Ailanto sales presentation 2014


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You may buy a lot, quinta, home and the Whole development if you want

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Ailanto sales presentation 2014

  1. 1.  Proyecto Residencial y Turístico en Fortuna de Bagaces 1 WWW.AILANTORESORT.COM
  2. 2. A MASTER PLANNED COMMUNITY  Ailanto is where you belong 2 WWW.AILANTORESORT.COM
  3. 3. Master Plan Distribution Not to Scale
  4. 4. Ailanto is an Eco Country Club ● We have 50 Residential or Vacation Quintas ● We are planning a Senior Community of 50 homes for Independent/Assisted Living ● We have an Eco-Lodge with 12 Cabins wanting to grow to 25 if the market demands it ● We are building Costa Rica’s first Jungle Adventure and Water Park with a 5K Cross Fit Center ● Event Center, Pizzeria, Restaurant and more ● Trails, Thermal Pools, Camping, Tours, Flora y Fauna
  5. 5. Where are we? ● 45 Km from Liberia, the International Airport, Hospitals, Clinics and the Beaches ● 2.6 Km from Fortuna de Bagaces ● 7.5 Km from Guayabo de Bagaces ● Right in the midst of all the area’s tourist attractions
  6. 6.  Cartographic Location  Latitude10.695546  Longitude -85.228905 7 Geographic Location WWW.AILANTORESORT.COM
  7. 7. Climate  We have one of the best climates in Costa Rica
  8. 8. We want to sell the whole development or lot by lot  We would sell Toque del Cielo SA, the Owner for$2,500,000  Including all the houses, buildings, lots and equipment  Also includes all the sales contracts and promissory notes  Businesses, Business Plans and Licenses  Approximately 32 Hectares  We can remain with the new owners for up to 3 years as advisors
  9. 9. Lots ● We sell per Square Meter not by location ● Deeded Lots c/16,500 per M2 ($3.10 SF) ● Tenancy Lots (maybe deeded later) c/10,000 per M2, ($1.86 SF) ● Quintas from 5,000 - 9,999 M2 c/6,000 per M2 ($1.12 SF) ● Quintas from 10,000 + c/4,500 per M2 (84 Cents SF) ● The majority are ready for construction ● We deliver your lot ready to transfer to your name ● You are responsible for all fees including Lawyers, Taxes, Registration, Stamps etc.
  10. 10. Future Public Road
  11. 11. Lots of 1,000 M2 We have 3 left  Public Road We have 2 left  Future Public Road
  12. 12. Quintas of 5,000 M2 + We have 36
  13. 13. The Homes of the Community American-Type building Some built, most are renderings and we can CUSTOM build them for you
  14. 14. “ ” Rincon Model $35,000 USD  322.80 SF on 1st Floor, 161.25 SF Loft, Lot 1076 SF  Square Tubing and Plycem or blown concrete walls, sliding aluminum windows  Roof is Zinc Teja, Color Terra Cota, Patio is Concrete
  15. 15.  Tierra Façade 1550 SF $150,000 USD  This is a picture of another home we have one under construction
  16. 16. Tierra Model 1550 SF 3 Bed/2 ½ Bath or choose your plan
  17. 17. Cielo Façade 1614 SF $150,000 to-be-built Duplex Model is 800 SF $75,000
  18. 18. Cielo Model 1614 SF 2 bed/2 Bath, or pick your own floor plan. The Duplex Model splits the house in two
  19. 19.  Viento 538 SF $50,000 USD  Viento II 807 SF $75,000 USD  Viento III 1076 SF $100,000 USD
  20. 20. Viento Model III 3 Bed/2 Bath Viento II 2 Bed/2 Bath Viento I 1 Bed/1 ½ Bath Pick your own floor plan
  21. 21. In Our Eco-Country you will find – Wellness – Gyms – Massages – Natural Spa – Restaurant – Caretakers – Assisted Living – Nutrition – Anti-aging – Yoga / Meditation – Aesthetic Treatments – Dental Services – Alternative and Western Medicine
  22. 22. Amenities
  23. 23. Built and Ready • Cabins • Hiking Trails • Jungle Gym for Kids • 5K Cross Fit Center • Pools • Spa • Camping • Restaurant • Cinema • Mud Baths
  24. 24. Licenses • Comercial • Liquor
  25. 25. Emergencies  In case of an Emergency we are planning to have our own Clinic on site ● There are 3 Social Security Clinics and 2 Private Clinics within 7.5 Km (4.68 Miles) ● More Public and Private Clinics within 25 Km (15.6 Miles) ● Liberia, has a major Hospitals and Clinics and it is located 45 Km (28.12 Miles) from us ● Red Cross and Ambulances 2.5 Km (1.5 Miles) ● Police at 2.5 Km (1.5 Miles) and 7.5 Km (4.68 Miles)
  26. 26. Price List
  27. 27. Price List II
