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Dental Implant Newsletter-Spring edition.


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Hey everyone! take advantage of your tax refunds and invest in your health and your smile and your wellness! Dental implants are the best thing that happened to dentistry as it reconnects you to something you've lost! Call us at 219-227-4509 or 888-416-4109 for your consultation today! Call today.

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Dental Implant Newsletter-Spring edition.

  1. 1. We Can Serve You In ACME Mailing U.S. POSTAGE Professionals PAID PRSRT STD Two Locations! 890 Richard Road • Dyer, Indiana ©Galaxy Marketing Solutions 2013 • 1-866-338-9660 • info@galaxymarketingsolutions.com Irfan Atcha, DDS, DICOI & Connie Kunelis, DDS 747 N. LaSalle Street • Chicago, Illinois Irfan Atcha, DDS, DICOI, M. Shakeel, DDS, DICOI S. Sinha, Maxillofacial Surgeon Implant Special Offer Complimentary Consultation and FREE 3-D i-CAT Scan!* (A $695 value) *i- CAT Scan provides precise high definition 3 dimensional images. Expires 6/30/13. Hello, my name is Jenn! I started my journey here We are always accepting New Patients! at Dyer Family Dentistry in 2007 as a surgical dental assistant/implant coordinator and last Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R year I became the Office Manager. Over the last Are You a Good Candidate six years, I’ve seen many for Dental Implants? patients go from being dental phobics to den-tal missionaries! My mission is to make sure thatevery patient gets the best possible care from Irfan Atcha, DDS & Associates 890 Richard Roadfriendly staff that will help them have healthy Dyer, IN 46311mouths. We do not want to be just another dental 890 Richard Road • Dyer, IN 46311office, we want our patients to feel like our friendsand family, like they belong here! (219) 227-4509When I am not at work, my boyfriend, Josh, and I www.DyerFamilyDentistry.comenjoy spending time with our two dogs, time withfamily and friends and traveling.
  2. 2. Hello Patients & Friends! Are You a Patient Testimonial Dear Friends, Good Candidate “Teeth-in-a-Day” Patient Spring is almost here! With the warm weather and for Dental “I previously had a full denture on top that annoyed sunshine brings the Cubs Implants? me to no end. It made me very unhappy. I felt I could not smile right. Now I feel awesome! It’s so nice not and White Sox, kid’s base- to take anything out of my mouth. I feel my smile ball games and the best… looks beautiful and I LOVE IT. When I went home the Spring Break! To be able day of the surgery, I had NO PAIN. It has been won- to enjoy all these activities Tooth replacement with dental implants has long derful. I had no stitches and no swelling and I could with good health means been associated with extended lengths of time to actually eat the next day. I went to work two daysyour mouth must be healthy as well. allow clients to heal, pain and time away from life later and people could not believe that I had some-Since tax time is upon us, why not use your tax re- or work. In the past, multiple surgeries over the thing done. Throughout all of my appointments,turn for something that will benefit you in so many course of 4-9 months were usually needed to ob- Dr. Atcha has been great. I really like him. I like hisways like your teeth. By investing now on your tain what can now be achieved in approximately personality and the way he talked to me, and thatcare, you are saving yourself thousands of dollars one hour of surgery. Dr. Atcha, along with only a he will take the time to explain something if I have ain the long run. handful of dentists across the country have com- question. And the staff is another thing. Everybody bined the advancements of computer generated seems so friendly and concerned and excited aboutDid you know that the cost for dental care will ex- design and modeling, advanced dental implantponentially grow each year that you prolong it? what they are doing for me. I think it’s awesome. I design and technique, and advancements in “i- would absolutely recommend this to other people.Fact is, decay never goes away; it only worsens CAT” scan technology (i-CAT provides precise highand can cause many other complications to your There isn’t any feeling like your own teeth and not definition 3D images) to provide a solution for having to take them out again, EVER!”overall health. Missing teeth cause your jaw bone people who have “just had it!” wearing dentures,and gums begin to recede thus making any type - E. Edmisten – Actual patient partials or that are tired of loose teeth.of restoration in the future much more difficult. Ifthe tooth is not replaced with implants to stimu- Advantages of Dental Implants?late the bone, not only will you not be able to chew • No stitches (in many cases) Referral Programyour food properly, but you will also develop facial • Highly accurate The greatest compliment that we can receive iswrinkles, making you age much quicker. Use your • Reduced pain the referral of your family and friends. We havetax return to work double duty! • Minimal swelling a Care-to-Share Program in place to help youBy using your tax refund toward your care this • Back to work quickly do just that! We are a referral-based practiceyear you will be able to use it as a deduction for so if you know of someone who needs • Fewer office visits quality dental care, refer them to us!next year’s taxes. Have Uncle Sam pay for you toget your health and smile back! Once you finish • Great for the upper and lower jaw Friends and family members whowith your care, you will wish you had it done much • Fixed non-removable become a patient of ours willsooner! My team and I look forward to seeing you If you are suffering with the discomfort and em- receive Complimentary Diag-soon to take care of all of your dental needs. barrassment of dentures or have a mouth full of nostic X-rays (a $63 value). loose teeth, don’t wait any longer! Call to sched-To your smile, ule a complimentary visit with Dr. Atcha to haveIvan Atcha, DDS, DICOI your questions answered about this life changing Call Today! procedure. (219) 227-4509 Call today (219) 227-4509! We look forward to seeing you!