Its All About Conversations


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Presentation made at the IDC Customer Experience event by Jorge Teixeira da Silva, Business Intelligence Unity Director at DRI. Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 21 June 2012.

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Its All About Conversations

  1. 1. It’s All About ConversationsJorge Teixeira da Silva @jteixeirasilvaBusiness Intelligence Executive @ DRI
  2. 2. CRM is a businessstrategy, whereorganizations transactfrom being productcentric to client centric.
  3. 3. In The EndIt’s All About Conversations
  4. 4. What kind of conversations? CRM Tools Organizations and allows to Customers Standardize processes Register all the conversations Differentiate the communication Differentiate the offer Personalize the Conversation
  5. 5. What kind of conversations? ??? Organizations Customers But what about the social media channels?
  6. 6. How do organizations haveconversations onsocial media channels?
  7. 7. Organizationshave chosento be on thesocial mediachannels and itwill lead tocustomersconversations…
  8. 8. But how do organizationsdeal with the problem ofbeing “blind” to the socialmedia conversations?
  9. 9. Social Media is in fact fororganizations SocialCustomer RelationshipManagement! (SCRM)
  10. 10. The Social CRM programs may start atthe departmental level, but over time,they must gain corporate buy, in orderto transcend the functional silos.
  11. 11. Social CRM programs mustgain corporate buy in order totranscend the functional silos Service Customer Marketing Sales Innovation IT Collaboration & Support Experience Rapid Social Seamless Proactive Social Rapid Social Innovations Technologic Collaboration Marketing Customer Lead Generation Response Insights Insights Insights Response ExperienceSocial Marketing Social Sales Social Support Crowdsourced Enterprise VIP IT Collaboration Insights Insights Insights R&D Collaboration ExperienceSocial Campaign Rapid Social Peer-to-Peer Social Campaign Extended Software Enabler Tracking Sales Response Unpaid Armies Tracking Collaboration Social Event Management
  12. 12. If there is no alignment between the differentdepartments of the organization, Social CRM fails andleads to a communication disaster! Innovation Customer Sales Experience Marketing Service Collaboration & Support IT Innovations Seamless Proactive Social Insights Lead Generation Customer Rapid Social Collaboration Experience Marketing Rapid Social Technologic Insights Response Response Insights Crowdsourced Social Sales R&D VIP Insights ExperienceSocial Marketing Enterprise Insights Social Support Social Campaign Collaboration Insights IT Collaboration Rapid Social Tracking Sales ResponseSocial Campaign Extended Tracking Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Unpaid Armies Software Enabler Social Event Management
  13. 13. Organizations are alreadydoing Social CRM(Facebook pages, blogs,Twitter), but without acorrect strategy, this willlead to failure.
  14. 14. Customer Servicecomplaint not solved! Word spreads like a virus!
  15. 15. So embrace Social CRM into theprocesses of the organizations.Social Media isnt about Marketing…
  16. 16. …or Sales……or Support……its about all the processesin an organization that have atouch point with customers.
  17. 17. Your are a custo lread mers talkin y g!To follow the socialmedia conversations,organizations need totrace the talk…
  18. 18. …to store the data of all the fans thatthey have on the social media channels,to be able to segment each customer…
  19. 19. …to differentiate thecommunication, to differentiatethe offer and to lead theconversation.
  20. 20. Usually Social Media is seen asa Marketing tool…
  21. 21. …so typically we seeorganizations doingreporting about…
  22. 22. …number of Fans, number ofLikes, Sentimental analysis…
  23. 23. … but they are forgetting themost important value: The Customer
  24. 24. You must apply all the principles of the CRM to the social media channels Standardize processes Register all the conversationsOrganizations Differentiate the communication Customers Differentiate the offer Personalize the Conversation and build a relationship of trust …
  25. 25. Client
  26. 26. Organizations need totackle Social CRM andintegrate the processesinto the organizations…
  27. 27. …because they are failing in the strategy ofCRM, since the conversations on Social Mediaare not being taken care of.
  28. 28. Do You Still Want to Be “Deaf” to the SocialConversations?
  29. 29. Currently Brands are on 3 different levels of “listening” Thru Third Media None Party Monitoring (Reporting) (Reporting)
  30. 30. But there is a 4th level of listening, that ... ... Identifies each Customer ... Monitors the Conversations ... Listen to each Customer ... Engage with each Customer ... and Lead the Conversations ... to be on the Social Media
  31. 31. Thank you.
  32. 32. Let’s keep the conversation going or comment this talk, tweet me @jteixeirasilva at #scrmJorge Teixeira da SilvaBusiness Intelligence Executive @ DRI +351 21 715 30 55@jteixeirasilva dri nordic dri spain dri portugal
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