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Integrated Property Management


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Syncurity is a premier business partner for small and medium businesses. We help provide SMBs with vital web portals (not just presence) that are dynamic, interactive and value generating.

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Integrated Property Management

  1. 1. Integrated Property Management Power of Internet for Customer Management
  2. 2. From Current to the Future… DO YOU? THEN, YOU NEED TO Still use an email from Yahoo, Gmail or Get a company branded email on a state- AOL and not your company branded of-the-art platform such as Google Email email? Use a web-site where tenants can view Want a site that could take load off your the availability at different properties and staff and automate customer interaction? fill forms without calling you Only interact with your customers when Keep in touch with your tenants through they sign up and do extensions? notifications, blogs, emails. Offer your tenants a complete experience Want a timely, 24/7, consistent, and through area information, interaction, personalized property management tool? forums, and emails
  3. 3. Syncurity’s Property Management Portal “Why do we need a Portal if we already have a website?” • Property Management Websites are effective in attracting new prospects and providing them the basic information. However, once prospects become tenants and start to stay in your community, then you need more to maintain the relationship. • Syncurity’s Property Management Portal will help you to maintain and strengthen your relationships with current residents which will increase resident retention. “We are already very busy. How will Syncurity Property Management Portal help?” • Syncurity’s Property Management Portal will help you off-load many of the daily responsibilities of on-site management. • Instead of going to the management office, many residents will choose to use the Portal to submit maintenance requests, give required permissions, and view community announcements.
  4. 4. Overall Portal Design Main Property Company Portal • Information of every property is automatically consolidated on the main site • Monitor Availability for every property from one place • Branded Emails for every Property • Forums for every property • Property specific Forms • Events Calendar for every property • Property specific notifications • Property-wise newsletter Sub Sites for Every Property
  5. 5. Features of the Portal Customer Engagement: You can also engage your residents through resident surveys, availability chart for every property, community event calendars, blogs, newsletters and forums. Online Task Management: Tenants can easily submit maintenance requests online and give permission for maintenance personnel to enter their unit. Instant Communication. Email rent reminders, community newsletters, and announcements to all your residents Community Information: view local weather information, resident discounts, local news, staff recommendations on local restaurants, stores, post offices / FEDEX outlets etc.
  6. 6. We also add Google Apps* for free COMMUNICATE ORGANIZE Use the Gmail powered Company staff can emails for your company manage To-do’s, Tasks, Calendar Use Google chat for Use a One-Stop Personal interacting between staff. Dashboard for accessing Text, Audio and Voice all your GoogleApps chat. Save on phone bills. COLLABORATE Team Workspaces for specific projects through GoogleSites Collaborate online using Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms. NO MORE SENDING EMAIL ATTACHMENTS WITHIN YOUR OWN TEAM * We provide GoogleApps standard implementation that provides > 7GB email space. This a $100 value
  7. 7. Services we offer Analyze Requirements. We will start by understanding your needs and particular requirements Web presence. Our sites are not the regular stock web sites that companies make. We use enterprise class application platforms to create the most interactive solutions for you. Complete Hosting or install it on your server. We can either host it on our servers or install it on your servers. Annual maintenance. Maintaining complex websites may not be what your staff may be trained for. So, we provide annual maintenance service at very affordable rates.
  8. 8. Other Offerings of Syncurity COMPLETE CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT CRM • Lead Management • Opportunity Management • Account Management • Campaign Management (Email Marketing) • Reporting and Collaboration We can host the CRM solution and can interface / link it up with any of the back end systems and databases.
  9. 9. Contact Desh Kapoor 832.724.6965