How To Create A WordPress Blog


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For WordPress Blogging Techniqoes, please visit:

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How To Create A WordPress Blog

  1. 1. ==== ====Turn Your Blog Into A "CASH ATM MACHINE" With These Powerful ====There are more than 75 million blogs in existence today - and the number is growing steadily.Blogs are used by individuals, corporations, non-profits and small groups in order to proclaim theirpositions on different issues or to keep their customers informed. Blogs can be used to discuss ahobby or promote something you are passionate about.If you are new to the blogging world, do not worry. Blogs are appealing because they do notrequire a great deal of skill or programming knowledge in order to start one. They are very user-friendly and you can have your blog up and running in a matter of minutes!WordPress is a very popular blogging platform because it has so many options available for users.There are features that are available "right out of the box," and there are numerous other featuresavailable by using plugins - these add new features for your blog when they are activated.Creating a WordPress blog is very simple, and the WordPress site will actually walk you throughthe process. There are 2 options for having a WordPress blog, and creating a blog is different foreach is the free option for having a WordPress blog. You do not have to worry abouthosting or anything else - all of that is taken care of. This is a great option so that you can get usedto blogging and learn how the various WordPress tools work. (Please note that is you use thisversion, you are subject to the Terms of Service for WordPress.)1.Choose a username.2.Select and confirm your password.3.Provide a valid email address so that you can receive your login details.4.Agree to the Terms of Service.5.Select if you only want a username or if you also want a blog.Thats it! You are ready to blog!The version is different. You will need to obtain hosting and to install WordPress.1.Get hosting - WordPress makes several suggestions for hosting. For example, they suggestBlueHost, DreamHost, Media Temple, and Laughing Squid. They provide a link for you so that youcan go directly to the hosting site and obtain hosting.2.Install WordPress - this is done easily by using the famous five-minute installation thatWordPress is known for! They even have a handy guide for you to follow. Very simple and it is
  2. 2. designed to walk the complete novice through the process. Have trouble? You can post a questionon their support forum and get an answer right away from helpful volunteers.3.Consult the Codex page - this will answer any question you have - from design questions toquestions about fighting comment spam - it is all there for you to access. They have dozens oflinks to helpful information so that you can find just what you need.That is how to set up a WordPress blog. You are ready to begin blogging!For more Wordpress hints and tips please visit Wordpress How To Pro You can download ten freeoriginal Wordpress themes, from to use on your ownWordpress blogs.Article Source: ====Turn Your Blog Into A "CASH ATM MACHINE" With These Powerful ====