  28. 28. Financing  All approved, No Income or Asset Verification  We close in 48 Hours  Fixed and long term rates, up to 30 Years  No Prepayment penalties  Rates  10% Down 9%  20% Down 8%  30% Down 7%  50% Down 3.5%
  29. 29. Financiamiento 2  0 (Zero) interest, 3 Years (SAME- AS-CASH)  10% Off (lots) Cash purchases  5% Off (Homes) Cash sales  All Closing costs are the responsibility of the Buyer
  30. 30. Jungle Adventure Park Cross Fit Obstacles
  31. 31. Jungle Adventure Park-Cross Fit
  32. 32. Water Park-Mud Runs-Navajo Races
  33. 33. Water Park-Mud Runs-Navajo Races
  34. 34. Cabins
  35. 35. Thermal/Mineral waters, Mud
  36. 36. Adventures
  37. 37. Indian Village-Natural Spa
  38. 38. Tours, Retreats, Accommodations TOQUE DEL CIELO SA Cedula Juridica 3-101-463300 An Eco Country Club where Nature is our course 2014 April 2014Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 39
  39. 39. Tours All Prices are per Person
  40. 40. Horseback Tour to the Top of Miravalles $80.00 An 8 hour trip to the Peak of the Volcano, where you can actually see the Crater, Guanacaste and even Nicaragua. It includes lunch and a break in the thermal waters of the Miravalles Volcano. Recommended for everyone, wear jeans, good boots, take OFF with you and DON’T forget a Sweater or a Poncho. It Includes Lunch and Transportation to and from the Horse Ranch. Suitable for all ages. Hike to the Waterfalls/Mud Bath $50.00 See the magnificent Miravalles waterfalls and the famous Llanos de Cortez plus take an exfoliating Mud Bath. For those looking for a full day at super low prices. It Includes Lunch, transportation to and from. It is a walking tour, bring good shoes, OFF and water. Suitable for all ages. First we will climb the Miravalles Volcano and after you have seen the beautiful waterfalls and river we will head down to the Mud Pits, where you will see Mother Nature’s work in progress. Relax for a couple of hours with a healthy lunch then we will drive to Llanos de Cortez, where you could swim or simply be awed by the majesty of these falls. And don’t forget to bring OFF and a GREAT attitude April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 41
  41. 41. Mud Bath $10.00 Let us make you feel totally exfoliated with our Mud Bath Experience, your skin will feel renovated after our Mud Treatment. The Hot Volcanic Mud is known for its healing and exfoliating properties, make sure that you take some home. At Ailanto you get to go to the Mud Pits and bring your own HOT Mud, then you can apply it in our Mud Pool or anywhere of your choosing. Shower well before you jump in the pools Massage in the Rain Forest 30/60 minutes $30/$50 $30/$50Listen to the sounds of Mother Nature as you are in a heavenly massage done by hands that understand the pleasure that they give. A unique Rain Forest experience in a very Natural Environment. Enjoy, Relax and come back to life anew Fire Dance, Peace Pipe Ceremonies $10.00 Dance around the roaring fire, get rid of your negative thoughts, and throw them to be consumed by the flames. Enjoy the freedom that this ritual provides you and when you go home always think of the day that you were made POSITIVE. Let’s make a better World, THINK positive April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 42
  42. 42. TEMAZCAL (Sweat Lodge) without Shaman $45.00 TEMAZCAL (Sweat Lodge) with Shaman $75.00 You will be immersed in a ritual that has been taking place for hundreds of years. The Aztecs and the Mayans celebrated this detoxifying ceremony and left us with their knowledge for us to pass it on to all who wish to maintain a healthy and wholesome life. The Shaman will cleanse your body of all impurities and will call to Mother Nature to continue to bless you with her gifts. Our simpler ceremony (without the Shaman) is a cleansing ritual, performed with essential oils and the hot stones. Minimum 5 guests required for the Shaman ceremonies Canopy, 11 stops $40.00 A Canopy is a canopy but not every Canopy is our Canopy, come enjoy the hike and the glide down, prove to your friends that you have NO FEAR. Cruise upside down with a smile on your face. Safety is our top concern, which is why all of our equipment is checked and rechecked and our staff well trained and versed in this extreme sport. The Canopy (zip line) is located around 10 km from our site, we will make sure that you get there and that you are treated like the VIP that you are April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 43
