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Profile dr. j. k. d. annan iii 2011


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Resume of Dr. Joseph K. D. Annan

Published in: Business, Technology
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Profile dr. j. k. d. annan iii 2011

  1. 1.                 PROFILE                                                   DR.  JOSEPH  K.  D.  ANNAN                   January,  2014   1
  2. 2.     Key  Competencies     My  competencies  regarding  the  following:-­‐   • i)  Managerial;  ii)  Generic;  iii)  Technical  &  Functional;   are  advanced.  The  essential  categories  are:-­‐     1. Knowledge  of  the  context  of  a  multi-­‐cultural  working  environment.     • Human  Rights;  Gender;  Environment;  Results-­‐Based  Management  (RBM);  Policy  level  of  work;   • Institutional  level  of  work;  Strategic  and  Global  level  of  work.   2. Technical  and  professional  skills.     • Planning  for  Influential  Evaluations;  Evaluation  Design;  Data  Analysis;  Reporting;   • Follow-­‐up  on  Recommendations;  Best  Practices;  Lessons  Learned;   • Dissemination  and  Outreach;  Education  (Research,  Analysis,  and  Evaluation).   3. Inter-­‐personal  skills.   • Communication  Skills  (written  and  oral);  Cultural  Sensitivity;  Negotiation;  Facilitation;   • Analytic  Skills.   4. Personal  attributes.   • Ethics;  Judgement;  Work  Experience  (Research  and  Evaluation);  Commitment;  Confidentiality;   • Transparency  and  Fairness;  Patience  and  Perseverance.   5. Management  skills.   • Strategic  Thinking  and  Scenario-­‐building;  Analysis,  Problem-­‐solving  and  Decision  making;   • Planning  and  Organizing;  Change  Management;  Managing  Small  Groups;   • Managing  Large  Organizational  Groups;  Team  Leadership;  Information  Management;   • Innovation  and  Creativity;  Mediation  and  Negotiation;  Mentoring  and  Coaching;     • Managing  Evaluation  Projects;  Facilitation  and  Group  Moderation;   • Presentation  and  Public  Speaking;  Interviewing;  Resource  Management.     Core  Competencies       Name   Languages       • Extensive  work  experience.   • Evaluation  design  and  methodologies.   • Data  collection  and  analysis  techniques  and  approaches.   • Compelling  Report-­‐writing  for  maximum  impact.   • Strategic  Thinking  and  Scenario-­‐building;  Analysis,  Problem-­‐solving  and  Decision  making;              Planning  and  Organizing;  Project  Management  and  Technical  Auditing.   • High  level  of  integrity  and  honesty.   Dr.  Joseph  K.  D.  Annan   • English  –  Fluent  in  speaking,  writing,  and  reading.   • French  –  Proficient  in  speaking,  writing,  and  reading.                                                                                                                     Record  of  Employment   June  2004   to  Present                  JKD  NANNA  CONSULT,  Accra,  Ghana.   Status:                                              Chief  Executive  Officer       Extensive  and  widespread  expertise  in  the  extractive,  metallurgical,  and   process  industries  in  the  mining  and  manufacturing  sectors.   Consultancy  service  includes:-­‐   § Initiating  and  Developing  Business  Plans;   § Conducting  Feasibility  Studies  for  Industries;   § Technical  audits  of  projects,  and  process  plant  operations;   § Strategic  management;     § Process   Plant   safety,   risk   management   and   environmental   issues   including   environmental   impact   assessments   of   large   and   medium   scale   operations;   preliminary   environmental   reviews  of  proposed  projects;   § Process  Plant  troubleshooting  and  optimization;     § Technical  feasibility  investigations,  implementation,  and  evaluation;     § Process  Plant  design;  Plant  start-­‐up  preparation  and  commissioning;     § Energy  generation,  energy  efficiency,  and  related  issues;   § Other  miscellaneous  activities.     2
