Media contents page and double page spread


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Media contents page and double page spread

  1. 1. Masthead:The masthead for this contents page is clearly displayed which is important as itmakes sure that the audience is aware of the name of the publication so that they willthen realise it is a well established magazine and this will therefore influence them tobuying the magazine. The colour used for the masthead is also important as it a brightcolour and as a result of the grey background it makes the copy stand out which willtherefore attract the eye of the audience towards the magazine, which I believe is thedesired affect so the they will then be persuaded into buying the magazine.Furthermore adding onto the colour the black outline of the masthead is anothereffect which grasps the eye of the audience as it is a complete contrast to thebackground.However I do believe there are some disadvantages firstly, the mastheads placementis pushed to the far left of the contents page and also it is still clearly visible it appearsas though it has just be placed there without any thought on the matter creating asense that this part of the contents page has been rushed which as a whole couldtarnish the reputation of the magazine as it makes it appear unprofessional.
  2. 2. Nib:This part of the contents page is called the nib, this is where a small section of the newsis revealed discussed briefly as the whole news story appears within thepublication, the image above is an example of that which I believe appears on thecontents page in order to allow the audience to read the most interesting parts of thestory so that they will then be influenced into reading the whole story which will resultin them buying a magazine, so it is evident that this convention is used to appeal andpersuade the audience to buy the publication.The nib is positioned in the upper right hand side of the contents page which makes itvisible and noticeable for the audience to see however, the size of the text is too smallmaking it difficult for the audience to read. Furthermore because of the small text itgives an impression that everything has just being swashed together making it seem asthough it has been rushed making it appear as an average magazine.
  3. 3. Index:This element of the contents page offers the audience the names of differentmusic bands and there individual page numbers, the reason why this is on thecontents page is because it gives the reader the information on what pages toselect your the band of their choosing.The colours are used in this section of the contents page are interesting asthey seem to stick out on the page and blend well together leading to theaudience’s eye being draw to them. The red background used for the indexmakes the other colour stand out more particularly the colour white, white isnot conventionally used to be the colour of the copy in publications but ratherthe background, but because of the dark colour being the background itallows the lighter colour in this case being white to stand out and distance itself from the page. Another colour which stands out from the page is blue, thiscolour is used to highlight the page numbers for the bands. The reason why Ibelieve the page numbers have been made it stand out is because thepublication wants to make sure that it is clear for the audience to see and thatthey are then able to access the required page without any difficultly.However the index does have drawn backs, for instead the text sizeparticularly where it lists the different names of the bands appearing in themagazine, it is very small and closely positioned together which makes it hardfor the audience to read and reflects the magazine as a whole to appearpoorly as all of the copy should be visible and straightforward to read and thissection of the contents page does not offer that.
  4. 4. Image:The image on the contents page is of a famous musician named Carl Barat whoappears on the page in order to lure the audience towards the magazine as he isobviously well known leading the audience to believe that this magazine must be of agood standard as it features and acknowledge musician. The artist may have beenchosen because of his genre of music as the other bands mentioned on the bandindex are similar to his which will aid the sale of the magazines. In addition seeing ashe was in a band which is the particular theme that the magazine is aiming on he thiscould lead to more people buying the magazine as the will fell that if a well knownband is present on the magazine maybe there other favourite will be within it as well.
  5. 5. Banner headline:This banner headline promises to give the reader all the news and stories of music forthis week which gives the reader a sense that this magazine is offering the latest andnewest information which will therefore persuade the into buying the magazine.The colour used for this banner headline is black which has a bold and stand out effectwhich changes the eye of the audience. This text differs the information about gigs in the UK which people who go to gigs and are fans of music may appreciate and may lead to them buying the magazine just on the basis of the information. The colours used are bright and draw the eye of the audience plus, it sticks to the colour scheme of the magazine which also a whole makes the magazine stand out more and become more visible.
