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Creating a Theological Argument (All Nations Leadership Institute Writing Series)


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Provides information regarding the summary process for academic studies in theology. This video includes summary traits, "real-time" advice and suggestions for effective summarizing. For an extended presentation on this topic see extended slideshare on this topic, at

All Nations Leadership Institute (ANLI) is a nondenominational college that equips individuals for ministry in an urban, multiethnic church. Its focus is empowering leaders to cultivate and maintain a "Bridging the Gap Culture" for maximum-Kingdom impact. The school offers a rigorous curriculum, fusing theology and leadership with tenets of diversity. Teachers use culturally-responsive teaching strategies in conjunction with theory-to-practice learning experiences.

All Nations Leadership Institute
4501 West 127th Street
Alsip, IL 60803

Contact Pastor Deb Strlek for information or see the ANLI website. Fall classes begin on August 18, 2011

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