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This document is prepared by the American College of Physicians.

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  1. 1. TMWhatisaDoctorofInternalMedicine(Internist)We go by several names:“Doctor of Internal Medicine”“Internist”“General Internist”We are not“Interns.”These aredoctors who are trainees just out ofmedical school.We are not “Family Physicians.”These doctors do not focus on adults.Theyalsodeliverbabiesandtreatchildren.We are not “GPs.”They also deliverbabies and treat children.ClearingupsomeconfusionSometimeswe“subspecialize”Some of us go back to school to focus on just oneillness. Or on just one system of the body. Or justone age group.Some internists may only treat problems ofthe heart or blood vessels. That makes them“Cardiologists.”Otherstreatonlydigestiveproblems.Thatmakesthem “Gastroenterologists.”There are several other subspecialties ofinternal medicine:Area SubspecialtyCancer “Oncology”Diabetes “Endocrinology”Lungs “Chest Physician”or“Pulmonology”Rheumatism “Rheumatology”Allergies “Allergy and Immunology”Liver “Hepatology”Kidneys “Nephrology”Blood “Hematology”Infections “Infectious Diseases”Old Age “Geriatrics”Teenagers “Adolescent Medicine”A public education publication from theAmerican College of Physicians –American Society of Internal Medicine(ACP–ASIM)*representing115,000 doctors of internal medicine and medical students.190 N. Independence Mall WestPhiladelphia, PA 19106-1572Telephone toll-free 877 888*With support from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. 701100800
  2. 2. WecareforthewholepatientWeareexpertsinadults ForlifeWe are “Doctors of Internal Medicine.”Or “Internists.” We are different from otherdoctors because we specialize in adulthealth care.We do not deliver babies. We do nottreat children. We do not do operations.We spend at least three years of our medi-cal schooling learning about adults.We learn how to prevent, find and treatillness in adults.We are ready to care for any adult sickness.No matter how common or strange it is.Or how easy or hard it is.We are always learning more about:Ⅲ The heart &blood vesselsⅢ CancerⅢ DiabetesⅢ DigestionⅢ LiverⅢ KidneysWe take care of people from their teenyears through old age.Ⅲ BloodⅢ HormonesⅢ InfectionsⅢ RheumatismⅢ AdolescenceⅢ OldageWe care for our patients for life.Usually we see them in our offices orclinics. Sometimes in hospitals. Sometimesin nursing homes.We manage their care even when otherdoctors are involved.Often other doctors ask us for helpwith their own patients. That gives us thenickname,“The Doctor’s Doctor.”