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  1. 1. 高雄市監理處 O Respecting human life is the most important thing for drivers. When driving, we should always take pedestrians into consideration, particular attention should be paid to old, pregnant and handicapped. cy001 X Respecting traffic laws and orders is just good driving and has no connection with driving morals. cy002 O If the petrol catches fire, a fire extinguisher should be used or covered with wet clothes to put it out. cy003 O When meeting a vehicle on a narrow road, both vehicles should give way to each other. cy005 X When the green light says you can pass, the driver should pay attention of cars and pedestrians illegally going through the red light. cy006 X If you see a car in front has over turned and no one is helping. You see the injured are calling for help, you are in a hurry, so you ignore them. cy007 O Before driving, carefully check the car and make sure it is functioning well. When driving, pay attention to pedestrians and other cars. This shall be driving moral. cy008 X To avoid dust, the car behind overtakes me. I also hate dust, so I overtake the car in front. cy009 xWhen heavy rain causes water to accumulate and there are many pedestrians aside. I will drive quickly to pass it because I am afraid of obstructing behind. cy010 oWhen starting to drive, changing gears, turning and braking, the driver should pay attention to the passenger's safety and comfort. cy011 oRandomly honking the horn create the noise pollution. It is immoral behavior. cy012 oI discover from the two passengers whispered conversation that they are drug dealers. To help my country, I should take them to the police station and not let them escape. cy013 xMy car breaks down on the fast lane. Because there are many cars, it create a serious traffic jam and affects traffic safety. However, to save time, I wait until I have fixed it and then drive away. cy014 xI have driven for many years and have good driving skill. Therefore, when I'm driving, I often joke and sing. This shows my driving skill and will not affect the safety. cy015 oWhile driving, I should be very careful because the passengers' lives are in my hands. cy016 oBecause I have driven for a long time, I know the danger of driving. Even if a passenger asks me to drive faster, I refuse due to safety and explain the danger to the passenger. cy017 第 1 頁,共 20 頁
  2. 2. 高雄市監理處 oIf a driver has no driving moral, it is a misfortune for him and others. cy018 xIf I'm taking the old, pregnant or handicapped passengers, I should increase the charge. cy019 oDo not drink and drive. cy046 oWhile seeing someone carrying a white stick or visibly handicapped person crossing the road, the driver should help him, or let him pass. cy047 oThose mentally weak, blind, or epileptic may not take the driving test. cy048 oAlcoholics and drug addicts may not take the driving test. cy049 oOn small trucks, loads may not exceed 2.85 meters from the truck floor. cy050 xOn small trucks, loads may not exceed 3 meters from the truck floor. cy051 oWhen carrying easily leaky, disposable or smelly loads if you want to stop them getting out, you should keep it tightly sealed and use appropriate covers. cy052 oApart from the car seat, people may not be carried. cy053 oThe driving test, road test, the pass mark of road is 70%. cy054 oThe the vehicle's body should not be broken and doors must be able to be opened. cy055 oThe vehicle may not attach a trailer without the permission of the road authority. cy056 oIncreasing traffic controls and maintain traffic orders are the essential ways for maintaining traffic safety. cy057 xSigns refer to warnings, bans, indicators, lines and words on the road that control road signs. cy058 oWhen the owner or the driver receives a notification for breaking traffic rules, the y don!|t have to hear the judgment. Just pay the fine within 15 days. cy059 xThose with heavy truck driving licenses may a tractor or mini bus. cy060 oThose who have had their license canceled for life may not retake the driving test. cy061 oWhen one car is driving behind another, back driver must pay attention to the car in front movements. cy062 oSome specialized vehicles can carry goods for its professional purpose. In regular condition, it is not allowed to load goods. cy064 oWhen driving licenses expire, they should be returned to the road authority. cy065 第 2 頁,共 20 頁
  3. 3. 高雄市監理處 oWhen the driver dies, the license should be returned to the road authority by their relatives. cy066 oWhen loading, roaps should be used to hold the loads firm and goods should be piled stably. cy067 oDriving licenses obtain illegally or by improper methods will be canceled and followed up by the road authority. cy068 oIf the driver drive vehicle for over 8 hours, the responsibility lies with the vehicle owner and his license plate will be revoked for 3 months. cy071 xBefore driving, you do not need to check the car. cy072 oThe volum of the horn must not exceed the regulated limit. cy073 oWhen vehicles use the horn, they should try to only honk once at a time. cy074 oParking time and positions should follow the instructions of road and police authority. cy075 oThe driving license is issued by the road authority after applying taking and passing the test. cy076 oIf your driving license is lost or damaged, you should apply for it again from the Motor Vehicle Department. cy078 oA vehicle loaded with dangerous substance should be parked in a shaded and open area and separated from other vehicles. A warning sticker should be placed on the box. cy079 oPassengers should always get on or get off the car at right