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  1. 1. Analysing this magazine front cover:
  2. 2. Header: The header’s text share the same font and is in capitals which is done to make the audience aware that it is title, and the reason why all the text is in capitals letters is because conventional nearly all magazines uses capital letters when using a title. The colour scheme used for the header is interesting because the publisher uses a different variety of colours to make certain parts of the text stick out from the page, the text. ‘Exclusive on-set report:’ is bright pink which is done because the lay out editor what to get the message across to the audience that the contents within this publication is only available in this magazine which uses a technique known as unique selling point. Colour which differs from the next text which is black, so this technique allows this phrase to be the first thing the audience’s eye to draw to when looking at the header which is done because when your read the text it is persuading to buy the magazine. The header also features the word ‘Notorious’ and offers an insight into the secrets of the film and is set between black text and the word itself is bright blue which I believe was done in order to attract the audiences’ eye to this specific piece of text. Furthermore, from this header it is apparent that the message sent across to the audience is that if you do not buy this magazine you will not have access to this exclusive information which uses emotional manipulation and unique selling point techniques. In addition, by the header mentioning the name of the film ‘Notorious’ and the famous rapper ‘B.I.G’ it attracts a wider audience not only people who are interested in the model Kanye West and his music, but people who are fans of ‘B.I.G’ and the film, therefore leading to more music magazines being sold and to a different variety of people. Header
  3. 3. Masthead: The masthead for this music magazine has a large and clear font making it easier and understandable for the audience to read and because it is much larger and in a different font than the other text’s and is immediately eye catching, plus it has a sans-serif style. Furthermore addressing the colours used, it has a white outline which distances itself from the rest of the page and the light blue making it stand out from the other text which I believe was done deliberately by the lay out editor so that it can be noticeable and attract the audience. The rule of thirds is important when looking at this magazine because each of the letters are within the rule of thirds lines, so from this it is clear that the masthead is one of the many elements within this magazine that lures the eye to look at it. Moreover, the positioning of the model is important when linking it to the masthead because although he takes up some of the letters, the size and type of font are that big and clear and seeing that it is a well known and recognised music magazine the audience already know what the name of the publication is without seeing the whole text. Masthead
  4. 4. Cover line: One of the cover lines it found interesting in this front cover was the name of the artist ‘KANYE WEST’ and it’s positioning on the page. The name of the artist is important as along with the picture it makes clear to the audience who the magazine is revolving around which could lead to this fans wanting to the buy the magazine in order to get information on favourite artist. Moreover, i believe the use of the colour pink is important not only because it makes the text stand out but it also widens the magazines target audience as stereotypically women do not like rap music so by it having a famine colours it invites women to buy it which enlarging its target audience and thereby selling more magazines to the public. Cover line
  5. 5. Positioning of the model/ and the artist himself: The positioning of the model is very important when analysing this music magazine because from a first glance of this publication it is evident that he is the main image as he is taking up most of the page, and also because there is no other image on the front cover it further adds to your image being drawing to him as he is only image. Moreover, the rule of thirds is important when examining this front cover because he when we spilt up the sections of this page as specified, and all of the intersections are of a segment of the model that is been discussed, showing that it is the main part of on the front cover that the eye is drawn to. In addition the background colour of the magazine is a critical when linking it to the model as the background colour of front cover is light grey however, the outline of the model is light black and even though there is only a light outline because it is a complete contrast to the background colour it instantly emphasises his dominance on the page and it is inevitable for audiences eye not to be drawn to it which is an effect used by the lay out editor so that you see the artist and persuaded to buy the magazine. Furthermore the colour of the model’s clothes is important because it differs from the background making it the dominate colour and therefore makes it stand out from backdrop. Moreover, an additionally point about the model’s clothing is his jumper’s collar, this is the same colour of the masthead which reinforces the colour and blends them together well so that the colour scheme for this front cover is clearly identified. The model
  6. 6. Pull quote: One thing I found interesting about this pull quote was it colour and placement, I say this because it is positioned is in a place when the surrounding colours are pink and as it is a light blue it immediately causes to it sight out from the page which will therefore attract the attention of the audience and may lead to them buying the magazine plus, the colour of the pull quote reinforces the colour scheme and blends well with the surrounding text colours. However, I have noticed that this pull quote differs from other music front covers I have analysed firstly, because of its size as conventionally they would be larger than other text on the page expect for the masthead and it some cases the cover lines, so for it to be this size is very usual and can be preserved as a disadvantage to this front cover. Pull quote
