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Interview assessment form


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Interview assessment form

  1. 1. AE/HR/POL/001/12/R-0/04 INTERVIEW ASSESSMENT FORMCandidate Name: Date:Position:Factors: PointsEvaluation the candidate on the following factors based on theimpression created during the interview. Awarded Out of 1.Education AssessmentQualification, special courses and training, Project reports, Surveys etc. 252. Experience AssessmentWith special reference to function for which he/she is being interviewed) 253. Personality AssessmentAdministrative/Leadership, Motivation, Communication skills, attitude, 25Look, Dressing sense etc4. General Assessment:Family, location, general awareness, Interest, hobbies , computer skills 25etc. TOTAL 100Special remarks having bearing on candidate selection:RECOMMENDATIONS:A. Immediate appointment RecommendedB. On hold for comparison with othersC. Rejected Outstanding Good Adequate Poor 86-100 61-85 36-60 Up to 35 Interviewer’s Signature from HR Final hiring authority Signature Department