  43. 43. Come and spend a day with us, we are without a doubt the best and least expensive option in the whole of Miravalles Region, cook your own meals or eat at our Restaurant, enjoy alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages. Hike the trails, stay healthy, exercise in our Jungle Gym, ride the Toboggans in our aquatic park, go bird watching or spot our wildlife (animal and human). Come and breathe the fresh mountain air and be amazed at the gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. Stay late and watch a movie or roast marshmallows by the Fire Pits. Day Trips, Thermal Waters, Hiking Trails $5.00 per day Jungle Adventure and Water Park (5K Cross Fit Course) $10.00 per day The only park in Costa Rica where you could not only enjoy the thermal waters but also hike and run our 5K Cross Fit course that include Obstacle like if you had been drafted by the SEALS. Do the hurdles, swim the mud, ride the waterslides, climb the ropes, and scale the wall. You will find lots of challenges in our 5K run then after you are good and tired, jump in our refreshing pools. Many of our Obstacles are Military Style. There are degrees of hardness, pick the one that suits you. Challenge your teammates and come with a competitive spirit and demolish them with your strength and fitness, else run and enjoy because just finishing the course makes you a winner. On-Site Drill Instructor available for extra cost. April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 44
  44. 44. Retreats, Boot Camps, Healthy Living Ailanto is where you belong
  45. 45. 3/7 Day Fitness Boot Camp $150 per day ALL INCLUSIVE Our Fitness Boot camp is ALL-OUTDOORS and ALL-FUN, come and experience a new-you, that beautiful person that is waiting to come out and shout to the World I AM FIT. 3 or 7 days of pure pleasure where you will be pushed to your maximum performance and you will endure it because you have your goal and you will accomplish it with our help. Forget about Machines, forget about concrete floors, think new… think …Mother Nature because all of what you will do will be with her help and with what she created. Invite your Company to join us and retreat to a peaceful, quiet but tough environment that it is sure to change your life FOREVER. ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE??? April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 46
  46. 46. Mud Runs, held on the LAST Sunday of the Month $45.00 Ailanto’s Jungle Mud Run is a challenging mud run for fun and fitness. Jungle Mud Run is an obstacle course for women and men of all ages and athletic abilities right in Costa Rica’s Cradle of Ecology. Don't worry - it's not a "race" in the traditional sense. It’s an untimed adventure obstacle course designed to push you slightly out of your comfort zone, but only as far as you want to go. Forming teams is encouraged, and so is helping your fellow Mudders to the finish with some mud, sweat and cheers. At our Mud Run you'll find excitement, laughter and camaraderie—as well as lots of music and even adult beverages. It's a DIRTY DAY you'll want to experience month after month. Mud Runs are 5K Cross Fit runs but in the Mud not on hard surfaces, the Obstacle courses are MILITARY STYLE meant to make you work out and enjoy your fitness. IT IS A FAMILY AFFAIR…KIDS ARE WELCOME IMPORTANT NOTICE We can help you raise money for your favorite charities through our Mud Runs, let us structure a race exclusively for your Charity, Church, School, and Group or Company BE A TOUGH MUDDER April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 47
