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R&T Company Profile


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R&T Company Profile

  1. 1. R&T Advertising <br />Company Profile<br />Custom Presentation for Central Election Commision, Albania<br />June 2011<br />
  2. 2. R&T Advertising Group<br />Who We Are<br /> <br />The R&T Advertising Group is a Tirana-based marketing & communication company that provides fully-fledged solutions to advertisers. We believe, that the new agency model that we have created provides for multi-dimensional solutions through its creative ideas that enable our clients’ discernible differentiation on the market and yield tangible results.<br />Our Mission<br /> <br />We develop creative communication solutions aiming at achieving maximal impact for our clients’ marketing budgets.<br />Our Services<br /> <br />Starting as a visionary agency with a creative strategy on October 1996, R&T Advertising group has grown ever since to a well-established enterprise offering all-embracing advertising services loyal to ethical rules and values.<br />With its unique creative work, the agency has today expanded its services from Media Planning & Buying to taking up the management of entire advertising campaigns and other specialized services such as Direct Marketing, Public Relations, and Market Research, with a 24 dedicated & professional personnel working full-time to meet the needs of our clients. R&T Advertising has recently merged with the BMB Communications, an international experienced Italy-based graphic design studio doing business in Italy and Albania.<br />
  3. 3. 5<br />7<br />1<br />2<br />6<br /> 4<br />Company Services<br />Our Services<br /> <br />Building upon more than ten years of experience in the advertising market & communication services in Albania, R&T Advertising provides now thorough consultancy services at all levels of expertise in today’s ad industry, marketing, & market research. <br />Brand Advertising & Brand Management<br />Strategic Planning & Consumer Understanding Research, <br />Development and Implementation<br />Brand Design & Development<br />Strategic Communication Planning & Media Services<br />Integrated Marketing Communications<br />Business-to-Business Communication Development<br />Promotion Planning and Execution<br />
  4. 4. A Partner to its Clients<br />Creative Solutions<br />Tangible Results<br />Client Needs-Focused<br />Company Philosophy<br />Our Focus<br /> <br />For R&T Advertising, the main objective has always been & will certainly remain:<br />To give each client the best & most effective communication solution available in the specific situation!<br />For us it is not enough just to make a beautiful campaign with eye-catching graphics & enticing copy – because, what does that matter if the campaign doesn’t sell? <br />An effective campaign is for us not just a campaign that the client likes – it is a campaign that reaches the objectives, whereas it is to gain awareness or interest, or it is to generate desire & action!<br />And bottom line is always if the campaign creates a turnover for the client – because no matter what the communication objectives are in the specific campaign, market communication should always generate an increase in sales either on a short or a long term basis. <br />R&T Advertising will always strive to being an asset to its client-partners, and never an expense!<br />
  5. 5. 2<br />1<br />4<br />Core Values<br />R&T Advertising takes pride in doing the best job possible for any client!<br />We always put the client at the center & every suggestion we make and action we take always have the client’s needs in focus.<br />That doesn’t mean that the client is always right – if the client was always right, there would be no need for our services! But every effective campaign begins with listening to the client’s wishes, and every effective campaign development derives from understanding the client’s needs.<br />R&T Advertising doesn’t just give the clients what they want,<br />We give the them what they need!<br />CREATIVE BRAND PROMISE<br />STATE-OF-THE-ART PLANNING & EXECUTION<br />PARTNERSHIP & UNDERSTANDING<br />TIMELY & ECONOMY SERVICES<br />SOLUTION IDEAS THAT SELL<br />
  6. 6. The R&T Advertising Vision<br />To understand consumer values, lifestyles & decision processes better than any other organization in the advertising & marketing communications business and to create the most effective communications which inform and motivate consumers based on this understanding.<br />
  7. 7. R&T Advertising´s competitive advantage is built around our five core areas of skills and expertise <br />Integrated and specialised services <br />Albania’s first domestic Ad Agency<br />Individual client task forces <br />Operating in the market since 1996<br />18-men-strong workforce<br />Extensive experience with international & domestic clients<br />The only ad agency with in-house audio-video-print production studios<br />Local<br />Full Service<br />1st ever to launch a teaser campaign in Albania<br />Core Skills<br />12 years of brand experience<br />Brand Knowledge<br />Our top ten client relation-ships average 3 years<br />Creativity<br />1st ever mascot campaign featuring a real muppet<br />Continuous market monitoring<br />Biggest Ad Creative Work in Albania<br /> Consulting<br />Knowledge Management and Transfer to our partners<br />The only Agency offering Brand & Research Consultancy Services<br />Top resources in Media and Brand Management<br />Proprietary strategic tools and creative planning<br />
  8. 8. R&T Advertising’s Brand Audit System<br />BrandPulse<br />Survey<br />TGI<br />Survey<br />SegmentationDevelopment<br />Media Audience<br />Research<br />Brand Equity<br />Tracking<br />Customer<br />Insight<br />Study<br />Awareness | Loyalty<br />Sales Reports<br />Brand<br />Equity<br />Study<br />Post-Campaign Evaluation Reports<br />Key DriversEnhancement<br />Plan<br />ActionableInsights<br />Mapping<br />CommunicationsDevelopment<br />Research<br />
  9. 9. Market Research<br />Event & Promotion Mgmt<br />Advertising<br />Public Relations<br />Audio & Video Production<br />Company Structure<br />The single core activity of R&T Advertising group focuses on creatively designing, developing & managing the brands by meticulously analyzing information about needs & wants of its clients, and thoroughly understanding their attitude and behavior.<br />Currently, the company employs 24 people and freelancers, and in order to meet best its partners’ expectations, R&T Advertising has structured its research service business into seven main specialized areas of advertising services:<br />Strategic Planning, Creative Production & Development, Media Planning & Buying Services<br />Corporate Image, Special Events, Sponsorships, Publicity, Public Issues.<br />Full package Corporate Identity Design, Brochures & Catalogues, Labeling, Packaging, POS & Point-of-Purchase, Slide Show Presentations, Web Design & Web Master.<br />TV & Radio spot productions, post-production.<br />Mail, Sampling, Telephone, Call Center.<br />HoReCa, Top Markets, POS.<br />Media Research, Advertising & Market Research, both qualitative & quantitative methodology.<br />
  10. 10. Our Portfolio<br />Business Accounts (1)<br /> <br />
  11. 11. Our Portfolio<br />Business Accounts (2)<br /> <br />
  12. 12. Our Portfolio<br />Institutions & Organizations Accounts<br /> <br />
  13. 13. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!<br />For further information & inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at:<br />R&T AdvertisingBudi Street, Pall. Rogerd, Kati I, Tirana, Albania<br />Tel. & Fax: +355-4-343 554 E-mail:<br />