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Collection of blood for investigation met microteaching ppt


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Collection of blood for investigation met microteaching ppt, Diabetes

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Collection of blood for investigation met microteaching ppt

  1. 1. Collection of Blood for Investigation Dr. Shridhar B.
  2. 2. Session Objectives • At the end of this session, the undergraduate student should be able to : • Enumerate 3 common sites for blood collection • Describe the procedure of collection in each of the 3 sites. • Enumerate all the apparatus needed for the collection. • Mention at least 3 complications of blood collection.
  3. 3. Common Examinations done on Blood: • Hematological • Biochemical • Serological • Cultural Common Sites for obtaining Blood: • Veins • Capillaries • Arteries – Less frequent site
  4. 4. Apparatus needed: Spirit Cotton Lancets Syringes(18- 22G) Containers Slides
  5. 5. • Early morning collection • Venous blood preferred Technique of collection: • Aseptic precautions • Explain the procedure • Seated/ lying down • Proper identification & specimen labeling Written informed consent for HIV testing General points regarding blood collection
  6. 6. Venous Blood Collection Procedure
  7. 7. Capillary Blood Collection Procedure
  8. 8. Pediatric Capillary Blood Collection
  9. 9. Complications of Venepuncture • Immediate Local: Haemoconcentration, failure of blood to enter the syringe, continued bleeding • Immediate General: Syncope • Late Local: Thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, haematoma, abscess. • Late General: AIDS/Viral Hepatitis
  10. 10. Summary • Blood collection is a common procedure used for many common investigations. • Types / Sites of Blood collection. • Procedures of each type of collection. • Complications.