  6. 6. The index:The index offers the name of the topic that is within themagazine and the page numbers which is a very importantpiece of important as without it the reader would not whereto turn to which would could difficult and frustrating to thereader.The colours used a bright and very noticeable which I believeis done in order to make absolute sure that the audience areable to see it in order for them to then purchase themagazine. In addition the positioning of the index is wellplaced as there is equal space between each of themHowever, a disadvantage of this magazine is the text is toosmall and extremely hard to read which makes the magazineto appear as rushed and completed without anyconsideration or though reflecting the magazine is a negativeway.
  7. 7. Image:The images are of the pages within the magazine and alsogives the reader information on what the images are of, Ibelieve these images have been selected because they areof elegant and sophisticated places which may be thetheme that the publication wants to get across to theaudience so that the will be persuade to buy it as they willbelieve they will receive the same high level of class in themagazine as these images represent.Furthermore, the positioning and placement is interestingand all six images are made to fit into a small spacehowever, I feel that it is done well as the reader is still ableto see both the images and text clearly which does notoccur often in contents pages.
  8. 8. Footer:The footer for this contents pages offers the reader a free CD which is amedia technique called unique selling point used in order to persuade theaudience into buying the magazine. The colours used are important in thiscontents page as it sticks to the colour scheme of the publication whichadds your eye as a whole to the areas hat share the same colour whichcould further appeal the audience into buying the magazine. Plus the usesof the yellow text allows that section of the copy to stand out from thepaper and it is the first thing the audiences eye is drawn to when looking atthe footer.Moreover, the footer provides an image of the product that the audiencecan have for free when purchasing this magazine which may lead to thembuying this magazine as they may like the look of the product and willtherefore want to have it and seeing as they can get it for free it is anotherpotential reason for them wanting to buy the magazine.
  9. 9. Index:This section of the contents page offers the reader an insight intowhat topics are within the magazines and also gives the pagenumbers, these may be useful because if the audience see’s a certaintopic they are interested in or news on their favourite music or band itwill lead them to wanting to buy this magazine therefore using amedia technique known as unique selling point. The colours areinteresting as it is set on a black background which therefore allowsthe white and yellow text to stand out which may be the crucialinformation that the publication wants to get across to the audience.
  10. 10. Images:This section of the contents page allows the audience to see photographs ifartist within the magazine which maybe useful as the photos maybe of theirfavourite artist which will encourage them to buy the magazine and because itdraws your eye to the images as it placed on an empty background andbecause of the bright colours used in the images it immediately draws youreye to them. In addition because of the placement of the images is interestingas they are all positioned and sized in a way so that the audience can clearlysee them which will aid to the audience being lead to buy the magazine.
  11. 11. Main Image:The main image in this contents page is of a artist jumping off stagethis image may lead to the magazine being purchased but thetarget audience as it portrays a rebellious person why may be thecharacteristics of the potential consumer. In addition the clothes theartist is wearing is important as it is similar to the target audiencestype of clothing which may have been selected to be wornespecially to lead the audience to believe that they can relate tothis magazine which will therefore influence them to buy thepublication.
  12. 12. Headline:The name of the musician ‘Kelly Clarkson is present in this double pagespread which may have been done in order to draw attraction towards thedouble page spread as she is well known and famous celebrity and manypeople will recognise her. Furthermore, because she is a world widerecognised music artist people will believe that the magazine must be of aa high quality in order for the artist to be on this double page spread whichwill lead them to buying the magazine and could lead to them buying it inthe near future to see what other artist or bands may appear in it.
  13. 13. Image:The image is on a famous singer called Kelly Clarkson which has been puton the double page spread in order to gain the attention of the audienceand to draw them towards the magazine in order for them to buy it. Theimage of Kelly Clarkson is used numerous times in the double spread whichI believe is done purposely as the publication wants to make sure that theaudience realise that they have a famous celebrity on their double pagespread which will prompt towards the magazine and could lead them leadto them purchasing the magazine. Furthermore taking the rule of thirds intoaccounts and the vast account of pictures of the artist in the magazine eachof the intersections have a section of the artist in it which show that she isvisible in nearly all areas of the double page spread which makes it evidentthat she is the main thing that the audience’s eye in drawn to in publication.
