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  1. 1. Page of2 IToPublic InformationOffi cerOlo Directorof Health& Family Welfarepunjab,ChandigarhParivarKalyanBhawan, Sector-34A, Chandigarh.Phone 0172-2621506 No:Sub: To provideinformationunderRTI Act 2005Sir, provideme the informationon recruitmentof District EpidemiologistsPlease underIntegrated DiseaseSurveillanceProject(IDSP) in Stateof Punjabtill date5/0412011. Pleaseincludethe following pointsin theinformation: l. Provide information (with certified photocopiesof document/reports/minutes meetings, of file noting along with Name, Designation of officers/members participated in meetings/discussions) of all meetings/discussions for the recruitment held process district epidemiologists. of 2. Providethe certified photocopies document/reports/orders/minutesmeetings/file noting prepared of of for the categorization pay-package district epidemiorogists. of of 3. Give the detailsof total numberof createdpostsof district epidemiologist alongwith the photocopies of notification/advertisement the sametill date5/0412011. for 4. Provide the attestedcopies of the Performa submitted by the candidatesto the IDSp punjab, regarding the identificationdetails,qualificationsand choice of centres/districts the date of interviewheld on on l4e January ,2011for the of the postsof district epidemiologist. 5. Providethe certified copiesof selectedcandidateslists for the post of district epidemiologist IDSp by Punjabtill date 510412011. 6. Providethe attestedphotocopiesofjob offer lettersdispatched the selectedcandidates the posts to for of districtepidemiologisr IDSp by punjab till date 5104/Z0ll. 7. Provide the attested copies of joining reports of seleoted candidates for the posts of district epidemiologist Punjabtill date 5104/2011. in 8. Provide the attestedphotocopiesofjob rejection/resignationletters/mailssubmittedto the IDSp punjab by selectedlappointeddistrict eBidemiologist date5/a4r20ll. till 9. Provide the certified copies of waiting lists preparedfor the post of district epidenniologist IDSp by Punjabtilf dare5/04120N1. .t i r / /q o
  2. 2. Page2of2 10.Give the details(includingname,age,sex,education qualification, work experience, office address, date of duty joining, monthly pay- packagealong with date of duty leaving if any) of the persons employed/selecteddistrictepidemiologist date510412011. as till I l. Give the details of the curent statusof vacantposts of district epidemiologistalong with the date of vacancies created. 12.Give the details of plans/policies/programs, implementedand under processfor the fulfillment of the vacantpostsof epidemiologist The information should be given accordingto the above statedpoints. All points are necessary the for informatioh.All points of information are concernedwith health departmentPunjab so pleasecollect the informationfrom concernedauthorities/units and sendit to me. If information regardingto somepoints is Punjabthen give the detailsof the department not fall within the healthdepartment from whereinformation can be obtained. Pleasecheck the Rule, regulation and concemed Judgmentsof Central Information Commissionbefore giving any excuseregardingThird party information because the points are made all after consideringthe RTI Act and Judgmentof Central Information Commission and accordingto my knowledge fall in the Jurisdictionof RTI Act and shouldbe providedto me. all FeesPaid through Postal Order No: 47 e ? og 1( 6 Reply shouldbe given within 30 daysas per RTI Act 2005 to the mentionaddress. With Regards, Dr. Jaideep kumar Research Scholar, Centrefor PublicHealth, RRC Building, AcademicStaff College, garh Panjab University, Chandi I E-Mail:- Deep. MobileNo.09416922939Date: 5 /04/2011
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