Visiting a Chiropractor After a Car Accident Injury | Atlanta Injury Specialist


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Visiting a Chiropractor After a Car Accident Injury | Atlanta Injury Specialist

  1. 1. Visiting a Chiropractor After a Car Accident InjuryNo matter how your injuries occur, you may find that you could benefit from the assistance ofa chiropractor. The first inclination of many is to visit a medical doctor to receive painmedication to deal with the injuries that may have been suffered, but the truth is that this won’tbring healing. Pain medication will only mask the problem, but it will never get rid of it. Forgeneral soreness, this is probably just fine and many chiropractic offices now worksimultaneously with medical doctors to provide patients medication for temporary pain relief.If you’ve altered the alignment of your spine, you’re likely to suffer back and neck problemsfor years after you stop taking the pain medication until you can schedule an appointmentwith a chiropractor to have the problem fixed for good.If your accident or injury was caused by another party, your chiropractor visits can help you ineven greater ways. When you visit the chiropractor, he or she will detail your injuries andproblems, which can be used in court to seek justice. That’s one reason it’s so important toseek out the medical help as soon as you can after your accident. The more injuries yourchiropractor can note, the better your case will be. He or she can often tell exactly how eachinjury was caused. A personal injury lawyer will be happy to have these records when yourcase goes to court. Everything listed can only help you in the long run.In addition to a great chiropractor, you may consider working with a massage therapist and aphysical therapist. A massage therapist may seem like a luxury, but the truth is that thetreatments could go a long way toward making your chiropractic treatments easier for you.The loosening and healing of muscles will make alignment a snap, and that means you’ll beone step closer to healing. The physical therapist can then help you learn how to use yourmuscles and joints all over again so that you’re not causing even more harm to yourselfunknowingly. This kind of healing is much more effective than any pain medication could be.To make the most of your treatments and to get the best results in court, you really shouldseek out the advice of a chiropractor as soon as possible. Make it a part of your checklistafter your accident, and be sure to take photos of the scene so that your practitioner knowsexactly what he or she is dealing with. It might seem like a lot of unnecessary steps, but themore information you can give, the better it will be for your health.If you or someone you know in the Metro-Atlanta area has been injured in an accident andneeds medical attention, please call us at (678) 223 – 3900 or visit our website atPremierHealthRehab.comHave a health question or concern? Join others asking for medical advice by becoming a fanat