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Covenants and Dispensations (All Nations Leadership Institute)


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All Nations Leadership Institute
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From Call and the Covenant: The Story of David

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Covenants and Dispensations (All Nations Leadership Institute)

  1. 1. Covenants and Dispensations of the Bible Covenant ➜ Purposes To establish us as His own people (Exod 19:5; Deut 7:6)  We are chosen to know God through covenant (Isa 43 :10) The purpose of God is fulfilled in covenant (Gen 17:4-6)  In covenant, God changes us to show forth His praise (Isa 43: 21) Covenant is commanded (ordained) forever (Ps 111: 9)  In covenant, God is faithful in times of moral failure (2 Tim 2: 13) God keeps covenant and mercy with those who are loyal to Him (I Kings 8: 23) Covenant ➜ Binding agreement Edenic Adamic Noahic Abrahamic Mosaic Palestinian Davidic New Gen 1:26-31 Gen 3:14-19 Gen 8.20-9.6 Gen 12.1-4 Exod 19-31 Gen 15.18-21, 2 Sam 7:11-15 Matt 26.26-29; Deut 28; 29 Heb 8.8-12 Creation Promise of Covenant After Promise Legal Blessing of Promise of New Testament Redemption the Great Covenant Covenant of Obedience & the Coming Grace of the Flood With Through God’s Laws, Curse of Kingdom of Lord Jesus Mankind Abraham’s Conditional Disobedience God Christ Seed That All Covenant of ---- ---- Nations Will Be Works Covenant of All Things Blessed ---- Blessing and Restored and -— Covenant of Cursing in the Fulfilled Promise of Revelation & New Land Salvation in Shadow Christ (Better Things to Come) Dispensations ➜ Plan or way by which God dispenses or gives out His revelation, blessing and punishment 1Innocence Conscience Human Promise Law Law Law Grace Gen 1:28 Gen 3:7 Government Gen 12:2 Exod 19:1-8 Exod 19:1-8 Exod 19:1-8; John 1:17 Gen 8:15-17 Eph 1:1 Millennium Isa 11:1-5; Matt & Rev Yet to come Kingdom of GodNote: The covenants that God ordained in these periods are listed alongside the dispensation. All covenants will find a greater fulfillment in theMillennial age to come. The ultimate fulfillment will be in the age of the New Heavens and New Earth that will follow the Kingdom age and finalJudgment of the unsaved. 1 Root, 1998, Training for Service, Cincinnati, OH.
  2. 2. Link to the Covenants Order & Flow of Adamic Covenants Covenant Noahic Edenic Covenant Covenant (1st) The Cornerstone Jesus Christ, The Son of God- NewAbrahamic God in Flesh Flow CovenantCovenant All the covenant (The last) promises and their purposes are to be fulfilled in Him. (2 Cor 1:20) Mosaic Davidic Covenant Covenant (Law) Palestinian Covenant
  3. 3. Elements of the Davidic Covenant (2 Sam 7:11-17)1 • God will make David a house2 • He will raise David a seed, Jesus3 • He will establish the kingdom of Christ on Earth4 • Davids seed (Christ) will build a house to the name of God5 • He will give rest from the enemies6 • His people will live safely in the land of Isreal7 • The throne (dominion) of Christ will be established forever8 • Davids decended seed will be Gods Son9 • Disobedience will be met with chatisement10 • God’s mercy will not depart from the house (descendants) of David • David will witness the eternal establishment of his house, kingdom and throne forever in his11 seed, Jesus Christ