of the road and avoid blocking the way for other cars. cy080 oOn a narrow slope, if the car driving downhill does not give way to a car driving uphill. Or a uphill car does not wait a downhill car passing the slope, and try to go uphill. Or a car are driving along the inside lane of the slope does not give way to a car on the outside lane will be fined. cy081 oThere should be less and 9 seats which include the driver seat in a mini bus. cy082 xA professional driver's license should be re-examined every 2 years since the date of issue. cy083 oThe purpose of establishing the traffic penalty rules is to strengthen the traffic management, keep the traffic order and reassure the traffic safety. cy084 xTo use overpasses or underpasses would be the last resort. cy085 oTraffic signs and markings have the function of warning, prohibition and indication. cy086 oApart from following the traffic signs and markings, a driver should also obey the indication of policeman or a inspection of the officer. cy088 第 3 頁,共 20 頁
  4. 4. 高雄市監理處 oThings loaded in the vehicle is the responsibility of the owner and the driver of the vehicle. cy089 oIf a vehicle owner allows someone without a driver's license to drive his vehicle, his driver's license will be revoked for 3 months. cy090 oIf a driver drives through a pedestrian crossing in a way breaking traffic rules and causes the pedestrian to be injured or died. The criminal law punishment will be increased by 50%. cy091 oThe government gives rewards to good drivers: people who report traffic offenses to the authorities or help to save accident victims. cy092 xThere are no restrictions on number of people seated in the front seats of cars or mini buses. cy094 xIf a driver goes through the stop light, and hurt someone. There is no need to revoke his driver's license. cy095 xDriving under the minimum speed limit does not count illegal. cy098 xThe passing mark of the traffic regulation part in driver's license is 90. cy099 xIf you use illegal methods to take the examination of getting a driver's license, your rights to take the test will be canceled and if you have had the driver's license, it will not be an effective one and you cannot retake it in a year. cy100 xYou may lend someone your driver's license. cy101 xA learner's driver's license can be in learning how to drive a coach. cy102 xThe width of the loaded goods on the vehicle can be 0.5 meter longer than the vehicle's length. cy103 oOne cannot drive continuously more than 8 hours. cy104 xA driver who has license for driving a coach can drive a container lorry. cy105 oDrivers who injure people because they broke the traffic safety rules will have their license revoked for 3-6 months. cy106 xIf driving on a road or a bridge without paying the necessary toll fee and hurts the fee collector. The driver's license will revoked for 3 months. cy107 oIf a driver is driving in the fast lane according to the traffic regulations kills or injures a pedestrian or people on a slow vehicle that entered the fast lane against the rules, then the criminal law punishment will be reduced for the responsibility party. cy108 xIf a driver whose alcohol test is over the standard seriously injured people or caused someone to die while driving, his license will be canceled and cannot retake it within 3 years. cy109 第 4 頁,共 20 頁
  5. 5. 高雄市監理處 xf a driver whose alcohol test is higher than the standard seriously injured people or caused someone to die while driving, he will be fined, license will be canceled and cannot retake it within 3 years. cy110 xDrivers who injured people because they broke the traffic safety rules will have their license revoked. cy111 oA pickup truck except the driver can have no more than 2 passengers. cy112 xThe length of the loaded good can exceed the vehicle's front by 2 meters. cy114 xThe load on container trucks may exceed the truck length by 30 cm. cy115 oApart from when the track truck is carrying a load that stretches back. The truck's side and back boards should be tightened firmly. cy116 xIf a person has been sentenced for canceling his driver's license for good. He can retake after taking traffic violation reeducation for 1 month. cy117 oA person who has punished of license cancellation cannot retake until the cancellation date is expired. cy118 xA person who has punished of license cancellation can retake before the cancellation date expires after paying the fine. cy119 oQualified results of a physical check and a writing test can be held up to 1 year. cy121 oWhen turning right, the driver should use right indicator light in advance or use his left arm with his palm facing up to make a hand signal. cy122 oYou should only honk one at a time, and time length of a honk should not exceed half of second. cy123 oWhen cars are on bends, tunnels, slopes, narrow roads, muddy roads, roads where water has accumulated, roads in repairing, or roads which are near schools, hospitals or stations, they should reduce speed and be ready to stop. cy124 xWhen passing a car at night, you should use the high beam. cy125 oOn hearing an ambulance, fire engine, police car or rescue vehicle, no matter which direction it is coming from, you should give way and must not follow quickly. cy126 xWhen a driver is approaching a busy roundabout, he may not give way to vehicles on the inside lane. cy127 xOn a two-lane two-way road with double central dividing line, you may enter the oncoming car lane. cy128 oOn a two-lane two-way road with a single dividing, you may enter the oncoming car lane if overtaking but must not race. cy129 xWhen driving in busy road sections, for safety, the driver should honk a lot. 第 5 頁,共 20 頁
