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Pictures From Pakistan


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Beautiful pictures from Pakistan

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Pictures From Pakistan

  1. 1. PICTURES FROM PAKISTAN Photographer: Emilio Morenatti drishtikone. com perspectives
  2. 2. An Afghan man carries a bundle of balloons as he walks drishtikone_com along a street on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan
  3. 3. A Pakistani child looks on as women covered with burqas from the driShtik0ne. C0m tribal region of Bajur and Mohmand agency wait to be registered at the Jalozai refugee camp near Peshawar, Pakistan
  4. 4. Mohammed Haj, 45, looks on as he takes a break at a brick factory in Lahore, Pakistan
  5. 5. A Pakistani Kushti wrestler bathes after a training at the Champion Khalu Behalwan wrestling club in the Old City of Lahore, Pakistan
  6. 6. A Pakistani lawyer reads the newspaper at his lawyer's office in the Civil Court of Islamabad, Pakistan
  7. 7. -‘K ‘ x‘‘ ' ~I S . _ I . :-. —_-‘, ~.. , - ~ N‘ . . '. . R‘. g? ‘k t -. j. _.~ kg . } . .". .,’flf g ‘I ‘ ; _é~‘_. {n" g . ‘ "Ff ’ 5 33.‘ ‘CI’: r""“““ ‘G 0-. ‘_ v Urooj Akbar, 28, at the Depilex beauty center where she works in Lahore, Pakistan. She was burnt by her husband
  8. 8. Traffic is seen through a bus window in central Lee Market, Karachi, Pakistan
  9. 9. Pakistani rescue team members search for victims among the dri5htik0ne_(_-mm rubble of a collapsed building in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, perspectives
  10. 10. Pakistani Muslims walk near the Badshahi mosque after ’| ftar’ in Lahore, Pakistan
  11. 11. A Pakistani lawyer runs away from tear gas fired by police officers during a protest for chiefjustice lftikhar Mahmood Chaudhry
  12. 12. Courtesy Photographer Collection: Emilio Morenatti blogs. den verpost. com/ captured/2009/03/23/photograph er- collection-emilio-morenattI7 drishtikone. com perspectives