  47. 47. Navajo Races; the first Sunday of every month $50.00 Are you a TOUGH WARRIOR? Then this race is for you, you need to be in good shape and be able to take the 10K race, (twice through the course). Blood, Sweat and cheers AND war paint are welcome. Dress up the colors of your clan or tribe, we are all brothers. Strive to strip away the distraction of our modern world and go back to basics using primal elements such as; water, land, mud and fire. Navajo traditions demand that we all be capable of running, climbing and crawling like our ancestors. We believe that to overcome an obstacle we need to tap into intestinal fortitude and our will to succeed. In doing so we will build obstacle immunity- the ability to withstand everyday obstacles. You can make your way up a hill. Can you make your way up the same hill while crawling in the mud? Obstacles and mental challenges force all of us to become agile and capable of movements that we did not think were possible. Return to the Business World with the knowledge that you can overcome any problem because YOU CAN. You are a NAVAJO TOUGH WARRIOR and when you complete the course you will be inducted into our tribe. April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 48
  48. 48. Accommodations Per Cabin/Per night
  49. 49. Malekus, 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Sleeps 4 to 6 $75.00 The Malekus is known as Mother Nature’s Favorite, a well-appointed 2 bedroom cabin with Ceramic Floor, Kitchen, Living Room, Breakfast Counter and Dining room for 4. It even has a Pantry and a Patio for you to sit outside and relax. The big windows allow you to see the beauty that surrounds you. Bri-Bri House 1Bedroom/1 Bath Sleeps 2 to 4 $55.00 The Bri Bri House, a private retreat for those who enjoy rustic surrounds. It is a large suite with lots of space, a Queen Bed and a Queen Sofa Bed. Breakfast counter, a cool bathroom, and huge windows, A kitchenette, bring nothing with you everything is available April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 50
  50. 50. Talamanca 1. 1Bedroom/1 Bath Sleeps 2 $25.00 Talamanca 2. 2Bedroom/1 Bath Sleeps 4 $55.00 Talamanca 3. 1Bedroom/1 Bath Sleeps 4 $45.00 The Old Farm House awaits you, the Talamanca has been renovated to accommodate 3 Suites, the Talamanca 1, is the Smallest Suite, 1 bedroom. 1 bath, kitchenette and comfort for those on a budget. Large windows for you to enjoy the beauty of Ailanto, very private and very well appointed for such a small price The Talamanca 3 is a large and well-appointed suite, one Queen Bed and a dining area. It has a fully operational kitchen and a Breakfast counter. The closet can be moved to accommodate more guests. It has a shower and a bathroom. Its huge windows that present the guests with exhilarating views of the lusciousness of the area A two Bedroom Apartment in the ol’ Farm house, remodeled and ready for you. If you have a lower budget in mind but need the space, this one is for you, if you only need one room, then cut the price in half and be ready to be accommodated in a nice and Comfy place April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 51
  51. 51. KIVAS 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Sleeps 2 to 4 $55.00 The Kiva homes are atypical for Costa Rica Cabins, they are more apartments than Cabins, comfortable, with an extra-large bathroom, catering to those couples that want comfort yet maintain some degree of Rustic. An American Style accommodation without losing the Rustic look of Ailanto. You will soon be able to enjoy the finest Cabins in this region. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY, THESE CABINS ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION CAMPING Chozas and Teepees Sleep 2 $5.00 (your Tent) $10.00 (Ours) Finally, camping with all the comforts of life, bathrooms and showers, BBQ pits to cook your meals, Potable water, campfires and swimming pools. If you use our Chozas or Teepees you get to sleep on a bed not the ground. It is the new way to Camp, but remember that you are in a Campground and that Electricity is NOT available, you need to bring your own bedroll, unless you are using our structures, flashlights and everything that you would take to a Campsite. While you are our guest you get the free use all of our amenities. April 2014 Copyright Toque del Cielo SA 2014 52
  52. 52. Contact us Dr. Hugo E. Ribadeneira 506-8353-7386