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How To Change The World...: The 2012 IEEE USA Meeting Keynote


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Watch this presentation being delivered:

This presentation was given at the start of the 2012 IEEE USA annual meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. The purpose of the presentation was to get the IEEE volunteers in the audience motivated to deliver more meetings when they got back to their sections and to get more members for the IEEE.

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How To Change The World...: The 2012 IEEE USA Meeting Keynote

  1. 1. How ToChangeThe World…
  2. 2. George McClure • Sought to become the first elected IEEE-USA president • Served Region 3 director • Chair of the IEEE Life Members Committee • Chair and resource member for Career & Workforce Policy Committee • Tech policy editor for Today’s Engineer • Government relations editor for IEEE-USA in Action • Past chair of the IEEE-USA Communications Committee • Recognized in 1981 with elevation to IEEE Fellow • In 1997 he became an IEEE Life Fellow • Cited in 2004 for professional achievement • Received a 1988 regional professional leadership award • Received IEEE-USA’s highest honor in 1999, the Robert S. Walleigh Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism Award1933 - 2012 • SoutheastCon 2012 event co-chair
  3. 3. I Want To Be Remembered Like George 62 Comments!!!
  4. 4. How Will You Leave Your Mark?
  5. 5. Why Are You Here?• Your life as a math equation: 20 + 45 + 20 = You• How will you change the world? • Impact without the IEEE? • Impact with the IEEE?• The IEEE needs you … … but you need the IEEE … Image Credit: Image: chrisroll /
  6. 6. IEEE USA Is An Engine
  7. 7. What Do You Want To Accomplish? Your Name Read Watch out Obituaries for buses In The End, Friends Are What Really Matters You Are Not A Circus Animal
  8. 8. How Are You Going To Accomplish It? Commit To Customize Your Make The Most Delivering All 4 Of The PresentationsOf This Conference PACE Modules In 2012 To Your Audience ResourcesProjects Members
  9. 9. Customize, Customize, Customize! Resumes & Cover Letters! Resumes & Cover Letters!
  10. 10. What If You Are Successful?3 + 100 = $200 Dr. Norman Borlaug -- The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
  11. 11. What Do I Do Now? You