New communication technology dangers to health


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New communication technology dangers to health

  1. 1. New Communicationtechnology:Dangers to Health&
  2. 2. New Communication TechnologyCommunication technologies areevolving at such a furious pace that itis difficult to fathom theirmultidimensional parameter in thenear future.They touch our lives in innumerableways and enhance our
  3. 3. Cont..The possibilities are endless ,but soare the dangers lurking in the horizon.Hence these technologies have to behandled with care and
  4. 4. Health & Environmental changesFast, anytime, anywhere, connectivityand loaded with a host of fancyfeatures the mobile phone is todaymuch more than a communicationgadget.But widespread use of cell phoneshas led to increased concerns abouthealth hazards, particularly concernsabout brain
  5. 5. Cont..Depending upon how close the cellphone antenna is to the head as muchas 60% of microwave radiation isabsorbed by and actually penetratesthe area around the
  6. 6. Researches :The British Based NationalRadiological Protection Board hassuggested that children younger than8yrs of age should not be given amobile phone.A University of Utah, researcherfound that, the younger the child, themore radiation is absorbed by
  7. 7. Cont..Spanish researchers have shown thatCell phones can alter electrical activityof a childs brain for hours, causingdrastic mood changes , possiblebehavior & learning
  8. 8. Research:Scientists fear that cell phoneradiation could damage humanembryos.Pregnant women are advised to becautious.A study from Defence Research AndDevelopment Organizations (DRDO)revealed that EMR, a self propagatingwave with electric & magneticcomponents posses a major threat
  9. 9. …human health due to excessive use ofelectronic devices.It has penetration power to affecttissues and can cause irritation,mood swings, sleeplessness, lowsperm count and
  10. 10. Research:Indian Council Of Medical Research(ICMR) & New Delhi has confirmedthat cell phones can pose a seriousthreat to male reproductive health dueto Radiofrequency Radiation emittedfrom cell
  11. 11. AccidentsIt is dangerous to use a cell phonewhile driving, as it will increase yourchances of getting into a car accident.Even though your eyes may be on theroad while you are on the phone,your full concentration level
  12. 12. ELECTRONIC - WASTEE -WASTE from devices likecomputers, cellphones,digitalcameras and televisions contain toxicelements such as lead, mercury,cadmium which contaminate the soil& ground
  13. 13. Complications of cellphonesDamage nerves in the scalp.Causes blood cells to leak hemoglobin.Memory loss & mental confusionHeadaches & fatigueJoint pain, muscle spasms & tremors.Burning sensation & rash on skin.Alters brain electrical activity
  14. 14. Cont..Induces ringing in the ears, impairssense of smell.Cataracts, retina damage & eyecancer.Opens the blood brain barrier totoxins & viruses.Reduces WBC.Digestive problems &increasescholesterol
  15. 15. ConclusionAs communication technologies moveahead in leaps and bounds, manbecomes more & more dependent onthese equipments. They havedramatically changed the way we live,work & promises more action in days tocome. The time has come to cultivate aclear understanding of the pros & consof the new technologies, so as to usethem
  16. 16. Reference:Lakshmi Menon. New communicationtechnology :Dangers to health andenvironment. Herald of Health 2008March; (18):
  17. 17.