Evolving from Data Overload to Enterprise Customer Experience


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Enterprise Customer Experience represents the people, processes and technology required to listen, guide and engage your customers in the digital world; all towards creating personalized therefore enhanced experiences. Just like the real world, in the digital space, experience cannot be given, but can be designed, enabled and carefully considered.

Each digital interaction creates data, which leads to information that when properly leveraged creates insights. When something is good, can you repeat it, when something is bad, how quickly can it be changed, altered? The real question is, how do you progress from too much data - an overload condition, to actually using it to enhance the customer experience?

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  • Evolving from Data Overload to Enterprise Customer Experience

    1. 1. CUSTOMEREvolving from Data Overload to Enterprise Customer ExperiencePresented by: Mitch Lieberman
    2. 2. This is Customer Experiencea superset of sensations, emotions andperceptions felt by your customers 2
    3. 3. Sharing of Experienceshappens across the physical world 3
    4. 4. and Sharing of Experienceshappens within the digital world 4
    5. 5. Experience is not a Processan experience is visceral, an individual responseto stimulus (or lack of) 5
    6. 6. Enterprise Customer Experience The Future of CRM The people, internal processes and technology required tolisten, guide and engage your customers in the digital world. 6
    7. 7. Consider the LandscapeSee the world as your customers do, considertheir view and their perspective 7
    8. 8. Rivers of DataThe volume and velocity of data is a blessing andcurse – the value is information and insight 8
    9. 9. Too MuchJust because it is all available to you, does notmean you need to consume it all 9
    10. 10. The Perfect DishInformation and insight are the true objectives, eitheract on what is measured, or do not measure 10
    11. 11. Are You Listening, Or Waiting To Talk? 11
    12. 12. Listen to Understand Filtering imageMonitoring, filtering and prioritizing are thestarting point understanding is the goal 12
    13. 13. Community EngagementStay close to your customers and let them knowthat you care and are there to help 13
    14. 14. InteractionsWhether in person or digital, each is anopportunity to learn and act 14
    15. 15. Context Transforms DataData without context, such astime, location, along with customer information 15
    16. 16. The Objective is InsightThrough the fog of data, a critical piece ofinformation can make all the difference 16
    17. 17. Data has ValueFor every two degrees the temperature goesup, check-ins at ice cream shops go up by 2%. 17 – Andrew Hogue, Foursquare
    18. 18. Data can be Manipulated 18
    19. 19. ContextBridging the gap between trust andreputation, between you and your customers 19
    20. 20. Just out of ReachThat emotional connection with your customers; ittakes real effort to achieve 20
    21. 21. Mirror ImageA customer‟s experiences with your products andservices are a reflection of your culture 21
    22. 22. Service ExcellenceAn harmonious dance among people, processand technology 22
    23. 23. PerspectiveCustomer experience is not what you design, it iswhat the customer perceives it to be 23
    24. 24. Collaboration is Required“customer experience is a team sport” Kerry Bodine, Forrester 24
    25. 25. at the End of the DayConsider your customer‟s needs and jobs-to-bedone via an outside-in approach 25
    26. 26. Charting the CourseTo Enterprise Customer Experiences 26
    27. 27. Social Media Initiatives Mature • Beyond Departments • Beyond „Likes‟ and „Follows‟ • Beyond „shooting from the hip‟ • Beyond Uncoordinated efforts Towards Digital Programs 27
    28. 28. Digital Communication Programs • With Coordination • With Defined Success Metrics • With Emergent Analytics • With Modest Governance Teeing up Social CRM 28
    29. 29. Social CRM is the Starting Pointfor Enterprise Customer Experience 29
    30. 30. The Value of Social CRM• Coordinated Customer Facing Programs• Technical and Business Integration• Advanced Analytics Leading to Insights• Personal Interactions and Engagement 30
    31. 31. The Evolution of CRM• Social CRM is Consumed by CRM• Front to Back Office Coordination• Repeatable Process, Governance• Community, Content, Collaboration• Universal Access to Information Is Social CRM Part of CRM? 31
    32. 32. YES!! 32
    33. 33. A Completed Enterprise CustomerExperience Vision: • Directed, Personalized Interactions • Predictive Analytics • Customer Insight and Expectations • Conversational Communications • A Collaborative Organization (Culture) • Social Business Maturity 33
    34. 34. Jump inAre you ready to take the plunge? 34
    35. 35. 35
    36. 36. 36
    37. 37. Thank You! @mjayliebs mitch.lieberman@dri-global.com 37
    38. 38. 38