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The New Drishtikone


Published on will have a new avatar on Aug 15, 2010.

Published in: Technology
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The New Drishtikone

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  3. 3. Why blog?<br />“I Want to express”<br />“I couldn’t be a journalist, so this is my media”<br />“I am pissed off with my spouse, so this is my ranting place”<br />OR <br />I want to express my view to affect people in my own way through intelligent writing and make that endeavour an economically viable alternative<br />
  4. 4. Why did I start Drishtikone?<br /><ul><li>I wanted to chronicle my times in my words for my children while affecting the people’s mindsets which are tuned to a mindless media
  5. 5. I was NOT in it for “ranting” or “raving”
  6. 6. I wanted to provide a new and different perspective – away from the shallow and superficial take on topics and an indepth discussion on important issues</li></li></ul><li>How does Drishtikone rank?<br /># 34 Ultimate Rank<br />#1: Number of pages indexed by Google<br />#2: Number of pages posted<br />#5: Monthly Unique visitors (per Google Analytics - ~15000 / month - stats it should be #3)<br />#5: Compete rank<br />#23: Alexa rank<br />(Source: Top 75 Indian blog sites :<br />
  7. 7. Drishtikone’s Importance <br />Drishtikone was launched in Aug, 2005<br />Drishtikone is one of the oldest blogs from India (5 years) [part of the content is from pre-drishtikone days of my blog writing]<br />Most of my contemporaries, though wonderful bloggers have stopped blogging (Most bloggers don’t remain active beyond 2 years)<br />Consistently, high frequency of content (53,400 Google indexed pages in 5 years = ~29.2 pages a day for 6 years every day!!)<br />A very flexible, powerful, robust platform for future growth as a real media platform (ability to add audios, videos, slideshows etc)<br />Its one thing to have great content on a blog - quite another to create compelling and quality content for half a decade every day without break in such large numbers!!<br />
  8. 8. New Structure<br />
  9. 9. Star Bloggers & Columnist’s Requirement & Profile<br />Socially active and connected individual (online and offline)<br />Powerful writer and thinker <br />Can write original content with regularity (no copying from elsewhere or reposting of content)<br />Good hold of grammar, vocabulary and language (Hindi or English)<br />
  10. 10. Editor’s requirements and profile<br />Socially active and connected individual (online and offline)<br />Creative individual who can generate new content, create and manage contests, online events, competitions and aggregate existing content to create new content (eg; “9 ways to earn more money” – out of investment blogs posts)<br />Perfect hold on Grammar, vocabulary and language and ability + time to make edits on posts within her/his channel<br />