ANLI Online Student Expections (All Nations Leadership Institute)


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ANLI Online Student Expections (All Nations Leadership Institute)

  1. 1. Curriculum Staff: Dorith P. Johnson ONLINE GUIDELINES & TIPS
  2. 2. Welcome! We’re so glad you joined the Walking Through the Word 1 online class! To make your learning journey more successful, this presentation gives you guidelines and tips for success. So let’s open the door and see what awaits you in this new opportunity!
  3. 3. FIRST WEEK OF CLASS The first week of class you’ll adjust to the course format and its different components. Log into the system and go through all site links Upload your picture and post your biography Read the course goals Familiarize yourself with posting comments and replies to the thread questions Learn about the assignments and submitting them
  4. 4. ATTENDANCE Your teacher bases your attendance on your postings in the thread forums. Timeliness is critical! Post your initial comment (per thread) by 11:59pm every Tuesday Reply to two other students’ posts by 11:59pm each Thursday (per thread) Also, answer your teacher’s replies to your post Log into the system several times a week to check for new teacher and students posts
  5. 5. INTERNET ACCESS What can frustrate you more than computer hardware difficulties during an online course? See these tips: Make sure you have ready access to a reliable Internet source Have back up plans for computer access in case your computer goes down Do keep your PC in good health with regular security checks
  6. 6. ONLINE RESOURCES Check the below resources to help you with the course. You can find live links for these and more on the course and ANLI websites.  APA style guidelines  Writing paper format  Paragraph writing basics  SBL Bible citing
  7. 7. ETHICS Do show trust, respect and compassion with each other to create a community of learners Also, make sure all work is your own original, citing any quotes from other people We honor God with everything we say and do!
  8. 8.  Keep your classmates’ responses confidential  Be respectful  Ask for help if you do not understand something  Except for headers, don’t type in all caps because it shows anger  Be careful with how you use humor and sarcasm (it may be misunderstood)
  9. 9. RESOLVING TECHNICAL ISSUES Students Responsible for fixing problems and troubleshooting issues to their own equipment ANLI Instructor Will make every attempt to help resolve a technical difficulty that relates directly to the ANLI website
  10. 10. TIME COMMITMENT & MANAGEMENT Online learning does require time. The key is to pace yourself and do a little every day, while remembering your assignment due dates.  Do plan out your study and post times, spreading it out during the week  Plan to prepare and study daily to get the most out of your course Don’t let this scare you. You can do it!
  11. 11. THREADS, POSTS & REPLIES  Watch for the deadlines and keep to the due dates Write posts that will make people think and have fun while learning Build each other up by commenting with replies that make people dig a little deeper into the module concepts
  12. 12. THAT’S IT! Go through your door to learning today!
  13. 13. Would you like more information about ANLI online courses? Contact Pastor Deb Strlek