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Entrevista em ingles

  1. 1. Falando sobre sua vidaHiBovolini, how are you? Ready for the interview?Tell me about you. How old are you?- I’m 45 years old.Where do you live?- 988 JoãoAlves Avenue, North zone, Vila Pires – São PauloWhen were you born?- I was born on June 2nd, 1962.How many children do you have?- I have one daughterHow old is she?- She is twelve years old.Are you married?- Yes, I am.How long have you been married?- I’ve been married for 19 years.What’s your wife’s name?- My wife’s name is de Carla Souza BovoliniHow old is she?- She is thirty-eight years old.What’s her job?- She is a Portuguese Teacher.I hopethat helps!Sobre a personalidade do entrevistadoHow is your personality? What are your qualities?- I am a calm, friendly, dedicated, disciplined, polite and responsible person.- I am not an aggressive leader; I treat my co-workers with respect. I don’t shoutat my subordinates I have patience with them.- I am a creative person.- I have creativity in problem solving.- I am an organized person!
  2. 2. And what are your faults?I am a little anxious sometimes.Sobre a vidaacadêmicaWhat did you major in?- I graduated in Philosophy.Which college did you graduate from?- I studied at the FTU Triweender Universal College in São Paulo.What year did you graduate in?- I graduated in 1993.What courses did you take in the Security area?- I took classes in security job at Colégio de Pinheiros and I took a lot ofindustrial security courses during my career – since 1994.Did you take any language courses? Tell me about them…- I took classes in Spanish and English and my level in English is intermediateand in Spanish is fluent.Where do you learn languages?- I am taking English classes with a private teacher.- I took Spanish classes with a private teacher too.ContandosobreaexperiênciaprofissionalTell me about your professional experience … where you worked, what was yourexperience in this area…Trajetopara o trabalhoHow will you come to work?- I will come to work by car and sometimes by subway or bus.
  3. 3. How long will it take you to get here?- From Vila Pires to Morumbi, it will take me fifty minutes by car, or one hourand thirty minutes by subway and by bus.Where will you come from to get here?- I will come here from Vila Pires.- I wish to live near my next job, so I am planning to move because the traffic isterrible in São Paulo.SobremeuFuturoTell me about your future. Do you intend to take courses?- Yes, I do.What courses do you intend to do?- I intend to take security courses and English courses.Why?- Because I want to take a lot of industrial (indústrial) security courses (corses)once a month.- I think if I work in this company, in one year from now I will speak Englishfluently.Postura no ambientetrabalhoTalk about your experience in this area.- Well, I know about security service, security technology, security guardtraining, industry risk management, electronic (electrônic) security etc.Describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment.- I think that it must have respect between co-workers and a lot of dedication forthe work.How come you want to work for us? Why do you want to work for us?- I’d be happy to work in this company because it is an excellent company in theeducation area.- And I like to work with teenagers. It’s very exciting to be able to work in aschool.
  4. 4. Why our company should to hire you?- Because I have a lot of experience in the industrial security area, and I knowhow to work with teenagers.- I really like working with teenagers and children.- I like teamwork.- I like taking the initiative to solve problems.Why should we hire you?- I want to develop my career in this company. I like working in educationbecause it is very interesting.Vida ParticularWhat did you like to do on weekends?Well, I like to surf the internet, read newspapers, walk with my family in theshopping mall, at the park etc. I like to read magazines about health. I can playthe piano and guitar.Have you ever seen the movie Dead Poets Society?- No, I haven’t;What kind of food do you like?I like Italian food. I like pizza very much.What day is today?Today is September 11th.FinalizandoIs there anything that you want to add?- What should I add?You should add something when you want to add something about for you.For example, if the person who is interviewing you didn’t question you aboutyour personality, you can say:“So, I want to add that I am a friendly and polite person.”Ok then, thanks for your interview. We will decide and then we will contact you.- Ok! Thankyou.