  6. 6. 高雄市監理處 cy132 xA car may overtake on a one-way street. cy133 oA temporary stop refers to a stop of lasting 3 minutes and you must be ready to immediately continue driving. cy134 oAt an intersection. If there is a traffic policeman and traffic lights functioning, you should follow the traffic policeman's instruction. cy135 oWhen your car is just starting to move, give way to cars already moving and pedestrians. cy136 oPedestrians crossings refer to places with sleeper lines or zebra lines that is designed for pedestrians to cross. cy137 xAfter drinking alcohol, a person's vision, hearing and judgment are affected, but if you feel up to driving, you may drive after drinking. cy138 oWhen tired, sick or lacking sleep and unable to concentrate. You must not drive. cy139 oParking on the road side in foggy, rainy, snowy, sandy, or gloomy conditions, you must use the parking lights or reflector lights. cy140 oWhen driving in the same lane, a safe distance must be kept with the car in front. The only exception is when overtaking. cy141 oWhen driving in a mountain road, the vehicle on the mountain side should give way to the oncoming car. cy142 oWhen overtaking, you should use your left indicator lights. When overtaking, the minimum safety distance from the other car's left side is half meter. After reaching a safety distance, use the right indicator lights and return to your original lane. cy143 oAt an intersection where it is not marked which is the main and minor road, or if both roads are main or minor roads, then vehicles on the left should stop and then give way to vehicles on the right. cy144 taxi should pick up their customers at assigned taxi stops and should not pick up passenger at the road side. cy145 xTaxi drivers must not refuse to take someone but make detours deliberately. cy146 oWhen driving, you should carry the car license, driving license and other regulated documents. cy147 xYou do not need to bring the car tools while driving. cy148 xWhen the car starts moving, you do not need to use the indicator lights. cy149 oThere are no speed limit for ambulances, police cars, fire engines, or rescue vehicles that are on duty. cy151 oApart from on one-way streets, you should drive on the right side. 第 6 頁,共 20 頁
  7. 7. 高雄市監理處 However, in special circumstances, when you must drive on the left side, pay attention to pedestrians and oncoming cars. cy152 oOn a four-lane two-way road, cars should drive in the directional guide lane. cy153 oWhen driving on a one-way street with a side line, this line may be crossed for parking or temporary parking. cy154 oOn a dual carriage way or road with more lanes, ambulances, police cars, fire engines, and rescue vehicles may all drive on the inside lane. cy155 oWhen driving on a dual carriage way or road with more lanes, you should use indicator lights or a hand signal if changing lanes and maintain a safety distance. cy156 oYou cannot pass on a single lane bridge or tunnel. cy157 oOn a busy roundabout, cars in the inside lane have the priority. cy158 oWhen reversing, you should use the reversing lights or make a hand signal and move back cautiously. You must pay attention to other vehicles and pedestrians. cy159 oOn a dual carriage way, cars may drive in the inside or outside lanes. cy160 oOn a two-lane road, when entering a lane, right of way should be given to the vehicles already in the lane. cy161 oOn a dual carriage way, apart from when parking or temporary parking, you may not cross the right hand side line or cross into the oncoming lanes. cy162 oAt an intersection where there are lanes specified for right or left turns, vehicles which go straight may not use these lanes. cy163 oOn meeting a car on a road where the central dividing line is not marked, or the railway crossing or where the road conditions are poor, you should reduce speed. cy164 oWhen at a single lane bridge, you should stop. If you see an oncoming vehicle, one vehicle should use a parking light or hand signal to indicate giving way, then the other vehicle will cross. cy165 oWhen there is an oncoming car or there are two cars in front of you, you may not overtake. cy166 oWhen wishing to overtake, you should give two short honks or flash your lights once, wait for the car in front to slow down or make a hand signal. Only then can you overtake. cy167 oWhen driving in front of a car honking, if there are no obstacles ahead, reduce speed or give way. cy168 xWhen in a hurry, you may drive behind a fire engine or police car. cy169 第 7 頁,共 20 頁
  8. 8. 高雄市監理處 xAt intersections if there are traffic lights and traffic policeman giving instructions. You should follow the traffic lights. cy170 oAt an intersection with no lights or policeman and both roads are main roads, cars on the left should give way to the cars on the right. cy171 oOn a two-lane road, when a vehicle wishes to turn left, he should use indicate 30 meters from the intersection. When reaching the center of the intersection, turn left. Do not use the oncoming lane's left turn lane. cy172 oWhere there is a dividing island separating fast and slow lanes, vehicles in the slow lane may not turn left. cy173 xWhere there is a dividing island dividing fast and slow lanes, vehicles in the slow lane may turn left. cy174 xAt a busy roundabout give right of way to cars in the outside lane. cy175 oAt intersections, if there are specially required signs or road markings, you should obey their instructions. cy176 oWhen pedestrians are crossing ahead, you should slow down. cy177 xAt zebra crossing, when pedestrians are crossing, cars may pass slowly. cy178 oWhen the railway crossing