Natalie Harrower - New Developments at the DRI: presentation to BISA 2014


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Presentation to the British and Irish Sound Archives annual conference, May 16, 2014, in Dublin, Ireland.
By Natalie Harrower, Manager of Education and Outreach at DRI

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  • Better skills in community = better data
    Partnered events builds relationships
    Trust in DRI built through demonstrated expertise in the area
  • Pilots/small demos; Scale is small, benefits large; Builds partnerships and trust; Shows what can be achieved
  • Natalie Harrower - New Developments at the DRI: presentation to BISA 2014

    1. 1. Natalie HarrowerNew Developments at the Digital Repository of Ireland BISA conference, Dublin, 16 May 2014 Natalie Harrower Education & Outreach
    2. 2. What is the Digital Repository of Ireland? DRI Presentation DRI is an interactive, national trusted digital repository for contemporary and historical, social and cultural data held by Irish institutions
    3. 3. Core Grant: HEA PRTLI 5, €5.2M RIA (lead), NUIM, TCD, DIT, NUIG, NCAD Sep 2011 – Sep 2015 Partnership projects: diversified funding to 2019 Funding
    4. 4. Digital Preservation Data Discovery Access & Curation Narratives, Visualisation How do we do it? Robust TDR Infrastructure Policy and Advocacy Education and Outreach Projects and Partnerships What do we do?
    5. 5. Stakeholder Advisory Group International Advisory Group Management Board Core Implementation Team Management, Operations Infrastructure Rollout Policy, Requirements DRI Structure Demonstrators, E&O
    6. 6. Metadata Guidelines Workflows IP & Copyright Data Protection DRI Internal Growth – e.g. Task Forces Sustainability Models TDR – Trusted Digital Repository Irish Language
    7. 7. DRI External Growth: Connecting with the Community Education & Outreach (Events & Dissemination) Partnerships Collaborative Projects DRI Core Big Data Industry Academic Libraries Archives Cultural Institutions Custodians of social data App Developers Community Interest
    8. 8. DRI Repository Preview – 14 May 2014 • Pilot version launched to a small group of stakeholders 2 days ago • Currently have 18 collections from 15 institutions • File formats include image, text, audio • Ability to browse, search, view collections, objects, all metadata, download objects (depends on license)
    9. 9. Continuing to Grow Events Collaborative Projects (e.g. Inspiring Ireland) Sound archive projects
    10. 10. Recent Events: Specialised in-house workshops (Getting Started in Dig. Pres, Metadata cleaning) Tech Community engagment (Hydracamp, Digital Preservation Coalition) DRI in the classroom (DAH Programme, TCD Intern) Large-scale international conferences/networks (Research Data Alliance) Large-scale community events (European Researchers’ Night/Journalist for a Night) Symposia (Open Access to Humanities Data; Medical Humanities symposium) Upcoming: Data-driven humanities (June 27); Targeted DRI training
    11. 11. Current Projects/Partnerships • MoTIF: Pilot Thesaurus on Irish Folklore (with NLI) • Irish Record Linkage, 1864-1913: vital registration data • The DRI-INSIGHT RTÉ project: content discovery for archives • PLOT: app for cultural tourism • Social Repository of Ireland – SFI Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA Feasibility Study) • Partnership activities and contributions to international networks and e- infrastructures including ALLEA, DARIAH, RDA, Inspiring Ireland
    12. 12. Collaborative Project between DRI, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (Minister Jimmy Deenihan), and the following NCIs: • National Gallery of Ireland • National Archives of Ireland • National Library of Ireland • National Museum of Ireland • Irish Museum of Modern Art • Abbey Theatre • Crawford Gallery • Chester Beatty Library
    13. 13. • Online portal to Ireland’s Digital Cultural Assets (GLAMs) • Built on DRI’s preservation infrastructure  Additional assets for DRI  Test platform for our API  Relationship building with stakeholders  Tourism and fundraising tool for Minister of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht  Part of a systematic programme in digital preservation, discovery & access
    14. 14. Object Detail
    15. 15. Current Projects with Sound Archives DRI Demonstrators The DRI-INSIGHT RTÉ project Proposed project with Contemporary Music Centre
    16. 16. DRI Presentation Dr. Seathrún Ó Tuairisg, NUIG RTÉ RnG: 40 years broadcast history Folklore gathering, béaloideas DRI Demonstrator Project: Irish Language DRI Demonstrator Projects
    17. 17. Dr. Jane Gray, IQDA Changing life patterns in Ireland, 1900s to present DRI Demonstrator Project: Life Stories • Text and audio files (wav format) • Oral histories of growing up in Ireland, across different time periods • Create visualisations of data by theme, place, time e.g. "My mother used to make a ball and we used to play ball, she used to make a hurl out of a bit of a board and make the handle a bit thin and you could catch it, no shape or make it only a bit of a board. And she used to make a ball out of a soft set of turf and put an old sock around it" DRI Demonstrator Projects
    18. 18. DRI-Insight RTÉ project • Sound Archive consists of various programming: music, spoken-word, and news. • ~ 170,000 hours of material from a wide range of topics and genres • Project is to build a Linked Data content-discovery innovation • Annotating & linking what are now separate archives, to allow more efficient search & discovery (tv, photo, radio) • Using RTE’s existing metadata and a subsection for demo
    19. 19. Proposed collaborative project with Contemporary Music Centre • Collaboration between DRI, CMC & Insight@NUIG • Linked Data technology • Goal to provide wider use / re-use of CMC content
    20. 20. Thank you! Contact @dri_ireland