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  1. 1. Der gegruschelte Prometheus Whats so funny about bondage, web and understanding?
  2. 2. Q: What are you doing on the internets?A: Just toolin‘ around.
  3. 3. David Armano,Harvard Business Review While social media schizophrenia (the overload of multiple social profiles) is nothing new to tech mavens, it will become something that more and more "average" users experience as they tweet, Facebook, G-mail, chat, Skype, BBM, SMS, and Tumble their way across the social web. While many mavens have adopted ways to manage and cope, average users may find themselves at the beginning of the curve in need of a 12- step social identity program. This may lead to increased demand from typical participants to have a more integrated and simplified social graph and an opportunity for platforms and companies alike to meet this demand.
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