Ppt on expanded role of nurse


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Ppt on expanded role of nurse

  1. 1. International trends in nursing Health needs of society Awareness of health needs Economic condition New development New knowledge & procedures through research Specialization
  2. 2. Opportunities & education abroad Increase Industrialization Expansion of community health services Government support to health programs Increased private nursing homes Necessary military services & activity Development of nursing research
  3. 3. 1) CARE GIVER : Care giving role  The  Set art & science of nursing the goals & meet them…
  4. 4. Co-ordinate activities with other health team Manage their own time & resources Use critical thinking skills Make decisions & consult to professionals
  5. 5. Maintain a safe environment Prevent injury Protect from adverse effects of treatment measures
  6. 6. Protect clients human & legal rights Be a supporter Be a source of information
  7. 7. Explore feelings & attitude about wellness Teach desired behavior Emotional, intellectual, psychological support Therapeutic communicatio n skills Encourage towards alternative behavior Recognize choices & sense of control
  8. 8.  Explain the concepts & factors of health  Demonstrates the procedures  Use 4 components of teaching:- assessment - planning - implementation - evaluation
  9. 9. A very crucial role…. Quality of communication is a critical factor in meeting needs of client, family & community…..
  10. 10. Many professions make up the team involved in the care of the clients…. Nurse collaborates with other team members when providing care to the clients.
  11. 11. A nurse can be a good collaborator when: knowledgeable  good planner ( care)  good communicator ( assessment)
  12. 12. o o Facilitates the well being , academic success & life long achievements of students. School nurse develops programs that fosters: - Growth - Positive skills for successful coping - Knowledge & skills for self care - Positive attitude
  13. 13.  Its a specialty practice that provides for & delivers health & safety programs and services to workers, worker population,& community groups.
  14. 14. Also known as  Congregational health minister  Emergency Nurse  Faith Community Nurse Responds to health & wellness needs within the population of faith communities Are partners with the church in fulfilling mission of health ministry
  15. 15. Health advocate Health educator Liaison to communty resources & referral agent
  16. 16.  Is a registered nurse specially trained in community health.  Works in specific geographic areas.  Has Knowledge about resources in her community.
  17. 17. Care manager Referral resource Disaster preparedness Direct primary care giver Controller of communicabl disease
  18. 18. Private duty nurse is a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse who provide nursing services to patient at home or any other setting in accordance with physicians order.
  19. 19. • • • Not widely practiced because of very high cost Restricted to wealthy patients Common for retired nurses & valuable for their broad knowledge & experience
  20. 20. She is the one who provides a family centered care and allows client to live and remain at home with comfort, independence & dignity.
  21. 21. Pain & symptom control Spiritual care Family confernc Bereavement care
  22. 22.  Nurse who specializes in assisting persons with disabilities and chronic illness to attain optimal function, health & adapt to an altered life style.
  23. 23. Move towards independence Patient education & counseling Work as part of multi disciplinary team Prevent complicatns Co-ordinate patients care Maintain function
  24. 24.  Also called as an “ INFECTION CONTROL NURSE” , monitors standards & procedure for control & prevention of infectious diseases or nosocomial infections.
  25. 25. Survey for outbreak of diseases Education on control of communicable diseases Provide ongoing inservice training on infection control Consultation to staff on various incidents Conduct research to determine risk factors leading to infections
  26. 26.  Also called army nurse / armed services nurse  Provides care to military personnel  Attractive salaries  Security benefits
  27. 27.  Experience is vast  Professional opportunities for:- Personal development - Continuing education - Promotion
  29. 29.  Carries out telephonic communication with patient , thus providing response to medical care / treatment.  Offers telephonic:- Assessment - Evaluation - Referral / advise
  30. 30.  Provides access to health care for underserviced urban population & remote areas.  Facilitates home care of chronically ill.
  31. 31.  It is the adaptation of professional nursing skills in recognizing & meeting the nursing, physical, emotional, social, needs resulting from DISASTER.
  32. 32. Is the one who is expected to be acquainted with the basics of forensic medicine so as to handle & preserve the evidentiary materials.
  33. 33.  Forensic nursing process  Violence & victimology  Injury identification, interpretation & documentation  Criminalities & forensic science  Nursing & law / legal interface
  34. 34. Major impact of the development of fields of forensic nursing is its emphasizing on proper treatment of the victims of violence.
  35. 35. • • Is a registered nurse who works in a prison. Employed directly by prison services or can spend part of their working week in prison health care.
  36. 36. Deliver high quality care within custodial settings Maintain safe & secure environment Improve mental health & behavior or prisoners
  37. 37. Aims at helping others from neutral standpoint. Teaching home nursing to lay people. Relief to needy & suffering, during disaster Teaching nonprofessionals in hospitals Giving direct care to sick & wounded.
  38. 38. They keep the athletes & sports enthusiasts in optimum physical shape, and treat injuries if they occur.
  39. 39. 1)ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSING:   Has a master’s degree in nursing Certification & expertise in specialized area of practice Works in primary, acute & restorative care settings.
  40. 40. SPECIALIZES IN AREAS SUCH AS:- Medical-surgical nursing Psychiatry and mental health nursing Pediatric nursing Community health nursing Gerontogic nursing
  41. 41. CAN SPECIALISE IN SPECIFIC DISEASES:- Diabetes mellitus Cancer Cardiac problem
  42. 42. CAN FUNCTION AS : Expert clinician  Direct care giver  Educator  Case manager  Consultant  Researcher
  43. 43. Advanced training in anesthesiology  Provides anesthesia under supervision of anesthesiologist in various settings. 
  44. 44. PROVIDES INDEPENDENT CARE FOR WOMEN DURING:- Pregnancy Labor Delivery Care of Newborn
  45. 45. Gynaecological services:PAP smears Family planning Treat minor vaginal infections
  46. 46. General nursing practice Medical surgical nursing Gerontologic nursing Pediatric nursing Perinatal nursing School of nursing Community health nursing Psychiatric nursing
  47. 47. Mental health nursing Continuing education Staff development Home health nursing
  48. 48. Provides care for clients in:  Outpatient department  Ambulatory care  Community based setting  Complex problems  Holistic approach  Comprehensive care
  49. 49.  Functions in collaboration with health team members in hospital / specialty clinics  Management of selected patients with acute & specialized health care needs
  50. 50. • Provides primary care to adults with chronic illness, also some times tertiary care.
  51. 51.  Provides Primary ambulatory care for families in collaboration with family physician.  Guides family & provides counseling 
  52. 52. Provides care to infants & children in hospital settings.
  53. 53. Provides care to women seeking obstetrical / gynaecological conditions. HELPS IN:  Health promotion  Prevention of illness  Counseling  Education on STD’s  Family planning
  54. 54.  Trained to meet needs of aging adults usually over 65 yrs.  EMPHASISES ON :- -Health promotion -Health maintenance -Functional status -Promote independence -Self care
  55. 55. Manages client care & specific nursing services in the agency.
  56. 56. Begins with positions like:- In-charge Asst-nurse manager Nursing manager (specific area) Asst-director nursing Director of nursing
  57. 57.  Requires a doctorate degree or a master’s degree in nursing.  Investigates problems to improve nursing care.  Evaluates the effectiveness of nursing tools, methods, & procedures.