barrier is coming down or the crossing guard indicates to stop. You should stop immediately. cy179 oIf the railway crossing light is not flashing or the alarm is not ringing. A driver may cross after checking that no trains are approaching. cy180 xWhen crossing a railway crossing, if there is a car in front, you do not need to keep a safety distance. cy181 oWhen driving through controlling road section, obey the special instructions. cy182 xThe car may always drive thought a road works control area. cy183 oYou make not make a U turn on curves, slopes, narrow roads, bridges, in tunnels or on railway crossings. cy184 xIf there is a lot of space, a car may make a U turn anywhere. cy185 oWhere there are signs prohibiting U turns, overtaking or changing lanes, cars must not make U turns. cy186 oWhen a left turn is not allowed, you must not make a U turn. cy187 oBefore making a U turn, you should stop, use the turn signal and be sure there are no cars or people around, then turn. cy188 oWhen going down a slope, you must not turn off the engine and go into neutral. cy189 xTo save petrol, when going down a slope, turn off the engine and go into neutral. cy190 oAt a ferry, enter in line. Do not try to jump the queue. cy191 第 8 頁,共 20 頁
  9. 9. 高雄市監理處 oIf a truck wishing to use a ferry, it's over the ship's weight limit. It must partially unload and make two journeys. cy192 oWhen driving through urban areas at night, if the lights are bright, you should use a lower beam. cy193 xWhen driving through an urban area at night, if the lights are bright, you should use an upper beam. cy194 oYou must not reverse on bends, narrow roads, steep slopes or one way roads. cy195 xWhen reversing, you should make 3 long honks to warn pedestrians and other cars. cy196 oDo not park at station, airport, quay, school or hospital entrances. cy197 oOn the same lane, if the front car wants to reduce speed and stop, he should warn the following car by signaling in advance. cy198 oA self use car must not park at a taxi stop. cy199 oDo not park where you will clearly be obstructing other vehicles. cy200 oWhen carrying dangerous goods, a dangerous sign should be placed in the front or back of the vehicle. cy211 xIn foggy, rainy, snowy, gloomy or sandy conditions, you do not need to use parking or reflector lights when parking at the road side. cy212 oWhen breaking down on a road where the speed limit is over 40 km/h, you should place a breakdown sign 30-100 meters away from the back of the car. cy214 oIf you have a container lorry license, you may drive a bus, truck, a vehicle for passengers and goods, the tractor, car and light motor bike. cy215 oIf you have a bus driving license, you may drive a truck, tractor, vehicle for passengers and goods, car and light motorcycle. cy216 oIf you have a truck driving license, you may drive a car or light motorcycle. cy217 oIf because of driver's mistake, he kills or injures someone, he must take the criminal law, civil law and administrative responsibilities. cy218 oIf a driver kills or injures someone through negligence, he must take criminal law, civil law and administrative responsibility. This does not mean if he goes to jail, he does not pay compensation or if he pays compensation, he does not need to go to prison. cy219 oIf a driver kills or injures someone through his negligence, he must fulfill the criminal and civil compensation responsibilities. cy220 oIf a driver deliberately kills or injures someone, he will be punished accordingly. cy221 oIf a driver kills someone in a car accident, and the victim was supporting a 第 9 頁,共 20 頁
  10. 10. 高雄市監理處 third party(mother, father, spouse or child), the driver must pay compensation to them. cy222 oIf a professional driver kills or injures someone through his negligence, his punishment will be heavier than ordinary drivers. cy223 oIf you do not give way for ambulance, fire engine or police car as soon as you hear the alarm, you will be fined $600 to 1,800 dollars, and one violation point. cy224 oOn a four-lane two-way road when wishing to turn right, you should enter the right lane or outside lane 30 meters before the intersection. Those wishing to turn left should enter the inside or left lane 30 meters before the intersection. cy225 xThe acceleration lane from the highway ramp is on the far right of the main lane and is for speeding up to leave the main lane. cy226 xThe lane for reducing speed from the highway ramp is on the far right of the main lane and is for slowing down to turn to the main lane. cy227 oWhen you drive on highway, you should not zigzag between lanes or drive in the opposite direction on lanes or shoulders. cy228 oWhen you drive on highway, you cannot slow down or stop suddenly unless you have informed the following by signaling lights or by hand gesture in advance. cy229 xWhen you drive on highway, lane for reducing speed, or single lane highway entrance and exit ramps, you cannot overtake. On the acceleration lane, if the front car drives slowly and blocks traffic, you can overtake. cy230 oDriving on highway, apart from the assigned areas, you cannot stop and load/unload goods and passengers. cy231 xHighway junctions refer to the lane on the far right of the main lane. They are designed for vehicles entrancing the main lane to accelerate. cy232 xHighway ramps fifer to the lane on the far right of the main lane. They are designed for vehicles to leave the main lane to reduce speed. cy233 oSpeed reduction lanes refers to lanes on the far right of the main lane. They are designed for vehicles leaving the main lane to reduce speed. cy234 oWhen heavy goods vehicles are at the weighing station, they should stop and slowly enter. They must not use the emergency brakes on the scales. cy235 oThe main lane refers to the lane in the center for vehicles driving through. cy236 xA vihicle may zigzag, or U turn in any lane or on the road shoulder on the highway. cy237 第 10 頁,共 20 頁
