Advertisement - San Francisco Startup Weekend

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Apr. 5, 2009

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Advertisement - San Francisco Startup Weekend

  1. Is A Photo-Tagging Tool For Twitter Similar to Facebook photo-tagging, users are able to host photos on the site and tag each of their friends using their Twitter usernames.
  2. is launching in April of 2009, shortly after San Francisco Startup Weekend. Matt Fong Tessa Horehled David Kelso James Levy Dan Newman Audrey Roy
  3. PHOTO PUBLISHING  Users are able to upload image files of any format or size  They have the ability to upload multiple images at a time  Organize your photos into an unlimited number of albums  Easily search through tags to discover photos tagged of yourself or others by Twitter username through your Image stream
  4. TAGGING  To tag a user in a photo, click your cursor on the desired selection and resize as needed. A scrolling box will automagically appear once you’ve clicked the image, allowing you to select the appropriate Twitter friend.  The tagged selection in your photo will link to the correlating user’s profile. There will also be a link to the user’s profile in the list under the photo containing the tagged users.
  5. PHOTO PAGES Each photo page has a unique URL for easy linking and displays the following:  Single photo  Relative timestamp  140 character description  List of Twitter users tagged (if any)
  6. PROFILE PAGES Each user will have a unique Profile page named in accordance with their Twitter username. Profile pages display:  Username  Link to their Twitter profile  URL as defined on the user’s Twitter profile  List of others the user has tagged  Thumbnails of photos uploaded by user
  7. IMAGE STREAMS The user’s Images page is a chronological display of their uploaded photos. This page allows a user to easily:  See thumbnails of their 20 most recent photos  Edit the description of a photo  See user(s) who have been tagged in a photo  Notify Twitter user(s) they have tagged them
  8. TWITTER STREAM has your Twitter stream always available* from a navigation link. No need to run a separate Twitter application or page while you are putting photos up on or checking out photos from your friends. *Availability subject to Fail Whale’s mood.
  9. NOTIFICATIONS We aren’t going to annoy you or clog your Inbox. The only notifications you will ever receive is a Twitter Reply when your friends choose to tag you in a photo on
  10. A FEW UPCOMING FEATURES  Open API • Allowing Twitter clients to upload photos on behalf of users to  Statistics • View count over time & other fun nuggets of joy  On site search • Beyond the tags. Will include photo descriptions in addition.
  11. CONNECT FOR MORE Want to use Can’t wait for more? Twitter @imggr Facebook