Remove a Keyless Drill Chuck From a Makita Cordless Drill


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Remove a Keyless Drill Chuck From a Makita Cordless Drill

  1. 1. Removing a Keyless Drill Chuck From a Makita Cordless DrillMost cordless drills are equipped with a keyless chuck, and Makita drills areno exception. A keyless chuck is tightened and loosened by hand, without theuse of a tool. This type of chuck is designed for the easy removal andattachment of drill bits. Drill chucks may need to be replaced due to failure ormaintenance issues; you can do this at home without bringing the drill to acostly repair shop.Remove the cordless drill battery and any drill bit that is currently attached tothe chuck.Place the cordless drill into a vice to prevent the drill from moving. Thedirection of the chuck should be towards you so that it can be removed. Donot tighten the vice so tight that it causes damage to the protective housingthat surrounds the internal mechanics.Insert the short end of a 1/2-inch hex key into the drill chuck opening andtighten the chuck. The long portion of the hex key should be to the left side ofthe drill once tightened because the chuck needs to spin in acounterclockwise direction to remove.Hit the long portion of the hex key with a rubber mallet in a counterclockwisedirection in order to loosen the chuck.Spin the chuck counterclockwise with your hand once the chuck has beenloosened with the rubber mallet. Replace the chuck with a new unit.Some drill models may feature a retaining screw that is located inside and tothe center of the chuck. Look inside the chuck opening to determine if itcontains a screw. If it does, use a slotted screwdriver to turn the screw in aclockwise direction to remove it. Complete this task prior to using the hex specialize in rechargeable replacement Power Tools Battery, such as BOSCHPower Tools Battery, DEWALT Drill Battery, HITACHI Drill Battery, MAKITA Battery and more. Ourreplacement Power Tools Battery designed for each Power Tools brand and model, We are dedicated tobring the highest quality Power Tools Battery at rock bottom prices.