Sexual debility and unani treatment


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Sexual debility and unani treatment

  1. 1. Sexual debility refers to impotency and a situation in which a person is unable to perform the act of sex properly. This is a serious problem and can be caused by myriad factors. The signs of sexual debility include fatigue, low level of energy, lack of sexual desire, tiredness and impotence. Sometimes, the patients may suffer from palpitation, nocturnal emissions, nervousness, premature ejaculation, etc. Pain in the lower back, indications of a weak kidney and frequent urination can also afflict the affected people. Excessive amount of work, exercise and stress can result in sexual debility. Sometimes, malnutrition and lack of energy can cause it. On the other hand, factors like excess weight can also be the culprit. Difficulty in relationships or lack of confidence can lead to the situation as well.<br />Certain lifestyle factors like excessive masturbation or too much indulgence in sex can cause the disease. Local injury, diseases like syphilis, enlargement of the prostate gland, obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and drugs are common causes for sexual debility.<br />HOME REMEDIES<br />Garlic can strengthen sexual ability to an unbelievable extent.<br />Drumstick flowers can be boiled with a quarter liter of milk and used as a tonic to improve sexual vitality.<br />The dry bark can be powdered and taken in order to thicken the semen and stop premature ejaculation.<br />Ginger is yet another home product that can be fruitful for patients of sexual debility. The juice of ginger should be taken with honey and half a boiled egg every night for a month.<br />A proper diet can reduce sexual debility. The diet should include nuts, cereals, vegetables, milk, fruits, honey, etc. Alcohol, tea and smoking should be avoided along with denatured and refined foods.<br />Unani Treatment:<br />Jozbua jaifal, Bisbasa, Mazoo, Mastagi, Zafran, Nagser, Mochras, Gogul, Dana eelaichi khurd, Banslochan, Ajwain khurasani each 6 gm and make powder, use 6 gm poder with hot milk before 1 hour of coitus.<br />Sa'lab mishri 20 gm, Magaz pamba dana 50 gm, Darfilfil kanjad muqasar, Tukhm Heloon, Magaz chilgoza each 30 gm, tukhm Gazr, Magaz sar kanjashk each 10 gm, prepare powder and mix in honey, use this majoon 6 gm twice a day with hot milk.<br />Habbe Regmahi: contains Regmahi, Darchini, Zafran, Aa'qarqarha, Kabab chini, Khulanjan each 10 gm and make powder or hab. st a dose of 6 gm. use before one of coitus with hot milk.<br />Habbe Ahmer along with Sharbat Maveez 40 ml twicw a day.<br />Majoon a'rad khurma 6 gm twice a day.<br />Laboob kabeer or sageer along with sharbat maveez 20 ml twice.<br />Beejband 40gm, Aa'qarqarha 10 gm and Tukhm Sambhalu 20 gm, make powder and use this formulation along with hot milk twicw a day.<br />Majoon Shabab a'awer 10 gm<br />