Sharing irish place names as linked open data - Rebecca Grant


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Overview of the collaborative project 'Linked Logainm', which made the authoritative bilingual database of Irish place names,, available as Linked Open Data.

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Sharing irish place names as linked open data - Rebecca Grant

  1. 1. Sharing Irish Place Names as Linked Open Data: The Linked Logainm Project Rebecca Grant Digital Archivist, Digital Repository of Ireland Royal Irish Academy DRI Presentation
  2. 2. Digital Repository of Ireland Interactive trusted digital repository for contemporary and historical, social and cultural data held by Irish institutions DRI links and preserves the rich data held by Irish institutions, providing a central internet access point and multimedia tools DRI Presentation
  3. 3. The Digital Repository of Ireland Exchequer funded; HEA PRTLI 5, €5.2M September 2011- September 2015 Partners DRI Presentation
  4. 4. Leveraged Funded Projects SFI INSIGHT: Ireland’s National Research Centre for Data Analytics FP7 DECIPHER: Digital Cultural Curation DRI Presentation
  5. 5. International Networks DRI Presentation
  6. 6. App App Linked Logainm App DRI Platform Access Preservation Discovery Federated Archives, Storage DRI Presentation
  7. 7. The Linked Logainm Project • Concept: • to republish the dataset as Linked Open Data • allowing it to be reused by computer programmers, app developers, heritage professionals and more.. • Project ran October 2012 – September 2013 • Project outputs • the Linked Logainm dataset • the Location LODer demonstrator website • project report and Using Linked Logainm Guidelines document. DRI Presentation
  8. 8. DRI Presentation
  9. 9. • • • The authority list of Irish place names, validated by the Place Names Branch of DAHG Place names, translations, variants, types, hierarchical structure Unique source of Irish language place names – not available in other LODatasets DRI Presentation
  10. 10. The Linked Data Concept • A method of publishing structured data on the Web, allowing it to be connected and enriched, and facilitating linking between related resources. • Linked Data standards such as RDF (Resource Description Frameowork) allows semantic definitions to be applied to information, using statements called ‘triples’ in the form subject, predicate, object. DRI Presentation
  11. 11. A key principle of Linked Data is that HTTP URIs are used to name the semantic elements of the dataset DRI Presentation
  12. 12. <> owl:sameAs <> ; owl:sameAs <> ; ... Automatic links between open datasets <> owl:sameAs <> wgs84_pos:lat ”53" ; wgs84_pos:long ”-6"; gn:parentCountry <> ; ... DRI Presentation
  13. 13. Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. DRI Presentation
  14. 14. RDF RDF N3 RDF JSON RDF XML DRI Presentation
  15. 15. The Longfield Maps & Linked Logainm URIs 1,570 maps catalogued in MarcXML - <marc:datafield tag="650" ind1="" ind2=""> <marc:subfield code="a">Land tenure</marc:subfield> <marc:subfield code="z">Ireland</marc:subfield> <marc:subfield code="z">Rathdown (Barony)</marc:subfield> </marc:datafield> - <marc:datafield tag="650" ind1="" ind2=""> <marc:subfield code="a">Land use surveys</marc:subfield> </marc:datafield> DRI Presentation
  16. 16. URIs & the NLI Catalogue • • • Application of authoritative place name data to catalogue records Single URI for the place name: Allows users to search in either Irish or English Redirects searches for variant place names – “Ceara” or “Cera” will redirect to “Carra” Redirects within hierarchy – search for townland not found in the catalogue could redirect to maps for the related barony Potential to draw in contextual information from other datasets, eg. current population, meteorological data etc DRI Presentation
  17. 17. DRI Presentation
  18. 18. Project Outputs • • • • • Linked Logainm dataset, accessible at Location LODer demonstrator at Project reports: narrative report and Using the Linked Logainm dataset Upcoming guidelines document for heritage professionals Potential to tag DRI demo collections with Linked Logainm URIs DRI Presentation
  19. 19. Thank you! • • • Linked Logainm sparql endpoint: Location LODer: Digital Repository of Ireland: • Email: DRI Presentation