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Introduction to DI International Product Line

  2. 2. 2 PRODUCT OVERVIEW: DI INTERNATIONAL  Intelligence service that provides a comprehensive overview of global oil and gas opportunities  Single source to track the who, what, where, and why of global blocks  Unique application to analyze disparate datasets as a whole  Includes:  DI Asset Tracker  DI Scout  DI International E&P Layers  DI Fiscal Regime  DI Opportunities  Intelligence is provided through:  GIS layers  PDF files  Excel spreadsheets  PowerPoint decks
  3. 3. 3 OVERVIEW: DI SCOUT  Weekly activity report  Proactive investment and asset monitoring tool  Single source of global activity information  Leverage the most detailed and technical activity reports on the market to understand why a block is for sale and whether it is an attractive prospect  Stay informed about key events that could impact investment or exploration strategy
  4. 4. 4 OVERVIEW: DI OPPORTUNITIES  Detailed predictions on upcoming opportunities help users discover deals before the competition and obtain exclusive negotiating terms with sellers  Proprietary source for potential farm-ins and bid rounds  Access a single source for all major investment opportunities, farm-ins and bid rounds
  5. 5. 5 OVERVIEW: DI ASSET TRACKER  Easily visualise asset ownership changes over time  Proprietary company naming system saves users time and money by automatically rolling all asset ownership up to highest-level parent company  Evaluate regional trends in the global oil and gas industry  Quickly and easily evaluate a company’s full portfolio  SaaS delivery format allows for easy access in remote locations
  6. 6. 6 OVERVIEW: DI FISCAL REGIME  Searchable database describing the fiscal and contractual terms under which a company is able to conduct exploration and production operations in a particular company  Worldwide coverage  Constantly updated and expanded  Single source to easily compare different types of regimes
  7. 7. 7 OVERVIEW: DI INTERNATIONAL E&P LAYERS  In-depth well-level E&P insights in specific regions  Track new activity more rapidly and completely than competitors  Understand the supporting details behind activity reports  View competitor activity, identify potential new customers and business opportunities, and benchmark current and potential investments
  9. 9. 9 QUESTIONS ANSWERED WITH DI INTERNATIONAL Who holds interests in blocks in a given region?  Visualise company holdings down to the local subsidiary and shell corporation levels with DI Asset Tracker  Users can stay informed of exactly which companies they would be dealing with in a farm- in/farm-out or asset transaction  Unbiased confirmation of specific company holdings  Track competitor activity in a given region using the multiple GIS layers available with DI International E&P Layers
  10. 10. 10 QUESTIONS ANSWERED WITH DI INTERNATIONAL Why is interest in a block up for sale?  With DI Scout, monitor key events occurring in an area of interest  Weekly reports and breaking news alerts notify users of activity occurring in a region that may affect investment or exploration strategy within that region  Use DI Opportunities to understand why Drillinginfo experts believe specific interests are or will be available
  11. 11. 11 QUESTIONS ANSWERED WITH DI INTERNATIONAL Where are major investments and farm-in opportunities occurring?  Drillinginfo analyst predictions about potential farm-ins help users find deals before their competition and enter into exclusive negotiating terms  Use DI Opportunities as a single source for all reported farm-ins  DI Opportunities is the first and leading product on the market reporting potential farm-ins  Proactive monitoring tool for users to discover new intelligence before their competitors
  12. 12. 12 KEY HIGHLIGHTS  The most holistic view of the global oil and gas industry available in a single source  First on the market and current leading provider of proprietary datasets of potential farm-in opportunities  Weekly reports and up- to-daily alerts to proactively evaluate the global oil and gas industry in preparation for bid rounds  Single source to contextualize how events around the globe relate to one another “DI International is a great solution. It is increasingly our go-to site for daily headlines.” “We incorporate information provided by DI International into our business daily.”
  13. 13. 13 DI INTERNATIONAL ACROSS THE GLOBE Leverage DI International intelligence to identify opportunities faster, make smarter and faster bids, and minimise risk surrounding new acquisitions E&P: Minimise risk associated with new ventures  Most holistic data set for use in preparation for bid rounds  Easily identify which companies own specific blocks and which blocks are currently or will potentially be available  Stay up-to-date on regional activity that may influence exploration strategy Financial Services: Quickly identify unique transaction strategies  Quickly and easily assess potential investments and benchmark against other prospects  Evaluate behaviors of current and potential investments Oil Field Services: Stay informed about current and potential customer activity  Easily visualise where current and potential customers are working  Quickly identify new business opportunities
  14. 14. 14 HOW DI INTERNATIONAL SOLVES CUSTOMER CHALLENGES Efficient monitoring tool  SINGLE DATA SOURCE: Find all the information you need to discover and assess global blocks within one product  MAKE FASTER DECISIONS: Detailed alerts on breaking news in a region means you can react quickly to activity that may impact your investment or exploration strategy  STOP DOING EXTRA WORK: Asset naming system saves numerous hours spent researching and normalising asset ownership Maintain competitive advantage  COMPREHENSIVE DATASET: DI International’s holistic view of the who, what, where and why of a potential asset acquisition allows users to stay ahead of their competition  FIND DEALS FIRST: Use of our list of potential farm-ins to enter into unique, exclusive negotiating positions  TRUSTED RESOURCE: High quality, timely, and accurate information from leading experts in the international space to make better decisions about the global E&P industry Minimise risk  ELIMINATE UNCERTAINITIES: Bring risk to a minimal level by utilising the highest level of context available around global prospects
  15. 15. 15 DI INTERNATIONAL FEATURES AND BENEFITS Feature Benefit Editorial Report Generates custom reports on regions of interests based on user defined search constraints Layer Manager Creates custom maps with layered data attributes to create complete context of an area of interest Potential Farm-Ins Proprietary dataset of non-public opportunities discovered by Drillinginfo’s expert team of analysts Fiscal Regime A continually updated database of fiscal regimes to mitigate financial risk in a new market entry Exports Create custom exports into CSV, Shapefile, and Google Earth formats GIS Delivery Weekly FTP downloads of GIS datasets to be used in industry leading applications such as ESRI Arc GIS, Google Earth and MapInfo
  16. 16. EMPOWERING OUR CUSTOMERS With DI International, you’ll leverage the most holistic view of the international oil and gas industry to minimise risk and make better and faster international investment decisions. Drillinginfo consistently invests a substantial amount of our revenue in research and development. Our reinvestment allows us to develop and deliver continuous improvements to customers every day. Legacy competitors do not evolve and adapt to market needs in this way. Do More with Less EFFICIENT PROACTIVE Identify Opportunities Faster COMPETITIVE Succeed in Any Environment
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