How To Become An Email Ninja!


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In this presentation Dr. Jim Anderson is going to share with you the secrets that you need to know to create powerful emails that cause things to happen. You’re going to learn the ORCA technique: get readers of your email to Open, Read, Comprehend, and take Action.

You’ll learn what not to do and why people may be ignoring or deleting your emails before they even open them — and how to stop this! Considering how many emails you send every day, this may well be the most valuable time that you spend today. You’re going to get out of this presentation with the ability to write emails that cause things to happen!

For more information on Dr. Jim Anderson and his company, Blue Elephant Consulting, find out more on the web at

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  • Here are some subject lines that I’ve received lately. None of them are all that great, the circled ones are especially poor – what are those emails really all about?
  • Here are some subject lines that I have received from Internet marketers. These folks make their living from getting people to open their emails. These are very good subject lines. Compare them to the previous subject lines that I showed to you.
  • SmileysA facial gestures can be represented with what is called a "emoticon" or "smiley": a textual drawing of a facial expression. The most common three are :-) ;-) and :-( (To understand these symbols, turn your head counter-clockwise and look at them sideways. You should see little faces.)While people will have slightly different interpretations of the exact difference between the upper two, my personal opinion is that the upper one means more "I'm happy" and the lower one means more "I think I'm being funny". The last one is pretty universally understood as "I'm sad". Typical examples: Hey, guess what - I got the left-handed thromblemeister spec done ahead of time! :-) I'm on my way to fame and fortune now! ;-) The second smiley, the ;-), indicates that you don't really believe that your boss will give you that big raise. It is similar to but not as fierce or trendy a rebuttal as a "NOT!" appended to the end of a sentence: Hey, guess what - I got the left-handed thromblemeister spec done ahead of time! :-) I'm on my way to fame and fortune now - NOT! There are a wide range of ASCII gestures available to you, from ill (%^P) to angry (>:-<) to astonished (:-o), limited only by your imagination. There are whole Smiley Dictionaries out there if you are feeling uncreative. (Note: I think that some of the Smiley Dictionary definitions of the basic smileys aren't a totally accurate reflection of the way I see smileys used, but your mileage may vary.) Note that Japanese emoticons are quite different.
  • Bullzip PDF printer software: https://www.dropbox.comSome mailers support "attachments", where you can specify a document to send through email. This allows people to share essentially any file in any format. GIF-encoded images, JPEG-encoded images, Word documents, WordPerfect documents, Photoshop files, Excel spreadsheets, and executable files are just a few of the types of documents that can be sent. If your correspondent has a mail reader that can handle attachments, this can work very well: a long attachment can be looked at later. However, if your correspondent's email software doesn't understand attachments and you send a non-text file (like a Word document, a binary, a picture, or even compressed text), be advised that it will appear as lots of garbage. Pages and pages of garbage, usually. Even if your correspondent has email software that understands what attachments are, they still have to have software to read the document. Think of it this way: somebody can use the Post Office to send you any kind of document. But if you send someone microfilm, they probably won't be able to read it. Even executable programs can't always be useful to your correspondent. Macintosh programs won't run on Microsoft Windows machines; Windows95 programs will not run on machines that only have DOS installed. Furthermore, even if your correspondents can receive and view the attachment you send them, if they are low on disk space or dial in from home to get their email, they will not be happy to receive a 200MB video, no matter how funny it is. It almost always better to post large documents on the Web and email the URL instead of the file. If you don't have that option, please email your correspondents first and ask them if they can handle a large attachment of that format.
  • How To Become An Email Ninja!

