The Silent Killer - High Blood Pressure


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Lowering your blood pressure may be as easy as lifestyle chnages. But neglecting the same can be very dangerous with this silent killer.

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The Silent Killer - High Blood Pressure

  1. 1. ==== ====Reasons To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately ====Many people are not aware what blood pressure is. And that lack of knowledge could potentiallylead to serious health complications, stroke, heart attack and even death. The term Silent Killerdescribes high blood pressure very well.Yet with a little knowledge you can take action to prevent, or reduce, the damage high bloodpressure can cause.Blood pressure is quite simply the force of your blood flow pounding against your artery walls. Ifyou imagine a hosepipe, the higher the pressure the more the force on the actual hosepipe itself.Well it is the same with your blood and your arteries.Whenever your doctor or clinician checks your blood pressure there are two readings; twonumbers. They are usually shown as 120/80. The first number is called your systolic pressure.When your heart is beating, the force of your blood in your arteries is called your systolic pressure.It is the temporary pressure exerted as the blood is pumped.The second number is your diastolic pressure. As your heart rests in between beasts the force ofyour blood in your arteries is lower. This is called your diastolic pressure.Normal blood pressure is considered to be about 120/80 or lower. High blood pressure isconsidered a reading of 140/90 or higher, although doctors in different countries have slightlydifferent views on what constitutes low, normal and high blood pressure. If you have high bloodpressure then quite simply you are at greater risk of having a stroke, heart and kidney disease andheart attack. It pays to reduce your blood pressure in that case.The list of things that can cause high blood pressure is very long. It includes such things asphysical inactivity, tobacco smoking and alcohol use, excessive stress and a poor diet. It is alsoknown that some medical conditions and even some medications can cause or contribute to highblood pressure, also called hypertension.We have already seen that high blood pressure, or hypertension, can cause strokes. The reasonis that the high pressure inside your arteries can actually cause blood vessels to break. That, inturn, could allow it to bleed into the brain. That is how strokes occur.The same kind of problem can be seen when hypertension causes a blood vessel in your eyes toburst, or bleed. Your vision will be blurred, as you would expect, but in severe cases it can leaveyou blind. There is a long list of reasons why it is best to keep control on your blood pressure.Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is known to cause heart attacks. Your arteries bring
  2. 2. oxygenated blood to your heart muscle. If your heart does not get sufficient oxygen you wouldnotice chest pains and constriction. If the blood flow is blocked you would suffer a heart attack.And the list goes on. Congestive Heart Failure is also something that occurs in people with highblood pressure. Congestive Heart Failure is a very serious condition and happens when your heartis unable to pump sufficient blood for your body.Although it can be scary reading all the problems associated with high blood pressure, its nevertoo late to do something about it. And even more importantly, its never too early to do somethingabout it. Even children can develop high blood pressure so early prevention is ideal. And as youage you are more likely to develop higher blood pressure. But that is not a reason to accept it as afact of life.Racial and ethnic background can also make a difference to how likely you are to develop highblood pressure. Certain groups are known to be more at risk.Overweight is a significant factor in high blood pressure. As well as all the other problemsoverweight can cause, you have a much higher risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases,strokes. All the nasty stuff. Losing weight generally helps to lower blood pressure and if you areoverweight you should certainly have your blood pressure measured.Of course, a healthy diet has much to commend it for many reasons. But its a great way to controlyour blood pressure in an easy way. You should certainly be careful with your intake of salt andsodium since that causes blood pressure to increase. If you check whats in the ingredients of yourpacket foods you may be surprised just how much salt you eat every day. Try also to introduce agreater proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet to establish a healthy routine.Whenever you visit your doctor have your blood pressure checked. It only takes a few secondsand it is an important part of controlling your health. It is also possible to measure your bloodpressure at home these days with easy to use blood pressure monitors. You may want to ask yourdoctor to teach you how to monitor your blood pressure at home, to make sure you get a reliablereading.Consider keeping a journal of your blood pressure readings. You will be able to see whensomething has affected your blood pressure adversely. That way, you get early warning so youcan avoid long term damage.And if lifestyle changes are not proving sufficient, speak to your doctor. You may need to considerblood pressure medication. Your doctor will advise you the best option for your particular situation.Remember that in most cases high blood pressure is caused by changeable factors. If you reallywant to avoid the Silent Killer, it pays to change them.-----------------------------------------------For more information on high blood pressure visit us at
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