  7. 7. Layout of the page: In some areas of this magazine front cover the lay out is good one area being the masthead and header, these two elements in the magazine are clear are colourful and is therefore noticeable to the audience. The image is also well constructed as it is in the centre of the page and as I have earlier mentioned the rule of thirds apply to this image and from this it is evident that it the main section of the front cover that draws your eye. However, I believe that their is also a disadvantage in the layout which is the right side of the front cover the additional text is small and narrow and it appears as though there has being very little consideration for that section of the front cover which makes it seem unprofessional and amateurish which is could therefore lead the audience to having a negative view on the magazine as want to buy a publication that appears professional and is of a high standard. Layout of the page
  8. 8. Analysing this magazine front cover:
  9. 9. Pull quote: This pull quote is important in this front cover as it creates a sense of mystery and leaves the audience questioning what this copy is about and may even lead to the target audience being persuade to buy the magazine so that they can understand what this means and get the answers that they want from the magazine. The copy for the pull quote is black which is set on a white background which gives it a effect that makes it stand out from the surrounding copy and the background of the front cover. However I did notice that there were some drawback to this pull quote which was the size, it is a very small which the audience may not be able to see particularly from a distance, and conventionally they are a big size so by not sticking to the traditional way music magazines are made it is unusual and could damage the effect it is supposed to have which is to persuade the audience to buy the magazine. Furthermore another negative aspect of the pull quote is it’s positioning on the page and it is crammed between two other text which is a disadvantage overall because it leads to the copy having to be reduced in size and portrays the magazine as a whole to appear unprofessional and rushed which could then lead to the audience wanting a buy another magazine that has more quality and value which is will lead to this publication being depicted poorly. Pull quote
  10. 10. Layout: I believe there are some advantages and disadvantages as regarding the layout of this front cover. Firstly, one good thing I found about this front cover was that it clearly identity’s who it’s target audience’s is through the use of the image of the artist, he takes up most of the page which will clearly lure the audience eye towards the magazine and seeing that he is the only image on the page it makes him the most dominant and eye catching element to look at one the page. Furthermore the use of the cover lines particularly the artist name ‘EMINEM’ is positioned right next to the artist which I believe was done to make sure that audience are completely aware of who he is so they will then be lured to purchasing this magazine. However, there are also some disadvantages to this layout which is some of the cover lines are closely positioned together which makes the text small therefore making the front cover and the publication to appear unprofessional which will put the audience off from purchasing the magazine. Layout
  11. 11. Image: The artist position of the page is interesting on this front cover and there are many media techniques that are used that told only attracts but is also persuades the target audience to buy it. This is the only image of the page and is the first thing that your eye is drawn to, my evidence of this is by using the rule of thirds and as a result can be used on this image and as a result each intersection contains a section of him in it which clearly proves that he is the main attraction on the page. The facial expression and body stance of the artist is interesting because it creates a serious and intense mood which could reflect theme of the magazine and the music genre it has targeted which in this case is rap. The artist himself is wearing only a vest which shows his tattoos which is done to attract the target audience which are teenagers and as the artist is portrayed as a rebellious figure it may reflect the target audience and will therefore persuade them to buy it. Furthermore, the vest’s colour is important because it is the darkest colour on the front cover and is set on a light grey background which immediately causes the audience’s eye to be drawn to the artist which will then persuade them to buy the magazine seeing as a famous and well known person is appearing on it. Image
  12. 12. Masthead: This publication uses a very large, visible sans-serif masthead which takes up the upper section of this front cover which I believe in done to make sure the audience can easily see the title so that they will then be persuaded into buying it. A method used in the masthead that attracts the audience to magazine is its size and font, the text is in capital letters which immediately sticks out from the surrounding text as it is the biggest on the page. The masthead uses two colours that have been blended together and I think these two colours have been chosen because it matches the rest of the text and it reinforces the colour scheme. Masthead
  13. 13. Cover lines: There are numerous cover lines in this front cover but one that I am choosing to discuss is “EMINEM COMES CLEAN” because I believe I how found some interesting points to make. Firstly, the size of this cover line is good in my opinion as it is in a large bright font which therefore makes it clear and easy for the audience to read. Plus this cover line also persuades the audience to buy the magazine as it is offering the potential reader personal information of the artist. Another cover line is “Who is the best rapper ever? You decide” This offers the audience to give their insight into the magazine making them feel that their opinion is appreciated which will encourage them to buy the magazine. In addition the cover line adds to the colour scheme and it is a interesting how it is being used as the copy is placed on a grey background and both colour cause the audience’s eye to immediately spot them, but the colour red stands out more giving out the impression that the copy in red is the message that the publication wants to get across to the target audience which may be done in an attempt for the music magazine appeal to the audience so that they will then be influenced to buy it. Cover line Cover line