  11. 11. 高雄市監理處 xWhen driving on the highway, you con overtake on speed reduction, acceleration or single lane ramps. cy238 oWhen driving on the highway, you should obey the highway traffic rules and equally stress road safety rules. cy239 oHiways refer to roads where the exits and entrances are completely controlled, have a central barrier dividing the two directions and are connected with other roads. cy240 xHighways have fast, slow lanes, pedestrian and zebra crossings. cy241 oHighway junctions fifer to the ramp connections that link it with other road. cy242 xWhen driving on a highway, you may make a U turn at the central dividing barrier. cy243 oHighway ramps are the dividing line between highways and other roads. cy244 oWhen driving on the highway, try to drive in the right hand main lane. cy245 oIf you have an emergency, and are unable to continue driving, leave the lane and stop on the road shoulder. cy246 oWhen driving on the highway, apart from the assigned places, you may not park at will. cy248 oApart from signs specially used on highways, they are also general road signs on the highway. cy249 oRoads both entering and exiting the highway use the two direction roads with a central dividing burry. cy250 xIf you miss a highway junction's exit, you may make a U turn back to it. cy251 xWhen you see a sign saying quot;right lane ends 1,000 metersquot;, it means that all cars on the right lane should stop in 1,000 meters. cy252 xThe highway belongs to Provincial Route Number 1 highway. cy253 oThe speed restrictions on the highway are regulated by the speed restriction signs. cy254 xHeavy motorcycles are over250cc. can drive on the highway if in good condition and the driver has good skill. cy255 xAll cars under1,200cc. may not drive on the highway. cy256 oApart from three-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, slow vehicles and pedestrians, all other vehicles in good condition may drive the highway. cy257 xThe present maximum speed limit on the highway is 120 km/ph. cy258 oVehicles should not break down for lack of water or oil. cy259 第 11 頁,共 20 頁
  12. 12. 高雄市監理處 xBecause of traffic accidents or traffic jams, vehicles may drive on the road shoulder. cy260 oThe inner lane on the freeway is for overtaking, but a small vehicle can drive on it within the highest speed limit. cy261 oDrive on the road which highest speed limit is over 90 km/h. If the speed of a small vehicle is below 80 km/h, the driver should drive on the outside lane. Once the driver needs to overtake, the other outside lane can be used. cy262 oIn normal weather conditions, drivers should obey the marked speed limit rules. cy264 xIn thick fog, smoke, heavy rain or strong wind conditions, the minimum speed limit is 60 km/ph. cy265 oYou must not overtake on highway junctions, single lane ramps and speed reduction lanes. cy266 oVehicles on the highway must not race at high speed or drive slowly side by side. cy267 oWhen the driver is feeling nervous on the highway, if there are traffic disturbances, it is easy to lose control. cy268 oIf cars break down on the highway, they should stop on the road shoulder and wait for help. Also 50-100 meters from the car, they should place a break down warning sign. cy269 xIn highway, driving conditions or a driver's physiology has no influence on his reactions and adaptability to emergencies. cy270 xIn highway driving conditions, the driver's vision is the same as normal. cy271 oWhen driving on the highway, you should pay greater attention to the movement of other vehicles on both side. cy272 oWhen driving on the wide highway, if there are gentle slopes or slide bends, the driver should pay attention to speed to avoid driving too fast. cy273 oWhen driving at high speed, it's easy for tires to become overheated or damaged. You should use newer tires to avoid tire's exploding. cy274 oWhen vehicles enter the main lane from the acceleration lane, they should use the indicator lights to ensure a safe space. cy275 oIf there are many vehicles in the main lane, you are unable to enter safely. Reduce speed on the acceleration lane and wait for an opportunity to enter the main lane. cy276 oWhen changing lane, use indicator lights to give vehicles behind advance warning. You must also pay attention to the movement of vehicles around 第 12 頁,共 20 頁
  13. 13. 高雄市監理處 you. cy277 xWhen you see vehicle nearby is indicating and preparing to change lanes, you should increase speed to avoid being overtaking. cy278 oCars on the highway should keep a safety distance from vehicles ahead. At 60 km/ph, keep a distance of over 30 meters. At 90 km/ph, keep a distance of over 45 meters. cy279 xWhen missing a highway junction, you may immediately stop and reverse back. cy280 oWhen approaching toll stations, pay attention to the indicator signs and drive into the correct toll lane. cy281 xVehicles driving on the highway can speed up at a toll station to avoid paying the toll. cy282 oAfter getting a temporary permit from the Motor Vehicle Department, a car may carry a load on the highway of up to 3.25 meters in width. cy284 xAfter getting a temporary permit from the Motor Vehicle Department, a car may carry a load on the highway of up to 3 meters in width. cy285 xAfter getting a temporary permit from the Motor Vehicle Department, a car may carry a load on the highway of up to 4 meters in