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Hypertension 101 - Is There Difference


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Hypertension is a chronc conidtion in the United States. Less than 50% of the people do anything to reduce the propblem. Do not think you can ignore the facts. You could be wrong, DEAD WRONG!

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Hypertension 101 - Is There Difference

  1. 1. ==== ====Reasons To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately ====Hypertension 101 is another article in a series on high blood pressure. For a complete list ofhypertension symptoms, see the article High Blood Pressure Symptoms. A hypertensiontreatment is also covered in other articles in this series.Hypertension is the medical term used to describe high blood pressure. The two terms are oftenused interchangeably, but typically, the term high blood pressure is used when referring to ablood pressure reading consistently above 140/90 mmHg. The term pre-hypertension or pre-hypertensive is used when the systolic (top number) reading is consistently between 120 and 139or the diastolic (bottom number) reading is consistently between 80 and 89. Those in the pre-hypertension range are more likely to develop high blood pressure.Essential HypertensionWhen the underlying cause of high blood pressure is not determined, it is classified as essentialhypertension. Its also referred to as primary hypertension. Of those patients with high bloodpressure, 90-95 percent are diagnosed with essential hypertension. The medical expression,idiopathic is also used to describe an illness without an obvious cause.Secondary HypertensionWhen the cause of hypertension is clearly identified or determined, it is diagnosed as secondaryhypertension. This diagnosis can be the result of a number of health issues, including:Medication side effectsSome types of cancers and tumorsKidney problemsPregnancyPregnancy HypertensionHypertension is a common medical problem experienced during pregnancy. This type ofhypertension is classified into the four following categories:Chronic hypertensionPreeclampsia-eclampsiaPreeclampsia superimposed on chronic hypertensionGestational hypertension
  2. 2. The term gestational hypertension has replaced the older term of pregnancy inducedhypertension and is a more accurate description. Preeclampsia and toxemia - disorders ofgestational hypertension - are responsible for more than 76,000 maternal deaths and more than500,000 infant deaths annually.Hypertension Statistics for the United StatesMore than 56,000 people were killed by hypertension in the United States in 2006One-in-three adults has hypertension (about 74.5 million people)In 2006, of those experiencing hypertension, 77.6% were aware of their condition, only 67.9%were being treated, more than 44% had it under control and over 55% didnt have it under controlThe death rate from hypertension between 1996 to 2006 increased 19.5% and the number ofdeaths went up 48.1%Patients taking a certain beta-blocker have a 51% greater chance to develop new onset diabetescompared to those taking a calcium channel blocker. Be sure to carefully consider the manyadverse side effects when taking high blood pressure medications. Often one medication willcause severe and deadly side effects while trying to control a separate condition.Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) StatisticsMore than 2 million serious ADRs occur annuallyMore than 106,000 deaths are caused annually from ADRs350,000 ADRs occur among nursing home patientsMixing prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can be fatal. OTC drugs that contain alcoholand antihistamine slow the heart rate and suppress breathing, making them deadly when takenwith a narcotic drug.If you suffer from hypertension, eliminating the causes should be your top priority. For everyoneelse, prevention should be the first concern. And the first step is learning how one tiny toxin thatsfound in many consumable items can affect your blood pressure and health. Eliminating it fromyour life will help you take control of both your blood pressure and your health.P.S. If you enjoyed reading this article, you can find more health related information at[]Ed McDaniel exposes the toxin that is the major cause of high blood pressure and many otherhealth problems, a toxin thats been hidden for more than 50 years. He discovered how toeliminate his essential hypertension with simple lifestyle changes and a high blood pressure diet
  3. 3. that works. You can too.Learn more about these lifestyle changes and the hidden toxin and receive the free 62-pagereport, 7 Simple Steps to Slow the Aging Process And Live a Healthier and Longer Life! by visiting[](c) Copyright - Ed McDaniel. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.Article Source: ====Reasons To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately ====