Success with Your Social Media Engagement


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Apresentação de Ivano Salogni. É actualmente o Sales Manager da Lithium e responsável por toda a região centro e sul da Europa. Na sua intervenção, Ivano demonstrou de como envolver o seu negócio no Social Media é diferente de fazer algumas actividades privadas no Facebook e Youtube.

Esta apresentação decorreu no dia 12 de Outubro de 2011 no Fórum Tecnológico de Lisboa, enquadrada no evento CRM Acceleration 2011, o evento dedicado ao Social CRM organizado pela DRI (, Gold Partner da SugarCRM e Platinum Partner da Lithium em Portugal.

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Success with Your Social Media Engagement

  1. 1. Success with yourSocial Media EngagementLisbon, 12th October 2011Ivano SalogniSales Manager Southern & Central 79 709 8046
  2. 2. Imagine social customers creatingawareness, generating leads, and helping their peers to buy the right products. Cool…….  3
  3. 3. Social CRM With Paul Greenberg, we define social CRM as a business strategy and set of technologies that maximize the value of the customers conversations, both for customers and for the business. 4
  4. 4. Agenda Where to start? What works, what goes wrong? Key elements to ensure success for your Engagement in Social Media What did our customers achieve? 5
  5. 5. What is happening right now out there? Your customers are acting whether you participate or not 6
  6. 6. Business hasn’t changed - Your customer has!You have a reputation online,whether you like it or not …Consumers actively talking aboutyou, whether you participate ornot, forcing transparencyConsumers will trust thatreputation more than anythingelseYou have choices: • Ignore • Broadcast • Engage 7
  7. 7. Business hasn’t changed - Your customer has!Social Customers are … Connected Empowered Impatient Untrusting 22 hours/week online Avg. Facebook user: 130 friends 74% expect a response from 17% of consumers trust5+ hours/week in social media Avg. Twitter user: 300 followers a company online. In one hour. corporate or product advertising. 8
  8. 8. Social Customers 98% Internet users go to the internet to get information about the product they buy Source: Fleishmann-Hillard/Harris Interactive 9
  9. 9. Let’s talk about business needs…We want to have a social mediapresence, because all other companieshave one ……let’s do some Facebook and Twitter……we already have 100’000 fans… 10
  10. 10. Let’s talk about business needs Social Media Engagement is not a “me too” exercise! It is all about business: 1. Grow Revenue 2. Reduce Costs 3. Fuel Innovation 11
  11. 11. Before starting your engagement… What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it? How do you want to achieve it? 12
  12. 12. The Commonest Question “Where should we start our social media engagement?” 13
  13. 13. Brand Communities are at the Heart ofyour social Strategy 78% of consumers have joined a company’scommunity to get more information on the company66% of community members say that the community has made them more loyal to the brand71% of community members say that they are more likely to purchase from a brand source: universal mccann 14
  14. 14. Forums Forums and moreRatings & BlogsReviews Web Site Ideation Q&A and more Knowledge Base The Blogs Enterprise Social Ecosystem 15
  15. 15. Ensure Success Be careful: social is not just another channel! The social customer is changing the consumers’ relationships with companies 16
  16. 16. the social media journey stage 5 fully engaged stage 4 Social engagement between customers and employees real results are part of the company’s DNA Social engagement drives stage 3 real business results stage 2 operational stage 1 experimental Social engagement becomes traditional more embedded in business Dabbling in social butTraditional, command and operations disconnected to businesscontrol business operationsoperations using one-waycommunication @katykeim #L2LTourview source: ant’s eye
  17. 17. Where are you? stage 5 fully engaged stage 4 real results stage 3 stage 2 operational stage 1 experimental traditional listening facebook page brand community customer lifecycle enterprise integration twitter response center social hub integration app for all employees corporate blogs gamification systems business system exec dashboards integration central data and analyticsmeasurement share of voice followers customer engagement revenue uplift competitive differentiation customer sentiment fans organic traffic call deflection share price press mentions likes word of mouth @katykeim #L2LTour customer loyalty net promoter score 18
  18. 18. Consider some key rules/experiences Social Web is driven by InfluencersInfluencers require an engagement model to be harnessed – so nurture themEngagement comes from Know-How, not Technology 19
  19. 19. Where should we start? So if you start with monitoring: Everything fine now? Not really... 20
  20. 20. … or is it better to start with and ? “We are going to fish where the fish are” ▪ Who follows you and why? ▪ What benefits do your followers and friends create? 21
  21. 21. Like us, follow us ……. Why should I?Brian Solis, 12th August 2011:▪ …In fact, I believe that “why?” is the least asked question by businesses in social media today.▪ The questions businesses should be asking, even before they create a social presence whatsoever include: • Why should we have a presence in Facebook, Twitter, et al.? • Why would consumers connect with us now and stay connected over time?▪ Consumers will expect businesses to think through these questions carefully …Do you know what your customers expect,did you ask them? 22
  22. 22. Companies waste their money with Facebook Abraham Seidman: ▪ …there is no return on the 2 billion USD invested by companies into Facebook activities just for broadcasting their company news…. ▪ …. Companies should enable the dialogue with the customer … bringing together customers in a kind of a moderated fan club …. 23
  23. 23. Agenda Where to start? What works, what goes wrong? Key elements to ensure success for your Engagement in Social Media What did our customers achieve? 24
  24. 24. Common Mistakes and Sacred Cows▪ Sacred Cow #1: You don’t own the community, the community owns the community Do not over-control the community, let the dynamics play. But as owner you have responsibility to be a good host.▪ Sacred Cow #2: Start by listening A listening strategy is key to managing a successful online presence, but brands and organizations also need to interact.▪ Sacred Cow #3: Go where your community is Many organizations are doing a poor job of evaluating the opportunity for community on their own domain, and are setting up outposts on large social sites like Facebook because it is relatively easy and initially inexpensive. 25
  25. 25. Social Customer Behave on Facebook▪ Key Figures • 38% do not want to see the news in their feed • 51% rarely or never visit a brand again once they have liked it • 71% have become more selective about what brands they like 26
  26. 26. So where should you start?Prepare a platform where your influencers can engage Find and attract the influencersEngage in social media with a centralized and integrated approach – avoid silos 28
  27. 27. On your way to a healthy community:Three Rules At any given time, 90% of users 90-9-1 browse, 9% contribute casually, and 1% contribute frequently. Within a 30-day period, 10% of the people who see an invitation to 30-10-10 community will come, and 10% of those will post. An average of 5-10 posts per day 5-10 per forum or more is the point at which communities begin to grow consistently. 29
  28. 28. Agenda Where to start? What works, what goes wrong? Key elements to ensure success for your Engagement in Social Media What did our customers achieve? 30
  29. 29. Influencers at Epicenter Authentic content comes from Millions of followers influentialHundreds of relevant consumers and widely read reviews 31
  30. 30. Engagement Models are Needed Influencers can be nurtured through rewards, reputation, and game dynamics 32
  31. 31. Success Factor #1: Find InfluencersImperative to find the influencers and listen to what they say... 33
  32. 32. Success Factor #2: Engage Influencers ... engage them as they engage your brand! Through your forum, websites, social networks …... 34
  33. 33. Success Factor #3: Apply Community Know-how Technology Technology + Expertise “Success is only 20% technology…… 80% is a combination of internal changes, services, and support.” Forrester Wave Community Platforms, January 2009 35
  34. 34. What does it take to succeed?Lithium provides you the three key elements to ensure success1. A complete solution that meets the needs of your users, your staff, and your organization: • Modular Offering with specific Business Solutions • Interconnected: Interfaces, Connectors • Accessible from PC and Smartphones • Optimized for search engines and with proven scalability2. Proven methods for putting that solution to work • Lithium Best Practices3. Metrics and analytics to drive brand advocate cultivation, insight and action • Lithium Insights and Benchmarking 36
  35. 35. Agenda Where to start? What works, what goes wrong? Key elements to ensure success for your Engagement in Social Media What did our customers achieve? 37
  36. 36. how lithium can help stage 5 fully engaged stage 4 real results stage 3 social suite stage 2 operational crm integration stage 1 experimentaltraditional business apps dashboards social support rest apis community social commerce social web social marketing mobile level upsocial media monitoring customer intelligence center
  37. 37. When it all comes together Customer influencers or super-users drive success: “90-9-1” Rule Average value of an influencer from € 50’000 to € 250’000/year Reputation Engine identifies, cultivates, and grows the base influencers 39
  38. 38. It works for all industries… 40
  39. 39. When things go right …Best Buy in the Top 25 SocialBrands 2009Sold 40% more LaptopsReduced Customer Complaints by20% in the first yearLithium provides 5 m USD/year ofvalue to Best BuyBest Campaign in 2010: Cannes Lions 41
  40. 40. It Works For Passion-Driven BrandsVery active Social Presence prior to start ofown branded community:• > 865,000 Facebook fans• > 95,000 Twitter followersGoal: Capture the Conversation• Sephora = Beauty• Beauty Mavens = Word of MouthResults:• Active members buy 2.5 times more• Superusers buy 10 times more• Over 1.6 m active Facebook fans• Superusers are 36.5h/week online in the community 42
  41. 41. It Works For New CompaniesCommunity runs all customer support(no call centre)• Average response time for questions is within just three minutes (24/7)• 95% of questions answered in under 60 minutes• 90 ideas implemented, 80 in developmentWinner of Forrester’s 2010 GroundswellAward(Category: Embracing B2C International) 43
  42. 42. It Works For New CommunitiesOnline Support Community launched inMarch 2011Within days the community was vibrant:• 150 new registrations and 25,000 page views per day• 20,000 cases handled and $150,000 return within two weeks We thought it would take months before we had a vibrant community with active brand advocates answering all the questions - but it all came together on Day two! Kenneth Refsgaard, Project Manager Customer Care, TomTom 44
  43. 43. When it Works...Unbeatable!Their voice becomes the Ad …. The Ad becomes the Content ... ... and your Customer does the distribution 45
  44. 44. Thank you!