height. cy286 oAfter getting a temporary permit from the Motor Vehicle Department, a car may carry a load on the highway of up to 4.2 meters in height. cy287 oWhen buses are driven on the highway, the driver and front seat passengers must wear seat belts. cy288 oThe highway authority can during specified time periods forbid or restrict vehicles from certain ramps, ring roads, roads sections and other roads. Also they can make regulations regarding passenger numbers. cy289 oSpeeding is one of the biggest reasons for accidence. cy290 xAs long as you drive carefully, it does not matter if you lack sleep or cannot think clearly. cy291 xNot knowing the functions of the car has nothing to do with safe driving. cy292 oIt definitly will reduce accidents if everyone follows the traffic ruls. cy293 oDefensive driving means before an accident happens, the driver can take serious and reasonable precautions to avoid it. cy294 xTo try to know the road conditon before you drive is not helpful to traffic safety. cy295 xWhen you drive late at night with not much traffic, you can driver over the speed limit. cy296 oBefore you drive at night, you should clean your windshield and the front windows on both sides of the driver's seat. This will increase driving safety. 第 13 頁,共 20 頁
  14. 14. 高雄市監理處 cy297 xWhen you drive at night and car from the opposite direction uses upper beam, you should use upper beam as revenge. cy298 oWhile driving on the road where water has accumulated, you shall reduce the speed. After passing it, check the brake. cy299 oKeeping your head up and looking ahead as far as you can and keeping sufficient and safe driving distance are important points for avoiding accidents. cy300 oAfter having a car accident, you should stay on the scene where it happened and call the police immediately. cy301 oManaging a car accident, you should not delay the time of saving the injured. And critical arguing about whose fault and responsibility business so that the damage can be reduced to the minimum. cy302 xAfter having a serious accident, you should clear the accident spot to keep the traffic moving without waiting for the police. cy303 oOnly the person involved or legal representative or guardian or heir can mediate the accident. cy304 xIf the accident is caused by the other party and the other party is injured. There is no need for you to send the injured to the hospital in order no to get involved. cy305 xIn an accident, in order to help the injured regain consciousness, you should try to hit and shake the injured. cy306 oIn a car accident, unless the car is on fire and looks like it is going to explode, you should try to save the injured in the car. cy307 oIf you are going to lift the injured, do not only raise their heads or legs, you should lift them evenly. cy308 xA driver only need to have good driving skills and does not need first aid common sense or skill. cy309 oIf the car driver breaks the traffic regulation and causes the accident, he will have his license canceled and the driver has to take traffic safety training. cy310 xIf the driver violates traffic regulations and is recorded over 6 points in 1 year. He should take the traffic safety training. cy311 oPeople who carry international licenses want to drive. They have to stay over 30 days in the country and apply for visa during the valid of license in Motor Vehicle Department. cy312 xIf the driver refuse to accept the alcoholic test, he will get a fine of $30,000. cy314 oThe driver or the front seat passenger does not fasten the seat belt will be 第 14 頁,共 20 頁
  15. 15. 高雄市監理處 fined $1,500 dollars. cy315 oIf the driver uses handy cell phone while driving, he will be fined $3,000. cy317 oIf you have any objection to the punishmet, you can apply it for the local court in 20 days when you receive the ticket. cy319 oIf the violator is under the age of 14, his legal representative or guardian should receive the punishment for him. cy320 oIf the heavy vehicle is not equipped with the tachograph or it is not properly used, the driver will be fined. cy321 xIf a vehicle carries goods which exceed the authorized loading weight, authorized total loading weight, or authorized bridge loading weight, the owner of the vehicle will be prohibited from driving right away and be fine $10,000. cy324 oIf the vehicle has been revoked registration but the owner still drive it, he will be fined $3,600 to 7,200, be prohibited from driving and the vehicle will be detained. cy326 oThe passenger cannot stretch the head or other body parts out of the car while driving. cy327 oPoliteness and forgiveness is the best driving behavior. cy328 oYou should use low beam while meeting cars in the evening. cy329 oOn hearing a horn or seeing light which shows to pass, you should reduce speed and drive to roadside. If there is no obstacle in front of you, you just show the signal or gestures to let him pass. cy330 oWhen the passenger left the possession in the car, you should send it to the nearest police station, immediately. cy331 xif you see the elder, children or handicapped people walk slowly on the pedestrian cross, you should sound the horn. cy332 xIn order to get a higher charge, a taxi driver can make detours if the passenger doesn!|t know the area well. cy333 oIf the driver finds the infective, mental ill passenger or someone who carrying stinky stuff, he can make an excuse and refuse admission to the passenger. cy334 oIf you see the injured people lying on the road, you should immediately report it to the nearest police station. cy335 xIf you hit a pedestrian carelessly, you can immediately escape as long as he doesn!|t hurt. cy336 oBefore driving, you should stay calm. While driving, you should pay attention to any traffic situation. cy337 oDriving safely means that not making trouble, not breaking laws and not 第 15 頁,共 20 頁