  3. 3. March  1991   to  June  2004                            Ferro  Fabrik  Limited,  Tema,  Ghana.   Status:                                                    Director         • • • • • • • Responsible   for   technical   feasibility   investigations,   implementation   and   evaluation   with   the   Electricity   Corporation   of   Ghana   (ECG)   for   the   upgrading   of   electricity   supply   for  the  company’s  expansion  programme  in  the  early  1990’s.     Implemented   the   design   of   a   new   steel   Melting   Plant,   beginning   with   soil   analysis,   excavation   works,   construction   works,   installation   of   equipment,   trial   runs   and   commissioning  of  the  Plant  (in  1993).   Training  of  personnel  (workforce  increased  from  50  to  500).     Monitoring  and  evaluation  of  all  aspects  of  production  activities.     Involved  with  production  optimization  measures  and  energy  efficiency    activities.     Advised  on  environmental  management,  pollution  issues,  key  technical  activities,  and   government  policy  matters.     Other  miscellaneous  issues.     August  1987   to  March  1991                    GIHOC  Steelworks  Company  Limited,  Tema,  Ghana.   Status:                                                  General  Manager             Responsible  for  the  Strategic  Planning  of  company  objectives;   Responsible  for  the  resources,  operational  and  profitability  objectives  of  the  company;   Responsible   for   instilling   new   work   ethics   in   the   entire   workforce   and   the   spearheading  of  improvements  in  productivity,  such  as  :-­‐   i) Being  professionally  committed  and  responsible;   ii) Ensuring  the  good  maintenance  and  housekeeping  of  the  company’s  facilities;   iii) Enforcing  good  operating  management,  and  good  management  accounting;   iv) Enforcing  environmental,  health  and  safety  regulations;   v) Enforcing  quality  assurance  checks  and  controls  to  ensure   the   consistent   production   of  good  quality  products;   vi) Designing  and  enforcing  innovative  Marketing  and  Sales  Management  techniques;   vii) Ensuring   total   commitment   to   the   success   of   the   company’s   operations     and   future   endeavours.   • • • • Also  involved  with  initial  preparations  for  the  divestiture  of  the  company.     • Other  miscellaneous  assignments.   I  was  featured  in  a  documentary  film  on  Ghana’s  economic  recovery  programme   by  the  British  Broadcasting  Corporation  Television,  London  (United  Kingdom).   It  was  “The  Money  Programme”,  on  Sunday,  19th  April,  1989,  produced  by  Jenny   Rathbone,  in  conjunction  with  Nicholas  Brady  on  the  theme   ‘The  Debt  Initiative’.   [Ref  (1989):  British  Broadcasting  Corporation                                                        Television  Centre                                                        London                                                        United  Kingdom.         3
  4. 4.       December  1987   to  June  1988                          Tema  Food  Complex  Corporation,  Tema,  Ghana.     Status:                                                      Acting  Managing  Director         Given  the  assignment  of  evaluating  the  technical  and  operational  feasibility  of  this  food  complex   facility,  which  comprised  the  following:-­‐  flour  mill,  fish  cannery,  feed  mill  (for  poultry,  etc.),  oil   mill,  and  cold  storage  facilities.  A  turnaround  of  the  operations  was  achieved  within  six  months   and   an   effective   restructuring   exercise   was   instituted   and   this   served   as   a   basis   for   a   major   rehabilitation   project   to   begin   eventually.   I   also   served   as   a   Board   member   from   September,   1987,  to  January,  1995.     April  1987   to  March  1988                    Saltpond  Ceramics  Company  Limited,  Saltpond,  Ghana.   Status:                                                  Chairman  (Task  Force)           Turned  around  this  ceramics  company  by  carrying  out  a  technical  evaluation  of  the  operations.   January  1987   to  March  1987                      Ghana  Industrial  Holding  Corporation,  Accra,  Ghana.   Status:                                                  Group  Research  and  Development  Manager     Made   technical   assessments   and   audits   of   the   activities   of   the   companies   under   the   ambit   of   GIHOC.       March  1986   to  December  1986                        Private  Consulting  Work,  Accra,  Ghana.    Status:                                                    Independent  Consultant         July  1985   to  February  1986                          Private  Consulting  Work,  Lome,  Togo.   Status:                                                      Consultant         Assisted   the   company   with   technical   audits   and   evaluation   of   the   efficiencies   regarding   the   production   of   various   plastic   products   such   as:-­‐   plastic   films,   plastic   utensils/buckets,   PVC   pipes.   Enabled  the  company  to  recycle  waste  materials  into  finished  products.  Output  of  the  company   increased  more  than  threefold.         July  1982   to  July  1985                      Ghana  National  Manganese  Corporation                                                                  Nsuta-­‐Wassaw,  Western  Region,  Ghana.     Status:                                                    Deputy  Processing  Manager  &  Processing                                                                                                Manager   Organized   the   start-­‐up   of   a   Washing   Plant   that   had   been   mothballed.   Was   also   involved   with   start-­‐up   preparations   and   a   technical   evaluation   of   a   new   manganese   nodulizing   plant.   Was   responsible   for   the   technical   processing   of   all   grades   of   ores   delivered   from   the   mines   for   transportation   by   rail   and   shipment.   Was   responsible   for   ensuring   the   effectiveness   and   the   environmental  and  pollution  control  activities  of  all  the  processing  plants.           4
  5. 5.     September  1981   to  December  1981                          Newcastle  University                                                                  Newcastle-­‐Upon-­‐Tyne,  United  Kingdom.   Status:                                                      Visiting  Member  of  Staff         Carried   out   academic   and   research   work   for   the   Department   of   Process   and   Chemical   Engineering.   The   research   work   involved   the   technical   investigation   and   evaluation   of   a   three-­‐ dimensional  particulate  electrode  system  for  the  electrodeposition  of  manganese.     October  1978   to  August  1981                              Newcastle  University                                                                        Newcastle-­‐Upon-­‐Tyne,  United  Kingdom.     Status:                                                          PhD  Research  Student     Undertook   a   PhD   specialization   research   programme   in   Electrochemical   Engineering.   The   research   work   involved   the   cell-­‐design   for   the   technical   investigation   and   evaluation   of   the   electrodeposition  of  manganese  metal  in  a  fluidized  bed  electrolytic  cell.     September  1977   to  August  1978                              Ghana  National  Manganese  Corporation                                                                      Nsuta-­‐Wassaw,  Western  Region,  Ghana.     Status:                                                          Chemical  Engineer       Was   the   company's   Site   Representative   during   the   technical   project   implementation   of   a   New   Crushing   and   Screening   Plant.   Monitored   and   coordinated   all   activities   relating   to:-­‐   soil   tests,   excavations,   site   surveys,   foundation   works,   equipment   transportation   to   the   site,   equipment   installation,  health  and  safety,  and  environmental  management.     Was   also   involved   in   technical   feasibility   assignments   relating   to   a   Proposed   Nodulizing   Plant   Project.   August  1976   to  July  1977                              Ghana  National  Manganese  Corporation                                                                        Nsuta-­‐Wassaw,  Western  Region,  Ghana.   Status:                                                          Assistant  Mineral  Engineer       Familiarized  myself  with  all  aspects  of  the  mining  operations  and  the  ore  processing,   environmental  management  and  pollution  control  operations;  Attached  to  the  Processing  plants   where  the  various  types  and  grades  of  ores  are  processed.       5
