (UNSW); Cranfield University; Oxford University Press (OUP), and other commercial and government research partners. Kelly Page (cc) 2010