    1. 1. How To Become An Email Ninja! Learn To Communicate Effectively Using EmailDr. Jim AndersonBlue Elephant
    2. 2. What Is An Email Ninja?Noun ninja - a member of the ninja who were trained in martial arts and hired for espionage or sabotage or assassinations; a person skilled in ninjutsuNoun email ninja - a member of the modern workplace who is trained in email communications and who is promoted rapidly due to their superior communications skills © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    3. 3. The Email EcosystemThe EnvironmentThe EmailThe Parts © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    4. 4. Example #1: Good Job On That Report• A new member of your team gave a project status presentation to management today.• They did a very good job.• You were especially impressed with how they handled difficult questions. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    5. 5. Self-Fulfilling Email• The email itself is the point• You want to tell the reader something• No reply is necessary © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    6. 6. Subject Line Body Signature© 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    7. 7. Subject Line1 …2 Congrats…3 About The Preso © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    8. 8. Subject LineEmail Purpose / Goals:• You did a good job with your presentation• You handled the tricky questions well• The department is lucky that you joined us Nice Job On The Preso – We’re lucky To Have You © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    9. 9. BodyLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec blandit, tellusut lobortis cursus, odio est tristique orci, nec fermentum tellus elit at dolor.Donec ac laoreet dolor. Sed aliquam massa nec purus auctor ultricies. Fuscelacinia eros sed neque auctor vel malesuada nulla dignissim. Aliquam liberorisus, facilisis nec mollis non, blandit id turpis.Nullam ut orci justo, id tincidunt nunc. Ut est urna, consectetur vel vulputatesed, convallis ac odio. Vestibulum tempus cursus mi quis vestibulum.Donec placerat mollis leo, a tristique metus imperdiet non. Suspendissepotenti. Vestibulum pulvinar, arcu at interdum feugiat, risus ligula laciniaenim, at eleifend nulla urna vitae sem. Vestibulum eleifend tempor mauris, aviverra arcu pulvinar ac. Maecenas sed malesuada velit.Integer est lorem, pulvinar at euismod et, congue interdum massa. Sedsuscipit, purus at ornare vehicula, libero velit sagittis mi, et vehicula nibherat id est. Aenean luctus pulvinar varius. Nullam laoreet ullamcorperlibero, ut adipiscing ipsum bibendum sit amet. Pellentesque metusest, volutpat id placerat sit amet, laoreet eget leo. Donec vitae nulla in turpisgravida interdum. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    10. 10. Body• KISS!• Goal: limit your email to roughly 5 sentences• Get to the point right off the bat © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    11. 11. Body1. Dear Mike,2. Dearest Mike,3. Dear Mr. Mike,4. Mike,5. M:6. Mr. Johnson,7. To whom it may concern, © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    12. 12. BodyMike,Just wanted to let you know that I think that you did a great job with today’spresentation. Not only that, but you handled some tricky questions with ease –good job!I know that you’ve only been in the department for a short time, but I justwanted to let you know that based on today’s performance, we’re very happythat you’re here!Love & xoxoxoxox,Bob © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    13. 13. Body1. Bob2. Love, Bob3. Sincerely, Bob4. Bob Vice President of Very Important Things5. Bob Vice President of Very Important Things P: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555 Web: “May the road rise up to meet you and slap you in the face.” © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    14. 14. Body© 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    15. 15. BodySubject: Nice Job On The Preso – We’re lucky To Have YouMike,Just wanted to let you know that I think that you did a great job with today’spresentation. Not only that, but you handled some tricky questions with ease –good job!I know that you’ve only been in the department for a short time, but I justwanted to let you know that based on today’s performance, we’re very happythat you’re here!BobVice President of Very Important ThingsP: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555Web: © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    16. 16. How People Process Your Email• Good: Easy to answer.• Bad: long emails – I’ll come back later.• Bad: you want something. My guard is now up.• Good: If the email clearly states “what’s the point?”• Bad: If the email doesn’t tell me “why should I care?” © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    17. 17. Example #2: When Will The Project Be Done?• A coworker is in charge of a big project.• You are working with a customer who is interested in the results of the project.• You’d like to know when the project will be done.• You will pass the information on to the customer, so you need to know a real date. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    18. 18. Inquiries Email• You need something from the reader• You are asking questions or asking for info• You need them to take action and reply © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    19. 19. Subject LineEmail Purpose / Goals:• You need to get a date from your coworker• You need to make sure that they don’t just throw some made-up date at you• They need to know that you’re going to be showing the date to a customer• You’d like to remain on good terms with your coworker © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    20. 20. Subject Line1 Need A Date2 Question About Completion Date For XYZ Project3 Customer Question: When Will XYZ Project Be Done? © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    21. 21. Sample Subject Lines© 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    22. 22. How The Best Do It…© 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    23. 