  16. 16. 高雄市監理處 disobeying the police. cy338 oA good driver must pay attention to traffic situation all the time. cy339 oDriving is both physical and mental work. With a regular life, driving safety can be ensured. cy340 oThe condition of a car is related to traffic safety. Therefore, every part of a car must be kept in good condition and regularly maintained. This is the most important element of traffic safety. cy341 xIf your car is broken wile driving, and it is affecting driving safety, you can still continue driving. cy342 oBefore driving, you should check your car carefully. cy343 oTraffic rules are very important. In order to keep traffic safety, you should learn and obey it. cy344 oBefore driving, you should check your cars. cy345 xA driver does not have to care about traffic rules. cy346 oBoth the owner and the driver should be responsible for loading goods. cy347 xWhen you see red light, you can still turn left if the traffic is not busy. cy348 oWhen you are driving with a tired body, you will easily cause an accident. cy349 xWhen a driver has physical or mental illness, he can continue driving anyway. cy350 oYou should always be careful while driving. cy351 xIf the driver is tired, he only needs to reduce speed. He will not make any trouble. cy352 oReaction distance plus braking distance equals to stopping distance. cy353 oA driver can change his driving license into an international one if he needs to go abroad. But the license must be within the date of valid. cy354 oWhen you violate traffic regulations on freeway, you will be fined $3,000 to 6,000. cy355 xWhile driving, you shall obey the regulation of traffic signal and traffic line. Driving upon the road without traffic signals or traffic line, the driving speed shall not exceed 40 km per hour. But driving upon the road without lane line, central dividing line or slow lane, the driving speed shall not exceed 30 km per hour. cy356 oWhile driving, you shall obey the regulation of traffic signal and traffic line. Driving upon the road without traffic signals or traffic line, the driving speed shall not exceed 50 km per hour. But driving upon the road without lane line, central dividing line or slow lane, the driving speed shall not 第 16 頁,共 20 頁
  17. 17. 高雄市監理處 exceed 40 km/h. cy357 xYou shall not yield to children-only bus, school bus or coach car. cy358 oIf you have to park the vehicle upon the steep hill, you shall prevent the vehicle from sliding. cy360 xIf your car breaks down and is not able to be moved to a safe place, you just turn on the flashing light. You don’t have to put any warning sign upon the road. cy361 xIf your car brake down and is not able to be moved to a safe place in the city, you should sound the horn to warn the others. cy362 oWhen your car brake down upon the road where the speed limit is 40km and is not able to be moved to a safe place, you should put a brake down sign behind your car. cy363 oParking on the road without street lights, you shall turn on the flashing light. cy364 xParking on the road without street lights, you dont have to turn on the flashing light. cy365 oWhen you open a car door, you should observe the pedestrians and yield to them. cy366 oParking time and positions should follow the instructions of road and police authority. cy367 oWhen the fire engine or police car is on duty they can be parked temporarily at any place. cy368 oThose who burn things near the freeway and cause dense smoke will be fined 3,000 to 6,000NT dollars. cy369 oA broken vehicle on a shoulder of a freeway may stay within 2 hours. cy370 xYou shall not park over 12 hours on rest area of freeway.cy371 oIf your car brake down suddenly on the freeway, you should observe other vehicles, and drive to the shoulder. Place a brake down sign between 50 to 100 meters away from the back of your car. cy372 oThe professional license shall be examined 3 years a time since it is issued. cy373 oLoading exceeding in width for truck is forbidden. cy374 oLoading for light van should not exceed the main body of it. cy375 oThe driver shall follow the direction. The violator will be fined and marked 1 violation point. cy376 oDriving abreast on one way road will be fined and marked 1 violation point. cy377 oDriving on sidewalk will be fined and marked 1 violation point. cy378 第 17 頁,共 20 頁
  18. 18. 高雄市監理處 xGoing through the red light will not be marked any violation point, only a fine. cy379 oIf you make U turn on no left turn section, you will be find and marked 1 violation point. cy380 xIt wastes too much time to drive alone a roundabout, you can make turn whenever you need. cy381 xIf your violation points are over 6 within one year, your license will be suspended only for 1 month. So, you don’t have to obey any traffic regulation. cy383 xIf your alcohol test is over the standard, you will not be fined but be marked 2 violation points. cy384 xThe violation points will not be marked on the license, so you dont have to care about the traffic regulation. cy385 oThe vehicle owner’s violation records are over 3 times in 1 month. The number plate will be revoked for 1 month. cy386 oDriving across the lane to the opposite lane, making U turn, reversing or driving with wrong direction on freeway are forbidden. cy387 oDriving on freeway should not change lanes without any turn signal. cy388 oHuge heavy motorbikes should not ride on freeway. cy389 oThe slow vehicle drive or pedestrian who does not attend a training