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Report on workshop


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Report on workshop

  2. 2. TOPICCritical care nursing: Act with Intention THEME Advanced Practices in Critical care DATE 20TH February 2013 ORGANIZED BY Joitiba College of Nursing, Bhandu VENUE RHA Hall (Joitba College of Nursing)
  3. 3. This workshop is aimed at sensitizing the student nurses about the specific requirements, promoting excellence care in providing to critically ill patients, develop &enhance their knowledge, attitudes & creative thinking which is very essential for good critical care nursing practice.
  4. 4. At the end of the workshop participants will able to:1. Discuss the current trends & future prospective in critical care nursing.2. Elaborate on the emergency care of a trauma patient.3. Describe the basic life support & advanced cardiac life support.4. Demonstrate the steps involve in BLS & ACLS.5. Explain the legal & ethical issues in critical care nursing.6. Discuss the role of a critical care nurse.
  5. 5. ORGANIZING CHAIRPERSON Mr. D. D. Patidar (Principal, JCN) ORGANIZING SECRETARY Mr. Jayesh Patidar (Asst. Professor, JCN) WORKSHOP COORDINATOR Mr. Rakesh Patidar (Vice-principal, JCN)WORKSHOP CO-COORDINATOR Ms. Sophia Thomas (Asst. Professor, JCN) Mr. Rajesh Joshi (Lecturer, JCN)
  6. 6. Scientific committee•Ms. Subha S. Catering committee•Mr. Mihir Patel •Mr. Muniyandi S.•Ms. Ankita Patel •Mr. Husen Ali•Ms. Viral Shukla •Mrs. Nilam Patel Invitation & Finance & Purchasing Registration committee committee•Mr. Kaushal Patidar •Ms. Subha S.•Mrs. Komathi V •Mr. Mihir Patel•Mrs. Hiral Desia •Ms. Ankita Patel•Ms. Dharmistha Patel •Ms. Viral Shukla
  8. 8. CHIEF GUEST Dr. Mihir D Joshi Medical SuperintendentJyoti Eye Hospital, Visnagar
  9. 9. INCOME EXPENDITURE Item In Rupees 309 X 150 = Banner & Certificate 2780 46350 Flower Decoration 840 Rangoli Material 130 Man Stationers 7522 Resources Person 3540 TA/DA Breakfast & Lunch 28000 Other Expenses 1091TOTAL 46350 43903
  10. 10. Knowledge Maximum mean Standard Mean score score Deviation Percentage Pre test 13 7.54 0.14 37.7%Post test 18 10.7 0.19 53.5%
  11. 11. Knowledge Score121086 Knowledge Score420 Pre Test Post Test
  12. 12. Knowledge Score 0.20.15 0.1 Knowledge Score0.05 0 Pre Test Post Test
  13. 13.  Topic selected was relevant to the current need More number of participants Skilled practical session Workshop included all aspects of workshop topic (critical care Nursing) Distribution workshop kits in term of economic
  14. 14.  Congested seating arrangement Food was not up to the mark If medium of the instruction would have be Guajarati it would be more effective. Less time available for return demonstration. Less number of skill stations.