  6. 6. Relevant Consultancies • Project  Manager  to  Ghana  Standards  Authority  (GHANA)   • Project  Advisor  to  KPMG  (GHANA)  for  their  Project  on:   • Project  Advisor  to  KPMG  (GHANA)  for  their    Project  on:   •   The  Terms  of  Reference  were:-­‐   1. Preparation  of  Project  Charters  for  each  of  Ghana  Standard  Authority's   projects.   2. Overseeing  the  Project  Charters  and  Project  Planning  Documents  created   for  the  projects.   3. Project  Planning,  execution  and  managing  the  projects.   4. Setting  standards  and  policies  for  the  projects.   5. Establishing  and  communicating  the  project  procedures  to  the  Project   Management  Team  and  stakeholders.   6. Identifying  activities  and  tasks,  resource  requirements,  project  costs,   project  requirements,  performance  measures/metrics.   7. Communication  and  documentation  plan  to  keep  stakeholders,     8. the  Project  Sponsor,  the  Project  Management  Team,  and  all  interested   parties  informed.                                              Period:  2011  (January)  to  2012  (April)     “A  Due  Diligence  Review  of  Messrs  Zina  Company  Limited  on  behalf   Of  Ghana  Libyan-­‐Arab  Holding  Company  Limited.”   The  Scope  of  Work  entailed  the  following:   1. Assisting  in  validating  Messrs.  Zina’s  concession;   2. Assisting  in  the  identification  of  the  type  of  stone  deposits  in  the   prospective  quarry  site;   3. Assisting  in  identifying  the  technical  requirements  for  the  operations;   4. Assisting  in  the  assessment  of  any  environmental  impact  issues.                                                Period:  2009  (October  2)  to  2009  (November  24).     “Study  of  the  Economic  Viability  of  Proposed  Quarry  Activities  for  Ghana   Libyan-­‐Arab  Holding  Company  Limited  (GLAHCO).”   The  Scope  of  Work  entailed:   1. Assisting  in  the  identification  of  possible  quarry  sites,  preferably     within  the  Western  Region  and  the  Central  Region  of  Ghana;   2. Assisting  in  the  identification  of  equipment  requirement  and     other  infrastructure,  and  their  associated  costs;   3. Assisting  in  identifying  the  kind  of  staff  required  and  the     associated  expenses;  and   4. Assisting  in  the  estimation  of  the  operational  costs  of  running  a     successful  quarry  project.                                                      Period:  2009  (March  2)  to  2009  (April  6)       6
  7. 7.     • Local  Consultant  of  the  Academy  for  Educational  Development   (AED),  USA,     evaluation  team  that  conducted  an  independent,  mid-­‐term  evaluation  for  USAID  (the   United  States  Agency  for  International  Development)  of  the  progress  the  University  of   Texas’’  Centre  for  Energy  Economics  (UT/CEE)  had  made  with  the  Smart  Development   Initiative  (SDI)  Energy  Governance  Program  in  Ghana  during  the  period  March  2004   to  October  2006.                                            Assignment  involved:-­‐   1. Contacting  and  interviewing  key  personnel  ;   2. Review  of  background  information  on  the  project;   3. Follow-­‐up  contacts  for  web-­‐based  survey;   4. Assisting   with   developing   a   list   of   stakeholders   to   interview   about   the   program,  and  arranging  a  focus  group  and  stakeholder  meeting   5. Conducting   background   research   for   the   team   on   the   energy   sector     and   local  contacts  (in  Ghana);   6. Participating  in  the  evaluation  project  as  a  team  member.                                            Period:  2007  (February  12th)  to  2008  (January  31st).     § Performed  an  inspection,  evaluation,  and  assessment     of  equipment  in  the  various  operating  plants  of  Wahome  Steel  Limited  (Tema,  Ghana)   Period:  2005  (August  4th  to  September  19th).     § Involved  with  the  co-­‐ordination,  monitoring,  and  assessment     of  mining  and  production  activities  in  a  quarry  operation.   Period:  2005  (February  15th  to  April  15th).       • Member  and  Group  Leader  of  a  Review  Committee that  reviewed  the     “Environmental  Impact  Assessment  (EIA)  Report  –  Ghana  Final  Draft”  on  the   West  African  Gas  Pipeline  Project.                                            Period:  2004  (March  -­‐  April).                                                                                                       • Chairman  of  Panel  of  the  Public  Hearings     of  the  “Environmental  Impact  Assessment  (EIA)  Report  on  the    West  African  Gas                                                        Gas  Pipeline  Project, during the dates indicated:i) Tuesday, 2nd March, 2004, - Takoradi (GHANA). ii) Thursday, 4th March, 2004, - Tema (GHANA). iii) Tuesday, 9th March, 2004, - Accra (GHANA). Period: 2004 (2nd to 9th March). § Involved  with  the  Risk  Assessment  of  the  Operations     of  the  Cement  Plant  of  GHACEM  Limited  (Tema,  Ghana).   Period:  2002(March  20th  to  March  21st).     • Expert  Member  of  a  Core  Group  on  Industries  and  the  Clean   Development  Mechanism  (CDM),     a  UNIDO/EPA  (Environmental  Protection  Agency)  Regional  Project.   Period:  2001  (March)  To  2003.                                                                                                 7
  8. 8.     • As  a    Consultant  to  UNIDO  (United  Nations  Industrial   Development  Organization),     I  was  involved  with  the  compilation,  editing,  and  completion  of  the  Final  Report  on   UNIDO  Project  YA/RAF/01/405  “Developing  National  Capacity  to  Implement   Industrial  Clean  Development  Mechanism  (CDM)  Project  in  a  Selected  Number  of   Countries  in  Africa:  Preparatory  Assistance.”                                              Period:  2001  (November  21st  to  December  31st).     • Responsible  for  the  co-­‐ordination,  assessment,  and  selection  of   key  industries     for  a  proposed  Ghana  Industries  Power  Project  (GIPP)  on  behalf  of  the  Minergy  Group   (A  group  of  Mining  and  Industrial  Companies).   Also  involved  in  various  negotiations  leading  to  a  Government  Consents  and  Support   Agreement  (GCSA)  of  23rd  March,  1998,  for  a  220  MW  combined  cycle  Thermal  Power   Plant.                      Period:  1998  (February)  to  1999  (February).       Personal  Details   • Date  of  Birth:     • Address:   15th  July  1953     P.  O.  Box  CT  5277   Cantonments   Accra   Ghana  (West  Africa)   • e-­‐mail:   i) ii)     • website:   • PROFESSION     • SPECIALIZATION              :    Electrochemical  Engineering   : Chemical  Engineer   8
  9. 9. EDUCATION     COURSE  OF  STUDY   Post-­‐Graduate  course  in   Electrochemical                  Engineering. NAME  OF  INSTITUTION   Newcastle  University,  Newcastle-­‐ Upon-­‐Tyne,  ENGLAND.   DATE   October,   1978  to   August,   1981.   Under-­‐Graduate  course   in  Chemical  Engineering     Kwame  Nkrumah  University  of   Science  and  Technology,  Kumasi,   GHANA.   October   1972  to   June,  1976.   Secondary  Education   Adisadel  College,  Cape  Coast,   GHANA.   September,   1965  to   June,  1972.     RESULT   DOCTOR  OF   PHILOSOPHY   (PhD)  -­‐ Electrochemical   Engineering   Degree   BACHELOR  OF   SCIENCE  (BSc.)  -­‐   Chemical   Engineering   Degree   ‘O’-­‐Level  Certificate   (1970),  and    ‘A’-­‐Level  Certificate   (1972).   Additional  Information   Fellow,  Ghana  Institution  of  Engineers.   Member,  Certification  Mark  Committee,  Ghana  Standards  Authority,  GHANA.   Award   Winner,   International   Standards   Day,   at   the   Accra   International Centre,   Accra,   GHANA,  on  Tuesday,  21st  October,  2008.   • Member,  Board  of  Directors,  Ghana  Cylinder  Manufacturing    Company,                  Accra,  GHANA.                  (Period:  June,  2009  to  Date)   • Chairman,  National  Technical  Committee  for  Oil  and  Natural  Gas,   Ghana  Standards  Authority,  GHANA.                    (Period:  12th  January,  2010  to  Date)   • External  Examiner,  Department  of  Chemical  Engineering   Kwame  Nkrumah  University  of  Science  and  Technology,  Kumasi,           GHANA.                                  (Period:  June,  2011  to  Date)   • External  Examiner,  Department  of  Materials  Engineering,   Kwame  Nkrumah  University  of  Science  and  Technology,  Kumasi,     GHANA.   (Period:  August,  2013  to  Date)   • • •       9