program will be fined 600 to 1,200 NT dollars. cy390 oThe emergency telephone is for emergency call or for reporting the traffic situation. cy391 oIf you use hand hold cell phone to dial or to speak while riding a motorbike, you will be fined 1,000 NT dollars. cy392 oThe inner lane on the freeway is for overtaking, but a small vehicle can drive on it only if its speed is within the highest speed limit. cy393 oThe huge vehicle should drive on the outside lane on the freeway, and the other inside lane can be used for overtaking. cy394 oThe goods of the truck shall be covered and tightened while driving on freeway. If the goods are sand and stone, it should be covered well and shall not exceed the height. cy395 oIf the goods exceed 20% of weight, and are not able to be divided and reloaded, the driver will be fined. And the driver will be fined again if he keeps driving. cy396 oIf the goods exceed the length of the vehicle, the exceeding part shall not cover the tail light or license plate. cy397 oThe driver and the front seat passenger should fasten seat belt while driving on freeway. cy398 第 18 頁,共 20 頁
  19. 19. 高雄市監理處 xWhen the seats are full in tour bus or bus, the driver may take extra passengers, and ask them to stand in the bus on freeway. cy399 oYou shall not horn continuously, flash front beam or use other ways to force the front vehicle to give way to you while driving on freeway. cy400 oBefore driving on freeway, you should check the tires. cy401 oIf the rubber of the tire is damage, you should not drive on freeway. cy402 xIf you meet a traffic jam on freeway, you may drive on the shoulder. cy403 oTow cars may not open business along freeway unless the owner is the holder of permit issued by chief executive of freeway.cy404 oThose vehicles which have not been registered for business permission may not have towing or crane business along the freeway. cy405 oDriving on freeway when the speed is 100km/h, the appropriate safe distance between 2 small vehicles is 50 meters and 80 meters is suitable for 2 large vehicles. cy406 oDriving on freeway the small car whose speed is 100km/h should keep 50 meters away from front car in the same lane. cy407 oDriving on freeway, if you having thick fog, thick smoke, strong wind, heavy rain or other special situation, you should leave the safe distance longer than usual. cy408 oDriving close to the front vehicle, exceeding speed limit and overtaking without the permission of front car are wrong driving behaviors. cy409 oIf you do not use turn signal to show the movement of your vehicle or do not observe the coming vehicle from the back, its easy to cause an accident while turning. cy410 oBefore you enter the lane or change the lane, you should use turn signals and check the lane next to you. cy411 oDriving with high speed its easy to ignore the both side, so the driver should observe every little situation and avoid exceeding speed. cy412 oBefore driving on freeway, you should collect the information about road condition. cy413 oRoad means a place where the vehicle or passengers can pass, including streets, lanes and hallway. cy414 o Because the long tunnel is almost completely enclosed underground, a fire can produce temperatures greater than 1,000℃; failing to follow instructions properly can cause a serious fire disaster. CY415 o The following are all prohibited: transport of dangerous goods; vehicles that are overlong, over wide, over height, or overweight; and trucks transporting rocks. CY416 o It is prohibited to throw objects out of the car in the tunnel. CY417 第 19 頁,共 20 頁
  20. 20. 高雄市監理處 o It is prohibited to change lanes voluntarily inside the tunnel. CY418 x Inside the tunnel, drivers may switch to a lane with fewer vehicles, to alleviate traffic congestion. CY419 o Vehicles may not stop voluntarily, stop temporarily, overtake other vehicles, or reverse direction inside the tunnel district. CY420 o Vehicles may not stop and refuel while traveling inside the tunnel. CY421 o When entering the tunnel, drivers should obey road signs. CY422 o Since it is darker inside the tunnel than it is outside, drivers should use low-beam headlights when entering inside the tunnel. CY423 o Drivers should obey the speed limit signs inside the tunnel. CY424 o When a vehicle encounters problems inside the tunnel, it should be in the emergency lay-by area, with warning lights on. CY425 o If congestion inside the tunnel leads to bad air quality, or if the toxic air level remains very high, drivers should stay inside the car and turn off the engine to reduce car emissions. CY426 x If congestion or an emergency occurs inside the long tunnel, use an emergency access route to leave the scene quickly in the opposite direction. CY427 o Emergency telephones installed throughout the long tunnel are used to report disabled vehicles, accidents, and disasters. CY428 x If an accident occurs inside the tunnel, even if no one was injured, do not move the vehicles, so that the circumstances and responsibility for the accident will be clear to the authorities. CY429 o Stay calm if you encounter a fire inside the long tunnel. Immediately park along the side of the tunnel, to let emergency vehicles through. CY430 o If your car catches fire while traveling inside the tunnel, stop the engine, take your valuables and get out of the car, leaving the key inside and the doors unlocked so that rescue workers can move the vehicle. CY431 o If a fire starts inside the tunnel, in order to minimize contact with black smoke, you should get as close to the ground as possible and escape in the direction opposite the way the car was traveling. CY432 第 20 頁,共 20 頁