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Empathy map


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Empathy map

  1. 1. EMPATHY MAP SAY: 1. I smoke because I know to do it. 2. I know what I do with my life. 3. Everyone does it. 4. I know when I stop smoking. 5. Some friends smoke too. 6. When I smokes i spend my time. 7. I smoke when I’m alone or in a party. THINK: 1. He smokes because his friends do it too. 2. He needs to feel fine. 3. He hasn’t hobbies as football. 4. He doesn’t know why smokes. 5. He needs to know about cigarettes.
  2. 2. FEEL: 1. He feels alone.. 2. His friends can help him. 3. He can stop smoking. 4. He should find hobbies. 5. He believes something is correct if the most of people do that. DO: 1. Buy cigarettes of high quality. 2. Go to the parck and univeristy to smoke. 3. He smokes while he’s talking.
  3. 3. 1. He’s 25 years old and lives with his parents. 2. He’s single and likes playing video games. 3. He studies Administration at University. 4. He doesn’t work but helps his dad. 5. He prefers to spend time with friends of university Lenin’s young and needs help understandning how to take care of his health. STAKEHOLDERS NEED INSIGTH Lenin needs help in many ways to stop smoking.