  14. 14. Header: The header in this publication describes the other music artist appearing in this magazine which may be useful because it will attract a larger audience of people as the magazine has a wide variety of artist and someone who buys and read this magazine is very likely to like at least one of the artist so they will then buy this music magazine in order to get more music information from there other favourite artists. However, I have found some disadvantages as regarding the header, to begin with the size, it is the smallest copy on the front cover and it should not be as the header plays an important role in persuades the target audience to buy the magazine so for it to be this size is irregular and I believe that it does not serve it’s purpose as it should. In addition the colour is not good although some of the copy is in a black front which does stand out because of the size it is extremely difficult to reader so the colour is irrelevant. The larger copy of the header is a similar colour to the background which makes it hard to notice and read plus, it does not have the effect that other elements of the front cover has which is it uses dark and engaging colours to appeal the audience to the magazine Header
  15. 15. Analysing this magazine front cover:
  16. 16. Masthead: This front cover uses a clear masthead in order for the audience to read it without difficulty and the serif style not only draws the attention of the audience because it is different to other magazines plus, it could also lead the audience to believing that because of the elegance and sophistication of the masthead this amount of quality will appear in the magazine which plays above the audience’s emotional manipulation in order to sell the publication. The colour used is bright and clearly noticeable because it is set on a white background causing the masthead to stand out from the page and draw the eye of the audience which could then persuade the audience into purchasing the magazine. Adding onto the colouring it gives out a warm and welcoming message which could appeal the target audience to buy the magazine as it is inviting and friendly. Masthead
  17. 17. Header: The header is this publication promises to give the audience television and radio listings for all of the music that is within this genre and the latest news, so the audience will believe they will be receiving the most up to date new regarding this genre of music so they will believe they will be receiving the good valve for money and will therefore be persuaded to buy this magazine. The header also boasts that it ‘the world’s best selling classical magazine’ leading the audience to believe it must be of a good quality for so many people to buy it so from this they will be convinced to buy it. However here are some disadvantages regarding this header which is the size, it is very small and closely positioned together which makes it hard for the audience to read and will therefore not be influenced to buy the magazine. Header
  18. 18. Cover lines: The cover line used ‘Sarah Chang’ is the name of the artist which I believe was used to make the audience aware of who she is which will then lead to them buying the magazine as she is a famous musician and obvious well known to that genre of music so this will lead to the target audience buying this magazine. Furthermore the colour of this particular cover line is identical to the masthead which adds to the colour scheme of the magazine. However there are some disadvantages with the other cover lines particularly the size as they are very small making it hard for the audience to reader and when they are unable to read the copy they then will not be persuaded to buy the publication. Cover lines Cover lines
  19. 19. Image: The image of the artist in this front cover is large and positioned well which will cause the audience to immediately spot because it is the only image on the page expect for the prop and when taking the rule of thirds into account each of the intersections contain an section of the image, which means that the first thing that draws your eye on this front cover is the image and as it is of a famous and well known music artist it may persuade the target audience to buy the magazine. In addition because of the white background it makes any copy or image stand out from the page and is it is the only image on it, it further lures the audience eye towards the image which could in turn lure the target audience into buying the magazine. Moreover, the clothes the artist is wearing could reflect the target audience as it is a feminine colour and because of the artist being female it reinforces the idea that this magazine is target woman. In addition adding onto the clothing of the artist it is looks classy and stylish which may lead the audience to be believe they that will be receiving. Image
  20. 20. Layout: The layout of the front cover has some advantages firstly; the image is positioned in a way that audience a clear view of the audience and as it is in the centre of the page immediately attracting the eye on the audience. Another advantage of the layout is the masthead as it is large and takes up the upper part of the magazine which I believe is done to make sure that the audience is aware of the brand name so that they will know of it’s reputation and will expect the publication to be of a high quality and will therefore be expecting to see that amount of quality within the magazine and as a result will be persuaded to buy it. However, I have a disadvantage which is the cover lines as there is only one cover line positioned correctly and the others are not plus, they are closely placed together which reflects the magazine as a whole to appear amateurish and unprofessional portraying the magazine in a negative way. Layout
  21. 21. Prop: The prop used in this front cover is the violin which can be seen being held by the artist, the reason why I think the use of the prop is important is because it offers extra information about the genre of the music which could then lead to them buying the magazine as they may like that particular instrument and the music it plays. The placement and size o the prop is important because it is the nearly the same height as the image of the artist and is positioned next to the artist because I believe the layout editor wants to make sure that the audience are clearly aware of what type genre the magazine is so that the target audience will then purchase it. Prop