Books Within the Bible Divisions Infographic (All Nations Leadership Institute


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From Walking Through the Word 1 (#Module_2)
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Books Within the Bible Divisions Infographic (All Nations Leadership Institute

  1. 1. Contents big story the Old Testament Books Within the Old & New Testament canon divisions New Testament tool chest Let’s take a quick view at Old Testament Law Numbers: Israelites wander in the wilderness Deuteronomy Israelites reminded of history & God’s laws each book within Joshua; Judges; Ruth Israel conquered the promised land History Genesis: beginning Exodus going out Leviticus: God explains how to worship Him MAJOR PROPHETS Isaiah: Call to righteousness, coming captivity because of sin; the Divisions 1 & 2 Samuel; 1 & 2 Kings; 1 & 2 Chronicles Israel became a monarchy, rose to be one of the great nations of the world, divided & weakened, made captive by Assyrians & Babylonians Ezra; Nehemiah; Esther Events in Palestine and Persia after Babylonian captivity ended Prophecy Poetry Jeremiah: pointed out captivity would come as a result of sin; Lamentations: Jeremiah laments Jerusalem’s fate; Ezekiel: rebukes sins of people, defends God’s justice MINOR PROPHETS Hosea: God’s forgiveness/pleaded with Israelites to repent; Joel: denounced sins that would lead to disaster; Amos: turn away from selfishness, dishonesty & cruelty; Obadiah: destruction of Eden; Jonah: carried God’s call to repentance; Micah: similar to Isaiah; Nahum: final ruin of Nineveh; Habakkuk: sinners were so long unpunished; Zephaniah: call for sinners to repent; Haggai: build the temple and stay faithful to worship; Zechariah: brought a similar message as Haggai; Malachi: closes with a prophecy fulfilled in John the Baptist Gospels Matthew Jesus, the King of Israel Mark Jesus, the Servant Luke Jesus, the Man John Jesus, the Almighty God Job Problems of human suffering Psalms collection of songs Proverbs collection of short sayings Ecclesiastes uselessness of much human activity Song of Solomon love story; prophecy between Christ and His Church New Testament Acts: Reveals how people became Christians The Letters Prophecy Revelation Records the revelation of Jesus Christ. Shows conflict between good and evil, as well as the final victory of Christ and His people History PAUL’S LETTERS Romans; 1&2 Corinthians; Galatians; Ephesians; Philippians; Colossians, 1&2 Thessalonians; 1&2 Timothy; Titus; Philemon; Hebrews correspondence to churches and/or individuals for teaching and counsel LETTERS FROM OTHERS James; 1&2 Peter; 1,2&3 John; Jude clarity and encouragement for application of the Gospel message References Eichenberger, J. (2011). Training for service Value Books, (2008). Know your Bible Template adapted from