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Questionnaire results


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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Question One: What Gender Are You 12 Male Female 10 8 6 4 2 0 Male FemaleWhen distributing our questionnaires we found it only logical and fair to give an equalamount of questionnaires to each gender. Furthermore by equally distributing thequestionnaires we are not being biased to either gender plus, because both males andfemales will have different opinions on the recession it would allow us to collect a greateramount of data allowing us to have more information on our target audience and how theyfeel about our topic.
  2. 2. Question Two: How Old Are You?2.5 Male 2 Female1.5 10.5 0 Age 18 Age 19 Age 20 Age 21 Age 22 Age 23 Age 24 Age 25 When distributing our questionnaire we decided to equally give them out with the expectation of age 18 and 19. The reason why we distributed our questionnaire to this age group is because it is the age of our target audience.
  3. 3. Question Three: What is the occupation of the chief household earner in your family?3.5 3 Male2.5 Female 21.5 10.5 0For the results above it is clear that the majority of our target audience parents have professionalAnd high paid occupations. We can use this information to have a greater understanding of ourtarget audiences social class in order to discover additional information on how to appeal andattract our target audience.
  4. 4. Question Four: Circle Three Channels You Regularly Watch: 10 Male 9 Female 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 BBC 3 BBC 1 BBC 2 E4 Channel 4 ITV 2This is sufficient evidence that BBC three is the most suitable channel to broadcast ourdocumentary as from the bar chart it is evident that this is to most favoured and preferablechannel by both our male and female members of our target audience. Furthermore additionalevidence that supports our decision for BBC three to broadcast our documentary is that unlike theother channels BBC three’s data is consistent and unwavering whereas the other channels data areinconclusive which makes it evident that the most logical decision according to ourquestionnaire results is to have our documentary broadcast on BBC three
  5. 5. Question Five: Circle One Of The Options On The Time You Regularly Watch Television: 9 Male 8 Female 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 5-6 pm 7-8pm 9-10pm 10-11pm 11-DecThis was a critical question to have in our questionnaire as it would determine what time our targetaudience watch television and would therefore be relevant when deciding what time to broadcast ourdocumentary. From the results it is evident that 6-8pm is the clear choice as it has the highest percentagecompared to other channels in addition, it is favoured by both male and females relevant to our targetaudience is vital as we must maintain that our documentary appeals to our target audience. This alsodemonstrates that we were in deed correct about our decision to broadcast our documentary in the‘prime time’ viewing hour which makes evident that we have a good understanding of our targetaudience and how to relate our documentary to their tastes and preferences.
  6. 6. Question Six: If A Documentary Was Broadcast On Television Circle One Of The Following Topics You Would Watch? 10 Male Female 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0It is evident from the results it is clear that Business/Economics is appealing to our target audience, thiscombines with our topic the recession as it is a sub topic of Business/Economics and is therefore a relevantand clear link to our documentary topic. In addition, this is evident that Business/Economics is favoureddocumentary topic by our target audience as they have the highest percentage of each gender. Moreover, theother documentary topics have varied results with no contingency whereas our topic is thoroughlythroughout and is evidently a topic that would appeal to our target audience which is the purpose of the
  7. 7. Question Seven: Please Elaborate On Why You Chose That Topic: 6 5 Male 4 Female 3 2 1 0 Factual Entertaining EducationalThis question would play a significant role in our target audience as it would highlight to us whatfeatures we should incorporate in our documentary to make it appealing to our target audience. Itis clear from the result above that our target audience has similar answers, we believe this to be avital piece of information as it shows that a large section of our target audience have the sametastes and preferences, it will therefore be easier to attract a large percentage of our targetaudience. It is evident that we must use an element of these factors in order to entice our targetaudience to take an interest and watch our documentary which will interest their interest in ourdocumentary and increase its rating and will ultimately prove our documentary to be a success.
  8. 8. Question Eight: Do You Watch Documentaries When Broadcasted On Television? 12 Male Female 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yes No OccasionallyThis was a vital question to be in our questionnaire as the results determine whether ourtarget audience watch documentaries, and from the results above it is evident that a largemajority of our target audience do watch documentaries which makes it clear to us that weare aiming towards the correct audience who have an interest and watch documentaries
  9. 9. Question Nine: If No Please Explain Why You Do Not Watch Documentaries: 1.2 Male 1 Female 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 Too Factual Not EntertainingFrom our previous question it was clear that a large section of our target audience watchdocumentaries, however there was a minority only two female applicants that do notwatch documentaries. From the results above it is evident that our two applicants believed documentaries were too factual and not entertaining. This is crucial information to know as we can make sure that our documentary does not have these unappealing factors and thereforeensure we can appeal and attract a large segment of our target audience.
  10. 10. Question Ten: If Yes/Occasionally Please Explain Why You Watch Documentaries: 7 6 Male Female 5 4 3 2 1 0 Interesting Entertaining EducationalFor this question we again used an open question to discover a more detailed and in depth answer fromour target audience. These results are extremely important for understanding our target audiences taste andpreferences, the information above will also aid us in understanding what features to add in ourdocumentary to entice and appeal to target audience urging them to want to watch it. From our results it isevident that our target audience believe it is essential that are documentary is entertaining.Therefore, when we are making our documentary we will make sure that we keep our documentaryengaging and enjoyable for our target audience to ensure that they will watch it. Furthermore, from theresults it is evident that the our target audience liked documentaries that we educational consisting of factsand figures which is something will incorporate in our documentary to appeal to the majority of our targetaudience and entice them to watch our documentary.