  14. 14. Text:The text in this double page spread is positioning out evenly within thepublication which breaks down the text and does not make it look as bigas it is which makes sure that the audience is not put off by the vastamount of text. However some draw backs to this double page spread isthe colour of the text, the text’s colour does not differ than much from thebackground which does that make it that visible and clear making it difficultfor the audience to read. In addition the size of the text is anotherdisadvantage to this magazine as it is very small and difficult to readercreating frustration for the reader and reflecting the magazine badly as itappears amateurish .
  15. 15. Masthead:This masthead is clear and visible and does so by using a blue backgroundand puts a lighter shade of text on the darker colour which makes it standout therefore attracting the attention of the audience towards the magazinewhich could lead to them wanting to buy the magazine.Furthermore the positioning of the masthead is where it shouldconventionally be which sticks the usually way a double page spreadshould be conducted which in turn makes the masthead easy to read andidentify on the page which as a result could lead to audience been drawntowards the magazine.
  16. 16. Headline:This headline is important in this double page spread as it is pointing out themain things that the reader needs to know which could be used to lure thetarget audience to buy the magazine as they can produce any text they wantwhich they fell will persuade them to purchase the magazine such as givingtour dates and information on artists and bands. Furthermore the headlinecreates a sense of urgency and makes the target audience to believe that theinformation within the magazine is vital and that they have to have it which isanother way that this element of the double page spread prompts the targetaudience to purchase the magazine.In addition the colours used are interesting as the bright background not onlydraws the attention of the audience but it also allows the surrounding text tostand out as the colours are mix of dark and light shades which evidentlymeans that the light text is general information whereas the darker shade oftext is the main message that the publication wants to get across to the targetaudience in order to lure them to purchase the magazine.
  17. 17. Text:The copy is this double page spread is spread out evenly which makes it visibleand clear for the audience to read and it also makes the text look smaller than itactually is which makes sure the audience is not off from the magazine and itcould in fact lure them to buy the magazine because the target audience mayfeel that it gives them good and update information on music and their favouriteartists and bands.Plus, the colour is an important factor when analysis this double page spreadas the background colour is a very light shade of blue and the copy is boldblack which not only makes the text stand out but it also draws your eyetowards the text which could then lead to the audience wanting to buy themagazine.However, a disadvantage of this copy is the size of the text, although it isspread out that makes it easy for them to see the size of the text makes itdifficult for the audience to read which may put them off wanting to buy themagazine.
  18. 18. Image:The image is interesting in this double page spread as it takes up the lowersection of the publication and it every eye catching because of the differentcolours used it draws attention towards this section of the publication whichcould then attract the target audience as they may like this specific band or thegenre of the music which will then lead to them purchasing this magazine.
  19. 19. Image:The image in this double page spread has the band clearly spaced out withinthe image which makes it easy for the audience to identify each artist within theband and if a certain type of audience likes this particular band it will persuadethem to buy the magazine. Furthermore, the clothing of the band is colourful andeye catching which makes it stand out on the page which may then lead to thetarget audience wanting to buy the magazine.
  20. 20. Text:The text in this double page spread is set out in three different section onthe page which breaks the text down and more visible for the audience tosee. The colouring is also an important factor in this publication as the boldblack text stands out from the plain background which immediately causesyour eye to be drawn towards the text which may then influence the targetaudience to purchase the magazine.However the size of the text is a disadvantage to this double page spreadas it is extremely hard to read which portrays the publication in a negativeway as it appears amateurish and unprofessional which will put then lead tothe target audience not wanting to buy the magazine and could cause themto buy other magazines.
  21. 21. Index:This section of the double page spread provides information on artists and bandsbut it also provides information on tours and gigs which may appeal to theaudience who like this particular genre and could lead to them buying thismagazine. Furthermore, the colouring used is important as there is a mixture oflight and dark colours, the colour yellow is bright on this page which draws theaudiences immediate attention towards it and it also benefits the black text as itmakes it seem bolder and makes it stand out on the page.In addition the use of the colour yellow as I mentioned not only draws the attentionof the audience but it also reinforces the colour scheme with aids in making themagazine appear more professional and also makes it seem more noticeable.