The Purpose and Utility of Imhotep Online Medical School


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The Purpose and Utility of Imhotep Online Medical School

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The Purpose and Utility of Imhotep Online Medical School

  1. 1. The Purpose of Imhotep Online Medical SchoolAbout Imhotep Virtual Medical School (IVMS)The explosion of new digital learning technologies, the exponential growth of Internetusage and the advent of the World Wide Web are changing the face of medicaleducation. There are also demands in medical education for greater globalization, forthe development of common core curriculum standards, for improving access totraining, for more flexible and student-centred training programs including programs withmulti-professional elements and for maintaining quality while increasing studentnumbers and working within financial constraints. Hence enters Imhotep Virtual MedicalSchool (IVMS), a high-quality education program embodying a hybrid model of ablended curriculum of innovative e-learning approaches and the best of traditional face-to-face teaching, as one response to these challenges.IVMS is an undergraduate medical education research project exploring:  Innovative thinking and approaches to the new learning technologies including Web 2.0 tools, e-learning repositories and virtual reality;  New approaches to curriculum planning and mapping and advanced instructional design based on the use of reusable learning objects;  A culturally competent curriculum with an international perspective on medical education which takes into account the trend to globalization;The Purpose of Imhotep Online Medical School
  2. 2.  A flexible curriculum which meets the needs of different students and has the potential of increasing access to medicine, particularly for United States racial/ethnic minorities.The purpose of IVMS Online Medical School is to provide a world classundergraduate medical education..1. To prepare advance high school, college and non-traditional students for accreditedU.S. undergraduate medical education. Students can take the online classes and see ifmedicine is something they really want to do. Is the material too hard to comprehend?Can you connect with the material? Would learning this material first give you an edgewhen you actually went to medical school and made your medical school experience alot smoother?2. Students who dont have an awesome memory can watch online video lectures by Dr.Cray and other medical teachers and acquaint themselves with USMLE-levelknowledge; so that when they take the actual courses in medical school they learn thematerial much easier. There are people who want to be doctors, but don’t have rapidmemory; it takes some people longer to put things in their long term memory, IVMSfacilitates that process.3. IVMS IS a place for students to review material on courses they are taking in real livemedical schools and pre-med programs, if they are in a tough class and want to go oversome of the materials they learned they can do so by watching videos on the subject orreading transcripts/notes and looking at our high resolution digital image books online. The Utility of Imhotep Online Medical SchoolImagine making classroom presentations, notes, audio and videos from the bestprofessors around the world available at the click of a mouse. Well, there is no moreneed to imagine, IVMS is here. You have the ability to re-study, re-watch, rewind, fastforward streaming audio and video podcast, access SCO (Sharable Content Object)repositories and textbooks from a single Network. Tutorials offered by seasonedmedical teachers / facilitators guiding your learning and you having access to thesevideos to watch as many times as you want.See drimhoteptvThe Purpose of Imhotep Online Medical School
  3. 3. Medical books are available to enrolled students in digital format. Additionally, IVMSpoints students to the secondary and tertiary USMLE type question banks on filesharing site and bit torrent file sharing service.Basic medical science lectures are videod using a high resolution video camera andconverted into digital formats and streamed on the Internet, can be downloaded fromthe Internet and/ or mailed to others on a DVD.Along with downloading the videos, one could download PDF booklets and webinteractive PowerPoint presentations and interact with online training guides, tests,quizzes study guides. There are Webcam e-classrooms with whiteboard, live chatrooms, discussion forums and other interactive internet tools students and teachers useto communicate, collaborate, and discuss lessons. Also, there are even audio chatrooms and online conference software students could use.IVMS Online Medical School has audio files that students can download and put ontheir IPod or other MP3 / MP4 devices so that they can listen and review their studieswhen they are traveling, in the car or in some circumstances where they can listen butnot necessarily look at a video screen.How many basic sciences courses actually require the necessity of you being present? Icould see the need to be present for classes such as Anatomy if you are dissecting abody or other classes like pathology if you are looking at slides through a microscope.However, the question remains the same, why do you need to be present for thoseclasses? Arent there enough high resolution images of the human body you couldeasily study at home on your computer? Why cant one look at pathology slides over thecomputer?Best of the Best Individualized and Group Tutorials Online: Students can schedulemeetings/ tutorial sessions with Dr. Cray and other professors in IVMS e-Classroom orover Skype and talk about problems or use web cams /screen sharing to go over basicand clinical concepts, mechanisms and issues.Marc Imhotep Cray, M.D.The Purpose of Imhotep Online Medical School
  4. 4. Dr. Marc Imhotep Cray is originally from Newark, NewJersey. He is a physician and medical teacher,independent undergraduate medical education consultantand USMLE tutor. From 1999-2004 Dr. Cray served asdirector of the Office of Medical Education at AmericanInternational School of Medicine in Georgetown, Guyana,and associate professor of basic medical sciences andcampus curriculum coordinator at International Universityof Health Sciences-School of Medicine in Saint Kitts, WestIndies. Dr. Cray earned a Bachelor of Science in pharmacyat Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1980. Next hereceived his medical doctor degree from New JerseyMedical School in Newark, NJ in 1984. Later, he completedtraining as a post graduate intern at Columbia Presbyterian College of Physicians and Surgeonsat Harlem Hospital Medical Center in 1985, worked in private general practice at HarlemCommunity Medical Clinic. Dr. Cray served on the NYC Committee of Interns and Residents inNew York from 1986-1989 where he planned, developed, implemented and coordinated themedical license review course, was an educational coordinator & lecturer in pharm & medicaltherapeutics. From 1990-1991 he worked at Morehouse School of Medicine in the departmentof community health and prevention as a research associate/ programs coordinator forcommunity health and awareness programs. From 6/1991‑4/1992 Dr. Cray studied atMorehouse School of Medicine as a PGY‑2 resident in Psychiatry. From 1993-1996 he workedas a medical emergency house physician at Georgia Regional Hospital of Atlanta and RoyceOccupational Health Group, returned to Morehouse School of Medicine as a senior researchassociate under a NASA commission grant from 1997-1998, and was director of clinicaldiagnosis at The Primary Care Center in Decatur, Ga 1999-2002. Dr Cray is an expert in case-based learning with experience as a facilitator of USMLE Step 1 level proficiency in the “4 P’s”-Physiology, Patho-physiology. He is an experienced web developer, e-Professor / OnlineLecturer and author of several e-articles, e-books, and e-magazines. He has designed USMLEtagged virtual medical school course ware. He is currently working on a project in medicalpharmacology and therapeutics with specialty in autonomic and cardiovascular and introductionto clinical Medicine.The Purpose of Imhotep Online Medical School