23. BodyJoe,When will the XYZ project be done?Sarah,Project ManagerP: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555Web: © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    24. 24. BodyJoe,When will the XYZ project be done?Don’t just give me any old date – I’m going to pass it on to one of ourcustomers.Sarah,Project ManagerP: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555Web: © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    25. 25. BodyJoe,I’m talking with a customer who is interested in using the results of your XYZproject. They’ve asked for a planning date for when the project will be done.What date would you recommend that I give to them – is there a date that youfeel comfortable sharing outside the company?Thanks.Sarah,Project ManagerP: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555Web: © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    26. 26. Example #3: An Open Conversation• You are working on a project with a colleague to come up with the new marketing slogan.• You are located in different cities.• The process has just started and you are trying to make sure that you both understand what you are supposed to do. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    27. 27. Open Ended Dialog Email• Need to keep the lines of communication open• This will be an ongoing conversation © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    28. 28. Subject Line1 Slogan Stuff2 Hello! I’m Your New Partner John3 Company Slogan: What’s The Goal And Next Steps… © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    29. 29. Talking About Tone• Emails do a lousy job of conveying emotion• Use *asterisks* to indicate light emphasis: – I said *don’t* leave the back door open.• Use capitals to indicate light emphasis: – I told them to Run More Slowly in the house.• Strong emphasis: use all capital letters and add extra exclamation marks – I said DO NOT PRESS THE RED BUTTON!!! – Never use all capital letters in an email – it will appear as though you are yelling at the receiver. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    30. 30. BodyAnn,Here’s what we need to do: - Create slogan ideas - Get senior management to review and select one - Work with outside agencies to get new company brochures madeJohn,Marketing Project ManagerP: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555Web: © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    31. 31. BodyAnn,I believe that we’ve assigned to the project to come up with a new companyslogan – *lucky us!* ;-)I was wondering how you would like to start. It seems like we need to start tocollect slogan suggestions. Do you have a way that you’d like to go about doingthis?Let me know what the plan is by the end of tomorrow and we’ll get started.John,Marketing Project ManagerP: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555Web: © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    32. 32. Smileys• Also called an “emoticon”• Only used when you know the person that you are sending email to.• Used to include a facial gesture in an email. The 3 most common are: – :-) “I’m happy” – ;-) “I’m joking” – :-( “I’m sad” © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    33. 33. Example #4: You Need A Supplier To Deliver Parts• Your company has just gotten a big unexpected order for your blue widget product.• You need your supplier to deliver twice as many supplies to you by the end of the week.• You will pay him after you get paid. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    34. 34. Action Email• The goal is for the reader to take an action• You do not necessarily need a reply from them. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    35. 35. Subject Line1 We Need More Parts!2 Need To Modify Contract LQ-17343 Help! Need 2x Order Delivered By COB Friday © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    36. 36. One Point Per Email• If you have multiple points / questions, then send multiple emails.• Limit yourself to asking one or two questions per email. © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    37. 37. BodyMr. Peters,My company, Really Big Corporation, has a contact with you to have you deliver100 blue widget parts to us each week. We have just received a large orderfrom one of our best customers and we will need you to deliver 200 blue widgetparts to us by close of business on Friday.As per our agreement with the customer, we will provide you with paymentimmediately after they have paid us.Please contact me to confirm that you’ll be able to provide us with the partsthat we’ll need when we need them. Thanks!Jose,Marketing Project ManagerP: 111-222-3333. F: 222-333-4444, C: 333-444-5555Web:2012 Blue Elephant Consulting / ©
    38. 38. Attachments: Too Much Of A Good Thing?• Paste the info into your email• Don’t send Microsoft documents to people who don’t have to edit them – send a PDF• Better solution: post your email on the web and send a link to it in your email.• Maybe offer to send it to those people who request you to do so © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    39. 39. Emails Live Forever• Assume that email is public.• You don’t know who received it, you don’t know what they did with it, you don’t know who they showed it to• Never make libelous, sexist or racially discriminating comments in emails -- even if they are meant to be a joke• Dont forward emails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    40. 40. The End!- Dr. Jim AndersonBlue Elephant ConsultingPhone: 813-418-6970, Fax: 866-260-8726Facebook:"Unforgettable communication skills that will set your ideas free…" © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    41. 41. Where Do I Go From Here? / 813.418.697041 © 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /
    42. 42. Like what you heard? Contact Dr. Anderson to speak to your team about how to use email to communicate better! Business Communications Skills Coaching & Training: * Public Speaking * IT Management * Negotiating * Product Management * IT Leadership Web: Facebook: Twitter: drjimanderson Unforgettable Communication Skills That Will Set Your Ideas Free™© 2012 Blue Elephant Consulting /