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Module09 Oz


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Module09 Oz

  1. 1. Brand Value, Brand Strategy and Big Business Social Media Planning for Corporate America Oz Sultan - Corporate + Digital Strategist @ozsultan | #Module09
  2. 2. Today we are connected more than ever. Ubiquity: Facebook Connect, Open Social, FindMeOn, Friendfeed Folksonomy / Social Tagging: Digg,, IBM Lotus Connections Microblogs: Twitter, Yammer, Laconica, Plurk, Tinker SN: Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, MySpace, Xing Enterprise Search: Vivisimo, Endeca, FAST, Google, Autonomy Aggregation Platforms:,, E-Commerce: ATG, BEA, PHP, .NET, Open Source Intranet / Web: Forums, Groups, Wikis, Intranets, Community Portals Media: Podcasts, Vlogs, Flicker, Tumblr, Web Video, HD, UGC
  3. 3. The Issue: How do you elevate Social Media to the Business Conversation? A lack of Creativity [Internal, Agency or Otherwise] has led to strategies that eventually undermine the business, rather than foster it. The Brand needs to be understood and managed as an asset Brand Trust ratings have dropped 50% over the last 9 years Brand Quality perceptions fell by 24% over the past 13 years Developing Brand Value is a key to success Consumers Are Driven by Research, Not Advertising The Conversation must be made an executive level issue SOURCE: BAV 1993 - 2007, THE BRAND BUBBLE
  4. 4. The Corporate Brand is an Intangible Asset that determines your Market Value. Not all brands are equal in driving financial Value IBM for example, has valued their brand as high as $64 Bn in the last few years Brand Irresistibility is a cornerstone in developing a Strategy that will allow you to drive brand value while improving the bottom line Irresistible Brands embody badge value, possess innate purpose, can reinvent, engage customers on their terms, don’t force devotion and move culture Brand Irresistibility may help defray financial losses versus your market competitors for up to 2 Quarters! SOURCES: BAV 1993 - 2007, THE BRAND BUBBLE, THE GRAPH
  5. 5. Existing Brand Value needs a Baseline. BAV DEMO ( Special Thanks to John Gerzema for permission to use the BAV and BAV data.
  6. 6. Social is the next wave of Brand Equity to tie to Revenue and Valuation. Tools are Nascent BV impacts need monitored Demographic segments are key Voice alone, however is not an entirely accurate measure SOURCE: IMMEDIATE FUTURE
  7. 7. The Graph is complex. Brands Friends Context Content Context Edges Edges Context Edges You Context Edges Context Edges Media Locations
  8. 8. Now take the Networks in context. LINKEDIN 76M 40M MYSPACE BEBO Brands Friends 36M 75% of 18 - 24 yos are already on 1 or more social networks Context Content Context Edges Edges TWITTER Context 35% of Adults engage in Social Edges Networking 10M You Context HI5 Edges Context Future Growth is in the 35 - 55 yo Edges Media Locations Demographic 60M A Corporate Strategy for Success needs FACEBOOK to minimally possess data ties to existing Corporate BI, CRM, and E-commerce 200M Solutions NETWORKS HAVE Web services to ‘socialize’ brands are SIGNIFICANT USER emerging, but lack integration into the OVERLAP fabric of the social web Asynchronous and Synchronous communication paths need to be understood and measured SOURCES: FACEBOOK, VENTUREBEAT, COMSCORE, ADAGE, BEBO, PEW AMERICAN LIFE 2009
  9. 9. New Metrics Should Reveal Insight or tie to Status Quo. If you don’t have a baseline, ROI means Nothing. Existing Metrics for Online and Offline Marketing must be evaluated Remember: Social Media makes Customer Service, Trust and Marketing your Keys. With an integrated Social Media Plan, Online Advertising becomes a technique tied to a strategy, not the Strategy itself! Understand what your existing BAV (if applicable) and Market reach is ROI / ROBI should be tied to plan. New programs should “test the waters” before setting hard and fast C-level expectations Where currently applicable, BI tools or Corporate Information Systems should be integrated with new technology(e.g. ORACLE BI, Hyperion, SAP XI BUS, etc) Centralized data collection and Dashboards will aid in CSR, CR, Sales and Marketing endeavors This is a key topic I will be elaborating upon in the near future
  10. 10. Strategic Planning and Partnership is necessary to ensure success. Comprehensive Planning should leverage a partner that can translate the complex Social landscape Partnership between Marketing, Technology and a “blessing” by Legal is fundamental to Success. Yes, this is a C level conversation where the CMO needs involved The Strategy is Costly, Implementation is cheap. Remember this with Social! Only 25% of companies are spending more than $100k a year on social media and it’s not yet a line item1 If you spend peanuts on social media, you’ll get…peanut butter–not filet mignon–when it comes to seeing results1 Plan and spend, not spend and plan SOURCES: 1:FORRESTER “SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYTIME IS OVER”
  11. 11. Synopsis Establish C level Champions Partner Internally (Marketing + Technology + Legal) Engage someone who understands your Business and Industry Establish your Baseline! Develop Core Metrics and Leverage existing CIS systems where possible Develop Irresistibility Remember! Social requires constant touch points Customer Service + Marketing + Irresistibility = Social Perform Routine Audits To parrot Forrester “Playtime is Over”